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Neon Genesis Evangelion: Plugsuit Resistance Addition

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VS Battles
This is actually an addition regarding all EVA Pilots in their Plugsuits

In episode 5 of NGE, we see a flashback of Gendo Ikari opening an Entry Plug with Rei within it in a hurry. It's super-heated at the moment and opening causes his hands to burn. This flashback was 22 days prior to episode 1 of NGE and in episode 5 (which takes place even further from the event), Shinji can see that the burns are still on his father's hand.

At the end of episode 6 of NGE, Shinji replicates the same action as his father, opening a super-heated Entry Plug hatch to make sure Rei's alright. He does this while wearing his Plugsuit and as we can see in later episodes, his hands are completely fine.

Given all Plugsuits should be made from the same material, I suggest that Shinji, Asuka, Rei, and Kaworu get "Resistance to Heat Manipulation with the Plugsuit (While wearing a Plugsuit, Shinji could open a super-heated Entry Plug hatch without suffering large burns, unlike his father who performed the same action with his bare hands)"

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