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beyonder (post-retcon)

  1. SageF

    Oblivion scale higher than current Beyonder!!!

    Magneto (2023) Beyonder briefly took the role as death after which he was erase by oblivion. any thought?? outlier or valid scale
  2. SageF

    Plot Manipulation user (Marvel Comics)

    Defenders: Beyond #1-5 Beyonder Post-Retcon: It was stated and proven that he was capable manipulating his own canonicity and is aware of his own pervious retcons. It's Shown Here ''Upon reaching the House, he hid himself until the Defenders finished their business. At the end, he proclaimed...
  3. DanielIH15

    What do you think about Defenders Beyond? (Marvel comics)

    I myself find interesting how Ewing and Marquez are finishing a story showing what lies in The Outside. In other words, we're finally seeing outerversal layers in Marvel, with the Far Shore being base and Oblivion/the land couldn't be shouldn't being three layers beyond that. And it seems the...
  4. SageF

    Current Beyonder Tier upgrade CRT and coverup

    It was implied that Beyonder was nothing more than a "child-unit" of the beyonder's race. But the original cover art of the original Beyonder was toying with them making everyone believe he was inferior. But it turns out the current Beyonder is the source of the power for God Emperor Doom and...
  5. Rasputin

    Beyonder (Post-Retcon) vs Anos

    Beyonder (Post-Retcon) VS Anos
  6. ShionAH

    Thanos vs Beyonder

    Both are Low 1-A Speed is = Thanos is in character Beyonder is bloodlusted Both have knowledge of everything about the other. I can give prep time to make it more intresting. Thanos: Beyonder: Sans:
  7. EnnardTrap1987

    Mother of Existence VS Kosmos (The Beyonder)

    Both 2-A Speed equalised Fight takes place outside of the multiverse Mother of Existence: 0 Kosmos: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  8. SageF

    Child-Unit Beyonder Big Question?/ Highly Confusion?)

    Why isn't he Unknown/and or Likely Outervesal level due to him being a Sentient Cosmic Cubes to as races known as The Beyonders, The Beyonder is once again a creation of The Beyonders as a Child-Unit?
  9. Sharaku_Jr.

    Strong Boi VS Blue Fast Animal

    Beyonder VS Archie Sonic Both at 2-A, speed is equal. Fight takes place in a field.

    beyonder vs kobik

    the original, vs the "copy" beyonder( original and actual) vs kobik 2A versions who is most power full beyondender of beyonderity
  11. Ionliosite

    Kosmos vs. Thanos

    Kosmos vs. Thanos Kosmos and Thanos with the Cosmic Cube will be used Speed equalized All other SBA Who wins and why?
  12. Tots_Real

    The Champ vs a Broken Cube

    Mr. Satan (Dragon Ball Heroes) Vs Beyonder (Post-Retcon) Beyonder in his Incomplete Cosmic Cube Speed equalized Satan has a day of prep
  13. Peter_"Quicksilver"_Maximoff

    Cosmic Cubes and Phoenix Force revisions

    Arguments that were brought up in the Odi revision thread : "Reed Richards used the Cosmic Cube to defeat Doctor Doom with Galactus' power and the later defeated Odin with ease " "Small fragments of a single cube can each create their own reality, which implies the whole thing could have 2-C...
  14. Ricsi-viragosi

    The Protege additions.

    Title says it all really. His first key is seven years old. Hellfire Manipulation (Copied the ability from Mephisto's daughter, Malevolence.) Transmutation (Was around to see a hand getting transmutated into water vapor) Flight (More often then not depicted as flying, can also make...
  15. C2_of_Omegon

    Alien X vs. The Beyonder

    What is says on the tin. Speed Equalized. Child of the Beyonders Key. Low 2-C. Alien X: The Beyonder: Inconclusive:
  16. Quantu

    The Beyonder vs The Spectre

    2-A Child Unit vs The Spectre at his peak. SBA. Beyonder : 1 Spectre : 2
  17. ShiroyashaGinSan

    This guy needs some love... Let's put him against spam!

    Homura does't give a damn. Post-retcon beyonder and Devil Akemi (2A ver.) Speed Equalized
  18. The_2nd_Existential_Seed

    Rachel Summers and Beyonder

    Would it be redundant to give her a key when she had half of the Beyonders' power , because she had the power well after the initial encounter. Also, if she wasn't afraid of the Beyonder power wise, but truly feared someone else later on powerwise , would that be scalable or is that considered...
  19. ABoogieYesSir

    Beyonder (Post Retcon) V.S Doctor Strange (Classic)

    Speed Equalized Both at 2-C Who wins any why?
  20. The_Wright_Way

    Asriel Dreemurr vs. Post-Retcon Beyonder

    Both at peak. vs.
  21. Matthew_Schroeder

    Beyonder (Post-Retcon) Respect Thread

    Hey people. A while ago I had decided that I would make analysis of the various Marvel Cosmic Characters, by reading into their Comic Appearances and compiling feats and statements. The recent additions of the Heart of the Universe as an accepted Canon Thing, and the Pre-Retcon Beyonder's...
  22. Shining_Trapezohedron

    Marvel with Infinite dimension

    I am wondering, why is it that Marvel still isnt confirm to have Infinite dimension ?? Isnt the Beyonder existence tell us that Marvel really had Infinite of higher dimension ?
  23. Elizio33

    Beyonder (post retcon) vs Thanos with the infinity gauntlet

    Both are ranked Low 2-C. The fight takes place on Asgard. First round: No prep Second round: With prep Who wins?
  24. Elizio33

    Beyonder (post retcon) vs Franklin Richards (adult)

    Both have incredible power to control the reality to a universal scale. Who win? Smiles a lot, but when he's in a bad mood he ends all reality.
  25. Hellspawn_Barbarian

    Giorno vs Beyonder

    This version of Beyonder is Post-Recton. And Gio's stand is GER.
  26. Unsealed Giratina Vs Beyonder (Post-Retcon)

    Giratina has quickly established itself as one of the stronger characters of the Low 2-C tier. However, the Beyonder is beyond (pun wholly, shamelessly intended) simply universe level+. Can Giratina save all of reality from his rage? Or will it die trying? Location: The Negative Zone Win by...
  27. Jockey-1337

    Q (Star Trek) vs Post Retcon Beyonder (Marvel)

    Let's start