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superman and lois

  1. Dalesean027

    Tier 2 Superman and Lois upgrade

    That's right, this has been a long time coming and I'm finally tackling it so let's see how it goes. So before we get into the feat itself let's establish the cosmology we're working with and give some context to it all. Cosmology So first things first we've gotta cover how this all works and...
  2. Dalesean027

    Superman And Lois Lifting Strength Upgrades

    This pretty simple a accepted calc has upgraded the verses lifting strength further into Class G https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Dalesean027/Superman_quickly_punches_a_ship_to_space Excuse the typo in the blog it should say "pushes" instead of punches
  3. Marvel_Champion_07

    Superman fights the Hulk (5-9-0)

    SUPERMAN vs HULK 7-B Hulk and Base Superman are used Solar Flare is restricted Speed is equalised Starting Distance: 10 meters Superman: 5 (@Samael_010, @Mariogoods, @Undylan, @Doggo, @Random-Helper323) Hulk: 9 (@Dalesean027, @Marvel_Champion_07, @Dark-Carioca, @Not_Icarus...
  4. Dalesean027

    Superman and Lois 7-B upgrades

    SPOILERS FOR THE FINALE OF SEASON 3 OF SUPERMAN AND LOIS As of the season 3 finale of Superman and Lois we finally got to see Superman face off against doomsday a fight that went to the moon and has resulted in some decent showings from the verse. Here's the blog below...
  5. Marvel_Champion_07

    A superpowered alien is challenged by a cup...head (Tal-Rho vs Cuphead)

    TAL-RHO vs CUPHEAD End Game/DLC Cuphead and Base Tal-Rho are used Speed is equalised Starting Distance: 10 meters Tal-Rho: 0 Cuphead: 0 Inconclusive: 0 A BRAWL IS SURELY BREWING! NOW GO!
  6. Dalesean027

    Superman and Lois FTL speed upgrade

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Dalesean027/Jordan_dodges_laser_fire_(Superman_and_Lois) Simply put due to this calc the verse would now have FTL combat speeds. Laser Requirements yada yada: Well it's still the Fortress of Solitude which uses tech based lasers, from the only times...
  7. Marvel_Champion_07

    Man of Steel vs God of Machines

    SUPERMAN vs G5 Low 7-B Superman is used. Solar Flare is restricted Speed is equalised Fight takes place in the Monster Association Headquarters Starting distance of 15 meters Superman: 7 (@MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer, @Popted2, @Dalesean027, @Epiccheev, @AnonymousBlank, @Doggo, @Planck69) G5: 0...
  8. Marvel_Champion_07

    The Man of Steel's brother fights a homeless man

    TAL-RHO vs HOMELESS EMPEROR Low 7-B versions are used (Eradicator Tal-Rho is used and Homeless Emperor's High 7-A is restricted) Speed is unequalised Starting distance of 5 meters SBA otherwise Tal-Rho: 7 (@Dalesean027, @MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer, @ReusedOil, @Peppersalt43, @Epiccheev...
  9. Marvel_Champion_07

    Steppenwolf gets a rematch against Superman... kinda

    STEPPENWOLF vs SUPERMAN Low 7-B versions are used. Solar Flare is restricted Speed is equalised Starting distance is 10 meters Standard Battle Assumptions Steppenwolf: 7 (@AnonymousBlank, @Dalesean027, @MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer, @Propellus, @Popted2, @Maverick_Zero_X, @RanaProGamer)...
  10. Marvel_Champion_07

    Hero Hunter vs Best CW Hero

    GAROU vs SUPERMAN Speed is equalised, both are in-character Half-Monster Garou and Base Superman (S&L) are being used Superman's Solar Flare is restricted Garou: 7 (@Dalesean027, @Tural2004, @Recon1511, @BEASTHEART880, @Golden_Void, @Epiccheev, @MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer) Superman: Inconclusive:
  11. Marvel_Champion_07

    Sun Boy vs Ice Wizard

    SUPERMAN vs ICE KING Speed is equalised, both are in-character Base Superman (S&L) and Season 5 Ice King are being used Superman's Solar Flare is restricted Superman: 4 (@Dalesean027, @BEASTHEART880, @Redite250, @jojo123) Ice King: 7 (@Board3659, @KingTempest, @Sir_Ovens, @Lynieryz...
  12. Dalesean027

    Superman and Lois upgrades and profiles

    First off we have a new character blog for Tal-Rho, any relevant abilities that need scans are there as you can see https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Dalesean027/Tal_Rho_(Superman_and_Lois) Next we have this new LS calc for Superman (still needs an evaluation) this will upgrade the...
  13. Dalesean027

    Superman (Superman and Lois) vs Omni-Man (TV series)

    Superman vs Omni-Man Speed is equalized and both are in-character Base Superman is being used and Solar Flare is being Restricted Superman scales to performing a 1.3 Megaton feat while drained and weakened while Omni-Man scales from tanking a 1.9 Megaton blast only getting a nosebleed (1.68x...