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Evangelion 4.0 + 2.0: You Must (Not) Get Speed Upgrades

Pretty simple. In the first part of the End of Evangelion, Asuka has a climatic battle with the Mass Production Units, during which she reacts to and blocks the Spear of Longinus. The Spear was previously embedded into the moon and has travelled from the moon to the Earth on other occasions, this is even noted on the Spear's page. Asuka was able to sense the spear coming in, move 02's arm to block it, and set up her AT Field all before it was just about to hit her. I propose we upgrade Unit-02 and all characters who scale to her to Relativistic+ reaction speeds. Just to dispute any claims that this is an outlier, we're never really shown a hard limit on how quick the Evas react, just how quick they can run and such. This is also very explicitly Asuka fighting at her absolute best synchronisation, which explains why she's so powerful here and hasn't replicated this speed before.

Edit: Slightly changed the wording cause I realised it was a bit misleading, apologies.
... I could have sword there was some explanation pertaining to them actually getting the spear back

It doesn't really get framed like they're yeeting it from the moon to their current position
To clarify, the spear Asuka reacted to was a perfect replica of the original spear, which has the relativistic feat. However, it's a perfect replica lol. It's identical to the original in every way, including supernatural abilities such as being able to pierce AT fields, and is noted by other characters as being a perfect copy. There's really no reason to assume it's somehow slower than the original. The og Spear comes back from the moon due to Eva 01 awakening. If you watch the scene, it really does just yeet itself back.

As for a calc? I mean, it's a pretty simple feat, and we even have the spear as relativistic on its page already. I guess I can do a quick calc right now though?

EoE part 2, it takes about 7 seconds for the lance to reach the earth from the moon (the scene total takes 10 seconds but there's a 3 second split of another character's reaction in the same timeframe).

Distance from moon to earth = 384400000 meters

Time-Frame = 7 seconds

Speed = 54914285.7143 m/s

18.3174340277% SOL, Relativistic

Note that even if you don't accept the replicas being this fast, in the scene where the OG spear returns from the moon itself, several characters react to it explicitly and see it coming, so.