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Cosmic king thor ugh

So small rant but.... am I the only one annoyed by thor fans that thinks Cosmic King thor can defeat Galactus at his best, life bringer or defeat alternate versions like Rune King Thor and Old king Thor?

I know deep inside all debates sites can be shit, but at least they are knowledgeable on several things like context when you post feats.

But freaking youtube commentators? Jesus they go out of their way to wank their characters above and beyond its honestly grating.

(all this pant anger comes from the fact I saw Fernando comics video on how strong is Cosmic thor... The comment section was pretty freaking bad and the amount of wank in it was ridiculous. Like Galactus isn't multiversal, hecate(DC) is feat less)

What about you guys? Which of your favorite verses goes through something like that. Either gets downplayed to oblivion or wanked to infinity?