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Family Guy: Meg VS North Korean Military

Currently, the VS Battles Wiki considers Meg Griffin's intelligence to simply be "Average high-schooler level intellect". However, this isn't entirely true, because she has demonstrated to have outstanding skill in some way.

Family Guy, season 17, episode 7, titled The Griffin Winter Games: It was revealed that Meg has trained for years as a biathlete to qualify to be on the US Olympic team. She competed in the Winter Olympics and won first place, leading to her being able to compete internationally in a competition in South Korea. Later in the episode, Peter got unlucky and fell into North Korea, where he was captured, and Meg was capable of saving Peter from being held captive at a North Korean military base. Meg masterfully evaded all damage while skiing, as the soldiers were trying to kill her. This demonstration of skill is definitely better than what any ordinary high schooler can do; Meg should be considered as having Gifted skill in cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. On top of that, Meg turned the scenario into a GoldenEye 007 mission so she and Peter could do "an impossible video game escape" and escape North Korea, leading to them getting back to the rest of the family in South Korea before their trip was finished, so Meg also has Reality Warping capabilities that her profile on the VS Battles Wiki neglects to include. Escaping North Korea in reality, even before the year 2020, is a remarkable feat that requires a lot of preparation and/or finances to be realistically capable of, none of which Meg and Peter had.
All of this works, it's also evidence of abilities such as Vehicular Mastery, Marksmanship and Acrobatics (from the scene where she dives from the trampoline).
I'd label reality warping as possibly and minor, due to the gag-ish nature of the feat.