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steam powered giraffe

  1. Peppersalt43

    Another match with broken characters (Aburatori vs The Jon)

    Aburatori : 0 Jon : 0 Incon : 0 Speed equalized Starting distance is 10 meters Yeah matches with broken characters are (un)fun (Anos, Archeus, Kratos, Dante, SCP-682, Yogiri, The One Above All, The Presence flashbacks) but you now what's more fun? Using underrated characters with great...
  2. Peppersalt43

    Calypso faces another impossible hurdle (Calypso vs The Spine)

    Slayer of the overpowered : 0 Spine : 0 Incon : 0 Speed equalized Starting distance is 10 meters So after trying to find a good match for Steam Powered Giraffe I found an annoying roadblock, that being their summoning. Not all the broken abilities that they have in general, but summoning...
  3. Tllmbrg

    Steam Powered Giraffe Massive Stat Overhaul

    Okay this CRT will deal with the Low 2-C rating and the 8-C rating for the robots It'll also deal with the 4-A rating, also it will deal with the MFTL speed Low 2-C: The robots get it of this feat but it doesn't actually cause any destrcution nor can the robots really use this in any meaningful...
  4. PsychicCipher

    Steam Powered Giraffe: Downgrade the Protagonists

    As Cosmo, Necrostar and Jumbo have been debunked and is only 4-A in nature, shouldn't the main characters (Rabbit, Spine and Jon)'s summoning tier be also only 4-A? And can a Mod edit this, since the pages are locked?
  5. WeeklyBattles

    Steam Powered Giraffe Downgrade

    Welp, lets get this over with real quick, with the recent tiering system changes SPG being tier 1 got axed, so the 1-Cs will be knocked down to 4-A from this feat
  6. Kiryu2012

    8-C Monster Brackets Round 10

    Current Bracket Hub Sky Shark, submitted by WeeklyBattles, vs Azurill, submitted by Psychomaster35. Fight takes place downtown in a small city. Single Sky Shark vs Level 100 wild Azurill with all naturally learned moves. Speed equalized.
  7. ZacharyGrossman273

    Tenacious D?

    So, I know music with actual lore is allowed such as Steam Powered Giraffe. So would Tenacious D be allowed? It's a comedy music thing started by Jack Black and Kyle Gass (Who aren't even called that in the series) that includes a movie and a TV show with actual storylines and lore The main...
  8. Kiryu2012

    8-C Monster Brackets Round 3

    Current Bracket Hub Atriox, submitted by Dusty Raider, vs Sky Shark, submitted by WeeklyBattles. Fight takes place downtown in a small city. Speed equalized if necessary. There's just one Sky Shark for this fight.
  9. WeeklyBattles

    Wild West Showdown 1: Rex Marksley vs Dora the Kid

    Rex Marksley Powers and Stats Tier: 9-B physically, 9-B to 8-C with weapons Name: Rex Marksley, Finest Marksman in the West Origin: Steam Powered Giraffe Gender: Male Age: Unknown (Born and died in the 1800s) Classification: Marksman Extraordinaire, Engineer, Folk Hero, Hired Gun...
  10. Jinsye

    SPG Robots Addition

    This will be fairly minor They should all get Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2, and 3) and Resistance to Empathic Manipulation Now the short answer is: They're robots The long answer is: Taken from Brass Goggles "Come with me I'll show you how to be a metal ma When the gears are turning and the...
  11. The_Archdemon

    Hatchworth vs. The King of Hell [GRACE]

    Let us put two barely-used characters to fight each other and see what happens. Probably nothing but oh well. The Fight This is 8-C Hatchworth and King of Hell Crowley. Speed is equalized Other than that, it is Standard Battle Assumptions for you. The votes Crowley: 0 Hatchworth: 0...
  12. ZacharyGrossman273

    Necrostar VS The Beast

    8-D is rare as hell, ain't it? Thank god doctor who's number of characters is bigger than your mom. Speed equalized. Sata: 0 Living Su: 2 Inconclusive: 0
  13. ZacharyGrossman273

    God (World of Darkness) VS Commander Cosmo

    Speed equalized God (World of Darkness): 0 Commander Cosmo: 0 Incon: 0
  14. Schnee_One

    I use Hatchworth for the first time ever.

    I have seriously never used a Hatchworth once and I'm actually kind of ashamed, so for the first time, I make a match of interesting proportions. Speed is equal, both are 8C. Hatchworth: Randall Flagg: 6
  15. ZacharyGrossman273

    The Hive Mind VS Commander Cosmo

    Hive Mind is Lowballed Speed equalized ...Can I actually do this?
  16. ZacharyGrossman273

    Commander Cosmo VS Captain Adam

    Holy shit a fair 1-C match? Hopefully . Speed equalized.
  17. Jinsye

    Hatchworth vs. The Hunter

    AKA another one of Weekly's surprises 8-C Who wins? Hatchworth: 0 The Hunter (Bloodborne): 0
  18. Jinsye

    Zeus (GoW) vs. Cosmica

    Zeus We have faced far worse than this one fallen mortal, but we are the gods! We whom the mortals worship, we, who rule over this land. We, who will not be swept aside by some petulant fool! Brothers, put aside the petty grievances that have splintered us for so long, we will unite, We...
  19. Jinsye

    Hatchworth vs. Ahzek Ahriman

    Hatchworth Fill the tank with water, turn the ignition, and Hatchy Boy you're ready to go far. Powers and Stats Tier: 8-C, potentially 5-C, 2-C with his Core, Varies, At most 1-C with summons Name: Hatchworth Origin: Steam Powered Giraffe Gender: Male Age: 120 Classification...
  20. Jinsye

    Steam Powered Giraffe General Discussion

    Yeah I'll make this. Great band, what can I say?
  21. Jinsye

    Jumbo vs. Aleister Crowley

    FINALLY, I THINK I HAVE A MATCH FOR THE SPG GOD TIERS Speed Equalized Who wins? Jumbo: 0 Aleister Crowley: 0
  22. Jinsye

    Epic Creature vs. Sky Shark

    Speed Equalized 8-C versions used, 1 Sky Shark only Who wins? Epic Creature (Spore): 0 Sky Shark: 0
  23. Jinsye

    The Gunslinger vs. The Finest Marksman in the West (Roland Deschain vs. Rex Marksley)

    Dark Tower fights SPG again. This time, the shooters fight eachother. Speed Equalized Err.... Both are glass cannons so, 9-A+ vs. 8-C? Who wins? Rex Marksley: 0 Roland Deschai: 3
  24. Jinsye

    The King of Heroes vs. some silly guitar playing robot

    Steam Powered Giraffe is awesome, I wonder how combat applicable Hatch's 5-C form is. 5-C form is used for Hatch with Original Power Gilgamesh, if not combat applicable, we can switch to 8-C and see if he still stands a chance. (I actually think he might) Speed Equalized Who wins...
  25. Jinsye

    Akasha vs. Necrostar

    Akasha is 8-D iirc, so that means I can make a match for the SPG God Tiers. Yay! 1-C versions used Who wins? Akasha: 0 Necrostar: 0
  26. Jinsye

    Randall Flagg vs. Hatchworth

    I remember this was a debate in strongest 8-C but it died. So Imma revive it. I barely know anything about either verses so this might be a stomp, IDK. Speed Equalized, both 8-C Who wins? Hatchworth: 0 Randall Flagg: 1
  27. Assaltwaffle

    Steam Powered Giraffe: Space Giant Downgrade

    Well Dark, sorry, but this Calc is not correct. In it, you use gravity as relative to Earth (such as 0.62), which is g (little g). For GBE, you don't use little g, you use capital G, which is the gravitational constant. This number is 6.67408x10^-11 m^3/kg*s^2. So using your mass and radius, we...
  28. WeeklyBattles

    Lord Boros vs The Daughter of Space

    Lord Boros ==Powers and Stats== Tier: At least High 6-A Name: Lord Boros Origin: One Punch Ma Gender: Male Age: Unknown. At least far older than 20 (His journey to Earth took 20 years) Classification: Alien Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Transformation...