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shoutmon (taiki kudo)

  1. Havo_hoofd

    Shoutmon vs Rika Furude

    Shoutmon in his X7 form (1-C) vs Rika Furude in her 1-C form. Shoutmon is only allowed to go into superior mode if he is backed in a corner. Both are bloodlusted and the battle takes place in the Digiworld. Who should win?
  2. Havo_hoofd

    Madoka vs Shoutmon

    Madoka in her strongest form (2-A) vs Shoutmon (is allowed to use any form). Speed equal and both are bloodlusted. Who whould win?
  3. Hakaishim

    1a clash of titans thanos the mad titan(hqs) vsomegashoutmon x7superior mode

    Wo is winner
  4. Dragonmasterxyz

    Shoutmon Revision

    So to be blunt, this guy is extremely outdated. Tiering wise he is okay. Everything else is kinda....ehhh. Here I plan to fix hid powers and abilities section as in all honesty, outside of that urban myth known as Databook N.E.O., Shoutmon is the closest thing we have to a composite Digimon...
  5. Vrokorta

    Shoutmon's Scaling

    We have Shoutmon at Country level for fighting Pteramon & Madleomon, but Digimon Fusion doesn't use levels. Unless your scaling it from something other than the show, I think we should change something. Also to point out, later in the series, Xros Heart is faced by Ebidramon & they say he's too...
  6. Ambrosia_and_duck_sauce

    Just a Shoutmon question

    What gave him atomic destruction? Not that I don't believe it, I just want an answer.
  7. Missy0124

    omegashoutmon vs agnimon

    lets do this
  8. ShinyMagicalGirl

    2-A Royal Rumble!

    I know, I'm crazy. Speed equalized for everyone, and no other restrictions. All are at their strongest. Nicol Bolas VS Shoutmon X7F Superior Mode VS Lucifer (SMT) VS Ultimate Madoka. ' Let the multiversal destruction begin.'
  9. Reppuzan

    Shoutmon and SMT Dante speeds

    I was looking over some profiles when I noticed something funky about their speed ratings. They're rated as Massively FTL+ or plain Massively FTL respectively. However, this makes little sense in the scope of things. Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode one-shotted DarknessBagramon, who stated that he...
  10. DBZMLP12345

    Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode vs Zeedmilleniummon

    Ok, haven't done one of these in quite sometime, from what i have seen of the Digimon profiles, Shoutmon at his strongest and Zeed are both 2-A/Multiversal level+, So who takes this?