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Cole MacGrath vs Sigurd (The Heroes Hunt Continues)

As i said in this thread, i gonna make another servants vs Cole again with this guy and/or this guy, but imma start with Nice Guy of Imperishable Flames against the Lighting Conduits.

-InFAMOUS 1 Evil Cole 7-A Ver. is used

-Speed are equalized

-Both in character

-Place: Himalayan Mountains

-Range are 300 meters

-Win via death!!!

ReaperSkin Cole MacGrath


  • Inconclusive: 0
Then what his wall of abilities? even if you're basline but still have a fuckton of abilities then he can still win.
If you think the wall of text that is his file makes him stand a chance against Sigurd you're grossly overestimating what those abilities actually are and what they do.

Anyway, still waiting for an answer for my previous
Majority of the profiles link back to Saber who is scaled to Proto Arthur. The only time I can get to Enkidu is through Gilgamesh and I'm not really a fan Repp using gameplay animation, so I tend to lowball. Its usually speed equal anyway.
So he's almost 4x stronger than Cole. Okay, yeah that's pretty notable.

But can someone explain why Cole's abilities don't help even things out? I don't know that much about Fate, but it looks like Cole can counter a few of Sigurds abilities.
Yeah, Cole has a wall of hax but basically non of it is Hax, save a few things and the contents of his last key.
Pretty sure Cole gets plasted

Sigurd kinda easily tanks then taps him on the forehead with a soul attack
So a funny thought occurred, do we treat Cole's lightning as magic? What a stomp that would be lol

Assuming we don't, Cole seems more inclined to play the range game. Sigurd waves his hand and does one of the following

  • Shoots runes blasts
  • Creates barriers that tank everything with no issue.
If Cole keeps retreating, Sigurd can just force him into cqc with Ath nGabla where he gets merked via giant sword, mad skill, death rune, memory rune, rune amp etc.

If this is somehow fair, voting Sigurd. Until someone convinces me of that, calling stomp.
I think it's a question of "first, what options does Cole have?"

Ionic Drain or draining could help him a lot... if Sigurd wasn't a spirit without internal bioelectricity. So that's one of his main winning cards down.

And no, I don't see any reason to treat Cole's lightning as magic.

Tell that to Tesla vs Cole and Kessler vs servants in the past. Still waiting for another Monk comment.
Well like I said earlier, it really seems like Sigurd has he advantage in a lot of categories, but whether or not is a stomp is debatable