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Two cute looking creatures with dark intentions in the back and also has a lot to do with messing with their souls duke it out to see who's top dog. Speed is equalized and it takes place in a cave.




PMMM Kyubey (Render)
Can we call a incon this cause kyubey doesn't having anything in their arsenal to kill flowey and flowey is pretty much just gonna keep infinite killing kyubey over and over as he resurrects.
Is that some unlisted power/ability that kyubey has when he bestows powers on someone? Cause I definitely don't see it on his profile.
No, It's his own power. It happened in Madoka Magica Rebellion Movie, that is the main plotpoint of the movie. It should be there like long time ago.

Probably the profile hadn't been update for quite so long.
Super Ascended Sean Pazdera said:
I've seen Rebellion, and Kyubey has no such thing.
It has. It was the main plot of Rebellion Movie. Kyubey seals Homura soul gem into the Isolation Zone when she was about to become a witch just before Madoka could save Homura. Kyubey do this so it could take control over Madoka.

It just the process weren't shown on screen since the movie already started when Homura creates the fake Mitakihara City.
That's just with the soul gem, has Kyubey ever done that to an actual living thing that lacks a soul to begin with?

No, Kyubey sealing is physical. It encassed Homura Soul Gem within some sort of forcefield that also halted Homura transformasion into a witch. A body means that it just needs to create a bigger forcefield.


Says who? It was Madoka and co who free her from the inside of Homulilly labyrinth. In fact, Homura insisted to stay being trapped so the Incubator can never reach Madoka.
@Gudako that wasn't what I was asking, I'm asking if Kyubey ever did that to an actual living thing instead of something as small as a soul gem.
It never shown, at least on screen, did it. But it could it on living things too, along with their bodies. Also, the barrier requires barrages of arrows from Final Timeline Madoka in order to destroy it.
Well we don't have it on the profile because its not really sealing and its a combination of a lot things.

It's actually almost the opposite too, since nothing can enter either.

Though if we had to write it down, it would probably be:

  • Pocket Reality Manipulation (Created the Isolation Zone, which exists simultaneously between the World of Wraiths and the World of Witches), Within the Isolation Zone, Kyubey has Physics Manipulation (Prevented Homura Akemi's Soul Gem's natural corruption from completely overtaking it; Puella Magis in general cannot succumb to Soul Gem corruption within the Zone), Law Manipulation (Forced Ultimate Madoka to take a physical form in order to enter the Zone, allowing her to be affected by Kyubey's experiments), Spatial Manipulation (Because of Homulily's Barrier, the Isolation Zone decides what can enter and leave the space).
@Data how does preventing a soul gem from corrupting equate to Physics hax? Wouldn't that just be power nullification?
Soul Gems' entire nature is a part of Kyubey's attempt to overturn entropy, to him (and by extension the wiki), magic is just another part of physics, same with the corruption.

None of them were power nulled anyways.
Assuming Kyubey has a soul, it would probably be outside of the range Flowey has.

Not to mention kyubey is everywhere in the universe vs the monster population on a mountain.
@Data is there any indication Kyubey doesn't have a soul? Cause if not I'm pretty sure he'd have a soul unless specified
Last time this happened I was said his soul is instantly destroyed when he dies, and that magical girls to be are the only exception to this (hence, they are the only onewls made into magical girls).
@Ricsi Who said that, can't say I knew about that.

@Glass It's Kyubey. If it had a soul, it would be using itself to fight entropy, it even says as much in the main series. That and when Mito checked, he was empty.

@Adem the Isolation Zone exists in a timeless void, + what Ricsi said.
Oh I see what you're referencing.

"Also, souls in PMMM (If Kyubey even possess one) don't last after death, so they can't be absorbed (In the way Flowey does at least)"

Kal was partially correct at the time, we now know magical girl souls survive their destruction from the Kanae event. It's the magical girls that turn into witches that have their souls absolutely gone. Unknown for regular humans, and even Kal doubted Kyubey had a soul.
Flowey absorbs Kyubey's soul enough times to become Asriel and then nukes the universe. He only needs to do it seven times, and temporal resets give him the ability to perfect it.
1. Assuming Kyubey has a soul

2. Assuming Flowey has the range.

3. Kyubey lacks emotions, therefore lacking Determination.

4. It takes 7 human souls, each with incredible Determination. For monsters it was the entire population minus a few characters.
The real cal howard said:
Flowey absorbs Kyubey's soul enough times to become Asriel and then nukes the universe. He only needs to do it seven times, and temporal resets give him the ability to perfect it.
Did you... not read any of the above?

Kyu is likely soulless, and regardless, the "only seven souls" was because each of those souls are imbued with reality warping energy that let Frisk survive the nuking of the multiverse.
Doesn't reset take Flowey to a new timeline? And is it a Type 1 Void?

Flowey rarely uses his Soul absorption in character, he didn't use it against sans, and ended up resetting instead, he seems to only use it against characters with powerful souls.
Except for the time when he absorbed the human souls and the time he absorbed everyone's souls in the underground. It's pretty in character for Flowey to absorb the souls.
1. The first six didn't have insane determination. Frisk was the exception, not the rule. The first six were just randos, which is why Flowey didn't concern himself with them.

2. Kyubey has a soul until proven otherwise.

3. Determination isn't needed, just a strong enough soul, which any human has.

4. Flowey doesn't need the range to affect all Kyubeys, just less than a dozen. All that matters is that Asriel has the range, which he does. Kyubey will approach him if he wants to win, and so long as he's within Flowey's five or take multi kilometer range, he'll be in danger. In fact, it doesn't need to be a whole 7, as Photoshop Flowey is more than enough.
It's 100% in character for Flowey to absorb souls. Not only is that his entire goal, but he hates being in that form.
What do you mean didn't use it against Sans? Soul Absorption needs the enemy to be dead. If he could kill Sans, he'd done it. And he couldn't absorb monster souls back then.

The previous proof for him not having a soul seems more than enough reasoning. A guy who can see that saw him as empty, it's openly questioned if he has it, and his whole driving plot is that he needs souls to do stuff.

By the time Flowey gets enough souls to make it equal to even 1 human one (10000+ monster souls right there) Kyubey would just seal him.
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