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All Might VS Might Guy (VS Battles Wiki Edition)

All Might (My Hero Academia) VS Might Guy (Naruto)

Both are 7-C (Hideout Raid Arc All Might and Base Guy is used, but Guy can amp up to Sixth Gate)

Speed Equalized

All Might:

Might Guy: 7 (Mariogoods, Robot972, ElixirBlue, 00potato, Ican'tthinkof1goodname, XSOULOFCINDERX, Shmooply)

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Hm, is there any issue with Death Battle's result and/or do we need to have a discussion about the match up?
Nah, I just brought it up here since both were 7-C and a previous versus thread's result was scrapped due to All Might getting downgraded from 7-A.
This time, both All Might and Might Guy has their advantages and it is a close one. However, as Death Battle stated before, Might Guy has better H2H training (but All Might has defeated the person "more than hundred years worth of experience", roughly matched the gap). Analytical Prediction is another reason for Might Guy's winning (this time, the speed is equalized, allowing Might Guy use Analytical Prediction). Paralysis Inducement is the (possibly) third reason for Might Guy but IDK if it needs him to open gates, which is disallowed in the key the matchup used.

I vote to Might Guy, but the win radio is not as horrible as DB outcome (about 5.2/4.8)