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Evangelion 5.0: You Must (Not) Use The Same Joke For A CRT Title Twice

Alright. I did a couple of calcs for Eva and they were accepted, so this is basically just running over the upgrades and which charcaters get them.

The more notable one is this calc of Lilith-Rei spreading her wings, getting small planet level results. Since it was accepted, I propose we upgrade the AP and durability of Lilith-Rei and Awakened Unit-01 to small planet level. Fairly simple.

The other calc was for the Lance of Longinus, getting just under moon level results. The only character this would scale to would be maybe Asuka, but it's debatable. Basically, in EoE part 1, Asuka's Unit 02 survived being hit directly by a replica Lance of Longinus, only collapsing due to running out of power. The argument is that this is just an outlier, but I'm not sure about that. Asuka is explicitly fighting at her peak synchronisation here, which makes Eva units far stronger. Hell, in this scene alone, she's taking on 9 different Angels all at once and is winning fairly handily while taking little damage. That's a far greater performance than anything she's done before. Given that, I don't think it's a stretch to give her multi continent level durability and attack potency while fully synchronised. I propose we give her a new key for "Fully synchronised" or something with multi continent level AP and durability.
I agree with the upgrades for Rei and Shinji for obvious reasons.

A new key for Fully Synchronised Asuka makes sense to me, given it's explicit a high level of synchronisation makes EVAs stronger.
Agreed. If it wasn't for running out of power, she'd probably have won the whole fight handily at that sync rate (which had the drawback of making her take physical damage in sync with the Eva), and when she started to go berserker we could have seen her easily overwhelm the MP Evas if she hadn't activated it at a...very unfortunate time.
Cool then. This can be applied right?

Oh and one last thing, I feel like Rei in her basic Unit-00 shouldn't scale to the relativistic stuff. After all, that feat was performed by Asuka in her absolute best condition which Rei has never matched. Kaworu getting it is fine cause he has perfect control over Unit-02 at one point, but I think Rei should just get the basic hypersonic stuff, and only scale to the rela feat as Lilith.
Jeez, guess not many people here care about Eva lol. Disheartening I suppose, but at least one mod did accept this, so