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syn shenron

  1. LuffyRuffy46307

    Dragon Ball GT Immortalities Evil Dragons

    Nuova Shenron type 4 immortality He was killed and then reborn through the four-star sphere itself because of the evil energy obtained through Omega (thus being able to restore his entire body completely) Type 8 Immortality for Evil Dragons Dragon Ball GT databook THE LAST WISH The last...
  2. BestMGQScalerEver

    Toei cosmology revision

    Noticed something quite... wrong with the Toei page. This will downgrade Toei cosmology from 3 universes to 2. This will downgrade Toei cosmology from 4 universes to 3. I have no ******* clue on this point anymore but just remove the hell stuff. The hell scans seem to come from the Dragon...
  3. Coolboy6

    Two dragons fight (0-0-0)

    Spyro (skylanders) vs omega shenron Both 3-A, speed equalized Spyro: Omega Shenron: Base Spyro used Can Spyro save Skylands from Omega Shenron?
  4. Coolboy6

    Granolah vs Syn Shenron (0-0-0)

    I apologize if this is a stomp Both at full power, speed equalized Granolah: Syn Shenron:
  5. Gohanblanco217

    A new justification for Omega Shenron 3-A rating

    I just found an important information about Black Smoke Shenron : That's what the translation says : "The evil dragon seems to have been born because Goku and his friends used too much dragon ball, and if left alone, it would destroy not only the earth but also the entire universe. What is...
  6. Ionliosite

    Jiren fights GT's strongest villain

    Jiren vs Super One Star Dragon * Both 3-A * Speed equal * All other SBA Can Jiren prove that canon is stronger?
  7. CaptainSparkz

    Why is Syn Shenron 3-A?

    Syn Shenron is Universe Level for thrashing a blind SSJ4 Goku and easily killing Nova Shenron. however, SSJ4 Goku and Nova are rated as Multi Galaxy Level and this Version Of Syn doesn't have any feats that put him on that level, Syn Shenron Should be downgraded to at least 3-B
  8. AKM sama

    Syn Shenron Downgrade

    This was brought up somewhere before but got lost in time. Syn Shenron is rated as universal because of scaling down from Omega Shenron who was going to destroy the universe by his Minus Energy Power Ball. Although, a problem I have with this is that the universe was not going to be destroyed...
  9. Mickey1940

    3A Syn Shenron makes no sense

    Syn Shenron is stated to be 3A since he thrashed Post-Limit Break SSJ4 Goku Post Limit Break SSJ4 Goku is stated to be 3A since he kept up with Syn Shenron This does not make sense. Saying that 2 characters are this powerful for fighting each other with no other explanation makes no sense...
  10. Havo_hoofd

    Immortality 8

    At the end of Dbz Budokai 3, Omega Shenron said that he will always exist as long as the concept Dragon Ball overusing exists, so should't he also have immortality type 8?
  11. Apex_Predator_GX

    About the Minus Energy Power Ball

    In which episode of DBGT was stated that the Minus Energy Power Ball possessed enough condensed energy to destroy the entire universe? Thanks in advance.
  12. Flashlight237

    Chaos Lizards (Syn Shenron vs Sobek)

    So, this might be a little out of the way. So, Syn Shenron and Sobek are basically both lizards, with one being a dragon and the other a crocodile. Also, both of them are Tier 3-A from overtime feats, with Sobek being 3-A just by laying eggs (eggs hatching are an overtime thing) and Syn Shenron...
  13. Glitch_Trainer_MangleMan25

    Omega Shenron VS Bubsy the Bobcat

    Yes, this is a matchup, believe it or not. Just thought it would be bizarre enough to be interesting. Conditions: Bubsy has the Virgil Reality Helmet and Syn Shenron has absorbed every Dragon Ball becoming Omega, their 3-A versions shall be used. Speed equalized, otherwise Omega'd be well...
  14. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    BoS Goku vs Super Shenron

    vs 3-A versions, speed equal Goku: Omega Shenro: tie: FIGHT!!!!!
  15. SunDaGamer

    Ultraman Zero vs Omega Shenron

    Omega Shenron has destroyed the GT universe and is headed towards the Nebula M78 Universe, but before he can get there he is confronted by Zero 3-A keys are used (Ultraman X movie key for Zero) both in character battle takes place in space Zero is allowed all his transformations except from...
  16. A_Stoned_Orc

    Frieza* vs. Omega Shenron (7-0, 24 hour Grace Period)

    Freeza* is in his RoF-saga Final Form. Battle takes place in our Solar System's asteroid belt between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars, combatants start twenty meters from each other, speed equalized, SBA. ...Also, read the captions like manga panels. Freeza : 7 Inconclusive : 0 Omega Shenro ...
  17. Dark649

    Restored Final Dragon Ball GT/Non-Canon Revision

    Due to a glitch, this thread disappeared, so i had to remake the page. Continuing from this thread, WindGodAcheron proposed starting from here and onwards that Omega Shenron/Super Yi Xing Long Minus Energy Ball, SS4 GT Gogeta and the Universal Spirit Bomb should be 3-A / Universe level. He...
  18. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Ssjgssj Goku vs Synron

    vs 3-B versions, speed equal Son Goku (Chou): Syn Shenro: tie: FIGHT!!!!!
  19. Promestein

    Omega Shenron Regen Downgrade

    He should just be Low-High. The scene in which he's destroyed by the Dragon Fist has him regenerate shortly afterwards, and he's visibly regenerating from just chunks of slime.
  20. AKM sama

    Dragon Ball GT - Shadow Dragons' pages

    I found out that 3 of the Shadow Dragons - Naturon Shenro , Rage Shenro and Haze Shenro are mentioned in the Dragon Ball GT verse page, but their profiles are missing (or were they deleted?) I just wanted to ask: If they were deleted, should we remove them from the verse page as well? Or is...
  21. The_Smashor

    Super Shenron vs Omega Shenron

    Speed equalized if nessasary. Battle takes place in an endless void. Both are bloodlusted (Unless that means SS can use wishes on it's own. It probably dosn't, but just in case). Otherwise SBA. Super Shenro: Omega Shenro: Inconclusive:
  22. DodoNova2

    Syn Shenron Vs Pharaoh 90

    Ok Ok Ok, I will make a match with one of the least used characters while he is extremely strong, facing him the most Haxed character of Dragon Ball ..... GT! Syn Shenron let's see who will win Speed Equalized Both 3-C SBA
  23. Dragonmasterxyz

    This is likely a stomp...

    I have to at least try this once....I'll close immediately if this is a stomp. The Ancient Dragon King vs The Ultimate Shadow Dragon -Imperialdramon Dragon Mode vs Omega Shenron -Imperialdramon can enter Fighter Mode but not Paladin Mode (Unless ya'll really want 2-C vs 3-B) -Speed Equal for...
  24. Saikou_The_Lewd_King

    Terrarian vs Syn Shenron

    MORE Dragon Ball vs Terraria. Why? Because I said so! "Hero" vs "Dragon" Both are at 3-C. Terrarian has everything. Speed is equalized.
  25. TurboTriangle601

    Super Shenron vs Syn Shenron

    Kinda surprised this match wasn't done before. Speed Equalized. Super Shenron's wish granting is restricted. Other then that, Standard Battle Assumptions. Super Shenron: 9 Syn Shenron: 1 Inconclusive: 3
  26. Landon_Avery

    Syn Shenron vs Surtur

    Syn Shenro vs Surtur Rules: Fight ends in KO or death Speed =ized Both are 3-B Location: Musphelheim
  27. TISSG7Redgrave

    Rage Shenron's regen (Related to omega)

    Ok this is a question for a character that isn't even in the wiki but why I'm asking this is because Omega has it. As in he has rage shenron's regen no? Which he recovered from being torn to pieces so there is that...just asking atm
  28. The_real_cal_howard

    Magolor vs Omega Shenron

    Speed equalized. That is all.
  29. Kepekley23

    Dragon Ball GT powerscaling

    Continued from here. (PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING ANYTHING IN THIS THREAD) If you want to say something that you consider important, leave it on my wall and I'll make note of it. Introductio Ryukama's debunks to the 4-galaxy theory. PART 1: I personally think that 4 galaxies is...
  30. The_real_cal_howard

    Omega Shenron vs Yoshi

    Ugly dragon vs cute Dino. Speed equalized. Use Yoshi's high end. YOSHI!!
  31. RM97

    Dragonball Cosmology Analysis

    This will be an analysis regarding Dragonball's Cosmology. So hopefully People can have a better Understanding of A Single Macrocosm/Universe in DB. 1) To begin with, Universe 7 is represented in 2 maps:- https://www.kamisama.com.br/mundodbzworld.jpg And...
  32. NoMemesNoLife

    Why are the GT characters downgraded?

    1: It was never stated that the DB universe was only 4 galaxies big. The terms 'South, North, West and Western Galaxies' stand for quadrants, not literal galaxies. I believe that there was a statement in the Daizenshuu 7, which confirms that there are more than 4 galaxies. Úèǵ▓│ Galaxy A...
  33. MugenRyu

    Omega Shenron Vs Agumon (Taichi Yagami)

    Omega Shenro Vs Taichi's Wargreymo - Both are 3-C - Speed Is equalized
  34. Aldahshan93161

    A question about omega shenron being able to destroy the universe

    Is there anything that states the dragon ball universe was 4 galaxies big in dragon ball gt if there is something that states this I hope someone links it to me
  35. Shadowbokunohero

    Omega shenron and Super saiyan 4 Gogeta vs Golden frieza

    all of them at their strongest no time limit for Gogeta frieza's form doesnt have restraints
  36. Kahndaq_Lord

    Possible gogeta, syn shenron upgrade???

    so, i found this: [1], what do you guys think about this?
  37. Sparky_"Dante"_Marky1234

    Dragon Ball GT: Syn/Omega Shenron Upgrade

    Here is the link in the above image http://media.animevice.com/uploads/0/9491/441069-dddd.jpg] Should this upgrade Omega to to Multi-Galaxy level? And in turn, SSJ4 Goku, SSJ4 Vegeta and SSJ4 Gogeta, who is dozens of times stronger than the two?
  38. SuperKamiNappa

    Omega Shenron vs. Bowser

    Speed Equalized Who wins and why?
  39. SuperKamiNappa

    Sailor Mercury vs. Omega Shenron

    Super Form Mercury No BFR Who wins and why? Speed Equalized
  40. UltraSans101

    About Omega Shenron's power

    Just wondering, is Omega Shenron universal? Quite a few people have been saying he is macroversal, and that Gogeta only needs his finger to beat him. Is this true?