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Family Guy speed feat problem

Ok. I have an issue with Peter and Brian getting Sub Sonic via The feat that takes place in a simulation. Which is that. It didn't actually happen, and unless other feats back it up in the real world, I don't think it's entirely fair to have them get such a buff in speed through something that didn't actually happen.
What's the context exactly? The feat being a simulation may or may not disprove the feat depending on how closely it was supposed to mirror reality, if that's the kind of simulation you're talking about.
The episode is Stewie places then inside a simulation as he didn't believe him and Peter would've become friends had Peter not saved him from the streets. So he made this simulation of them losing their memory and seeing what would happen.
He hook them into a simulated world where they crashed. Lost their memories and woke up in a hospital and city that lacked anyone else. And then left it like that to see how they would react. At the end of the episode, it shows they are laying in little pods. 1:13

Here's the video of what I mean
I agree that a computer simulation cannot be used to scale from.

Are all Family Guy profiles affected by this?
Okay. What should they be scaled from instead?
Ugarik was the one who was did the calc for the update. So we should ask what they were put at before the calc and for what reason so we can return it to be as such. as I am not entirely sure where peters at. I simply know he is athletic with his fights against Ernie
Okay. You can also check the old version of the pages via the history sections.
Alright. I just checked history. It kept him at peak human as the rest of the verse as well. (Though without explanation, I assume because of his fights with Ernie). I'll update accordingly to all the pages
The thread has be opened because I disagree with the conclusion. The reason behind it is on the Buttersamuri message wall. The discussion should be continued here
I won't agree or disagree because I don't know Family Guy but I'll say this,

unless it was actually stated that their physical capabilities are accurate to their real world counterparts or there is context to imply it (such as the simulation being used for practical training) we shouldn't assume characters in a simulation will have the same capabilities in the real world.
The simulation was used only to see if Brain and Peter would have really become friends had He not saved Brain from the streets. Nothing implies or says that it scales their physical bodies to such speeds or power
Stewie is a lot faster than everyone else to my understanding. Also just a weaker cause of size. Laser dodgint isn't good to go off of, as without a way to quantify their speeds. We can't use em
TBH. I'm not sure. I always thought his chicken fight was Athletic human. But his page was originally peak human before sub sonic had been added and I removed. So I just put it back to Peak human. Should we change that?
I suppose that athlete level might be better. The characters are usually not shown as very swift.
Alright, well. I'll change it on their page for now. If the ones above can show any evidence or feats that can bump them up further, they can post it and it can be discussed then I believe would be best.
There is no reason to suggest Stewie's simulation has different laws of physics.That was a simulation of a real world.

I disagree.
We cannot assume that they have the exact same capabilities as inside of a computer simulation. It would set a very misleading precedent. Sorry.
A simulation which is designed to simulate the real world.

There is literally no reason it would have different laws of physics.
We are not talking about different laws of physics, just about that the characters may or may not have been stronger, faster, and more durable within it, which makes it very unreliable to scale from. If you play a computer game, we cannot scale you from the character, even if it and the environment would have been patterned after yourself and the real world.
The thing about Stewie's simulation is that the characters are not stronger than they are in real life.

The computer game example doesn't even make sense,that was a simulation,not a game.And it is not the first time Stewie uses it,he once used that to determine his chances against Lois,It is even on his profile.

even if it and the environment would have been patterned after yourself and the real world.

This doesn't make sense,the simulation or a game is literally a copy of the real world.The only reason not to use it only because it is a simulation which still doesn't make sense,cause it just simulates real life.

Whatever,if the mojority agrees on removing it then OK.
Would adding a note on "theoretical speed" be okay?

Besides, if one can help on working on my speed feats found there may be new speed feats that upgrade the character speeds.
A simulation is essentially a virtual reality game. We genuinely cannot reliably scale from it. Period. My apologies.
No problem.It is just that Stewie is a genius that can travel through space-time,create all sorts of things from trash,manipulate time and space.He created the whole universe with his little time machine.I think his simulation is equal to real life.

But as I stated I agree if everyone is OK with this.
Shouldn't brians speed be superhuman since he is a dog? I don't think anyone can scale to him though
Actually. That is a fair point. But I think Brains Type of dog only runs like more so peak human speeds rather than super human.

And would only be on all four legs. So everyone else not scaling would make sense since they have never kept up with Brain running like that
Yes, actually dogs are usually peak human and that should only apply when he runs on all four