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I know, I'm crazy. Speed equalized for everyone, and no other restrictions. All are at their strongest.

Nicol Bolas VS Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode VS Lucifer (SMT) VS Ultimate Madoka.

' Let the multiversal destruction begin.'

Demon Lucifer 2 SMT

Shoutmon x7
Nicol Bolas
Lucifer, simply because he is 'At least 2-A' while the others are just '2-A'.
^Shoutmon should be "At least 2-A" too, since he's implied to be in Zeed's league.

With that said, imo this mostly comes down to Lucifer vs Shoutmon, and Shoutmon counters most of his hax. I think Shoutmon wins due to his hax resistance, but with very high difficulty.
MagiSinbad said:
why i got a feeling that Madoka gonna be the first one get killed
She doesn't really have a way to kill the others to my knowledge, so I think it's best to replace her with Homura.
So, is everyone here forgetting Megidoladyne? That almighty attack that gets stronger every time it's used until it's literally impossible to survive it? Lucifer takes this fight because of that attack alone.
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