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brian griffin

  1. CuteAnimeNekoGirl99

    Family Guy! The Universal Buffs!!!

    Alright So! With the buffing of various toon characters :3 I feel like Family Guy is a verse we should re-evaluate! right now I only wish to tackle down AP related buffs before we actually tackle any ability related things- because there's a comical amount of goofy abilities Family Guy has...
  2. Buttersamuri

    Dog fight

    Heck yes. This was bound to happen. After Hank successfully kick peters ass so hard it turned red and he couldn't sit down, Brian was angry. But he decided rather than fight Hank himself, he will fight what he cares for most. His Dog Ladybird vs Brian Speed is equal Both are unarmed That's...
  3. Buttersamuri

    Brian vs Santa's Little Helper. Battle of the dogs

    Their babies fought. Now the dogs fight Speed is equal Brian has his gun Who wins and why? Brian Griffin: Santa's Little Helper: 1 Inconclusive/Draw:
  4. LincolnLoudFan3120

    Lana Loud Vs. Brian Griffin.

    Lana, after hearing Brian talk, decides to take him to Lisa for experiments. However, Brian bites her before Lana gets angry and punches him. They both get into a fighting stance. Speed is unequal, Lana will have her close-quarters combat skills, Brian only has Regenerationn and Enhanced...
  5. Buttersamuri

    Family Guy speed feat problem

    Ok. I have an issue with Peter and Brian getting Sub Sonic via The feat that takes place in a simulation. Which is that. It didn't actually happen, and unless other feats back it up in the real world, I don't think it's entirely fair to have them get such a buff in speed through something that...
  6. Insecurity97

    Dukey vs. Brian Griffin

    I don't regret this Dukey is 9-A, speed is equalized, both sides bloodlusted, and the fight takes place in Spooner Street Dukey: 4 The OG dog: 0 Both get along and go out for some beer: 0
  7. Insecurity97

    Brian Griffin CRT

    As seen in this clip, Brian was fully capable of fighting against Peter and brutally injuring him. This should boost up Brian to 9-B AP. And I'm pretty sure Brian can also harm Stewie. He should also have 9-B durability since he can tank hits from Peter. There's also other stuff listed in his...