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spider-man (miles morales)

  1. Minos_the_Judge

    Marvel Speed Scaling of Earth-616 and Earth-1610

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Spider-Man_(Miles_Morales) As we can see, Miles has MHS+ through the Ultimate universe character scaling. All are scaled by Thor's lightning and Quicksilver's speed. As we can see from our profiles, Miles has become stronger over the years and on Earth-616 he...
  2. koopa3144

    Jonathan Joestar vs Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

    I wanted to make a Miles fight and this just came to mind. Fight takes place in Kong King Post-Deep Pass Overdrive and Base (Earth-616) keys are being used Distance is 15 meters Speed is equalized SBA for anything else JoJo from Bizarre Adventure: 0 Spider-Man Junior: 0 Incon: 0
  3. Miles Morales vs The Teen Titans

    Insomniac Miles Morales vs The Teen Titans (Cartoon Network) Starting distance is 150 meters and speed is equalized Battle takes place in a large warehouse Win conditions are death, BFR or incapacitation (although I don't think either side usually goes for kills anyway) Base Raven is being...
  4. King_Dom470

    The Spot Vs Miles (But different) (0-7-0) GRACE

    The Rules: Miles has prior knowledge of the spots abilities Speed equalized Battle takes place in the streets of new york "Pre-Multiple Collider Energy Absorption" spot is used SBA for everything else The Spot: Spider-Man: (Dinamic8000, HonestlyBored24, LeoEpicGamer8910, Lacku...
  5. KingTempest

    Miles Morales Speed Justification Revision

    Lol I don't really dive into comics like that, but I love Miles It's said that he's equal in speed to Taskmaster. Can use that for his profile. For Miles, remove the likely rating for his speed and make it a full rating for "Just as fast as Taskmaster" since he's fully Hypersonic. Miles
  6. Excellence616

    Another Removal Of A Spider-Man Tier

    Miles Morales's Captain Universe 4-B Tier should be removed as he only used it for one issue | Spider-Geddon Vol 1 5 https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Spider-Man_(Miles_Morales)
  7. Maverick_Zero_X

    Green Goblin key addition

    Proposing a new key for Ultimate Green Goblin scaling from Miles Morales’ Earth-616 key (who was integrated into the mainstream universe following the 2015–16 Secret Wars storyline). Norman is able to trade blows and take punishment from him (Miles Morales: Spider-Man Vol 1 #10 & 15): In...
  8. TauanVictor

    Miles Morales VS Yor Briar

    Miles Morales VS Yor Briar Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Equalized speed Base (Earth-1610) Miles LOCATION: Miles: Yor: Inconclusive:
  9. TauanVictor

    Baki Hanma VS Miles Morales

    Baki Hanma VS Miles Morales Fight Location: Dunder Mifflin's Office Starting Distance: 5m Both in-character Equalized speed Beginning of Series Baki | Base (Earth-1610) Miles Baki: Miles: Michael Scott (Incon):
  10. TauanVictor

    Izuku Midoriya VS Miles Morales

    Izuku Midoriya (Deku) VS Miles Morales (Comics) Fight Location: Jaku City Starting Distance: 15m Both in-character Equalized speed Villain Hunt Arc Deku in High 8-C key | Base (Earth-616) Miles Deku: Miles: Inconclusive:
  11. sanicspood

    Deku vs Spider-Man, except deku fights him self- (My Hero Academia vs Marvel Comics)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Izuku_Midoriya_(Deku)?so=search https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Spider-Man_(Miles_Morales) villain arc base deku vs 616 miles (both are high 8-c) speed equal miles: midoriya: 1 incon:
  12. Cauann2K

    Joseph Joestar vs Miles Morales

    I still feel a little sad that they closed my thread of Joseph and Peter, so let's see if Miles is more fair. Post-training Joseph, Earth-616 Miles and speed is equalized. Joseph Joestar: Miles Morales:
  13. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) Jotaro Kujo (JoJo) VS Miles Morales (Spider-Man)

    Jotaro Kujo (Part 3) VS Miles Morales (Insomniac Games) Fight Location: New York (USA) Starting Distance: 5m Equalized speed Both in-character High 8-C versions Jotaro has knowledge of Time Stop Jotaro Kujo: 7 (@ZillerBucko, @Coolboy6, @Shadyboi0, @Azelator, @Armerish, @XSOULOFCINDERX, @Emirp...
  14. Coolboy6

    Spider-man (miles morales) vs Luke skywalker (legends)

    Both 4-B, speed equalized Use da force Luke: 2 Exaggerated swagger of a black teen:
  15. Coolboy6

    Miles morales insomniac games profile addition

    I feel like miles should be high 8-C comparable to Peter Parker and at least multi city block level+ with venom blast full power as he destroyed the nuform explosion that was gonna destroy all of Harlem
  16. Lord_JJJ

    Goku VS Spiderman

    Since Omegas03 Spamming Dragon Ball vs Marvel and DC battles , why don't I do that either? Black saga SSJ Chou Goku is used and Captain Universe Spiderman will used Fight takes place in a desert Ultimate Spider-Ma The Saiyan from Earth : A Psychic Kid :
  17. Shrekisluvshrekislife

    Man vs Spider

    Who would win a fight? Batman (Post-flashpoint) base form vs Miles Morales (comics) cosmic form rules - random encounter - bloodlusted - no morals and no holding back Location gotham city
  18. DeviousDiesel091

    Miles vs Static

  19. Thebannanaworkshop

    Miles Morales(comics) vs tanjirou kamado(post-pillar training) AWAITING CLOSING.

    Speed is unequalized(cause tanjirou is has precog). Tanjirou has demon slayer mark. Winner by death. This is base miles. this is the 8-b+ version of tanjirou.
  20. Spinoirr

    Deku vs Miles

    Speed is = and both are high 8-C. Kinda hope this is fair Spider-Man (Miles Morales): 12 Izuku Midoriya:
  21. MilesTheMorales1

    Miles Morales vs Deku(please lock)

    Izuku Midoriya vs Miles Morales Speed = Equalized, both High 8-C, win by death, no prep, all equipment 8-C or lower. Who wins? Miles: Deku: Inconclusive: Miles Morales
  22. MilesTheMorales1

    Izuku Midoriya vs Miles Morales (Marvel Comics)

    Izuku Midoriya vs Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Miles Morales Speed = Equalized, 8-C Midoriya and 8-C Miles Who wins? Miles: Deku: Inconclusive:
  23. Jasonsith

    Death Battle Season Six Discussion Thread (11) (Death Battle Spoilers Alert)

    You know the drill by now folks! We talk about everything DEATH BATTLE here! Continued from here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here Fights since this thread has started: Done in the past: Ep 117: Shigeo Kageyama vs Tornado of Terror Ep 118: Deadpool (Marvel Comics) vs...
  24. KingEzran

    High 8-C Tournament: Base Carnage vs Miles Morales

    Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 4 meters -Win via KO Votes: Carnage: 0 Miles: 0 Incon: 0
  25. ShakeResounding

    Spider-Men: The Ultimate CRT

    Introductio Hey again, everyone! I'm back sooner rather than later, and I'm already having people take a look? I'm touched! So a new Spider-Ma is on the wiki, and at the request of Zark2099, I've scoured around for some additions to make the kid more impressive. Miles too, because he's still...
  26. MisterKtheKoala

    The successors of two big heroes fight each other

    Miles Vs Deku Izuku at 20% Speed is equalized in the background sounds this theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ChkKCltL-E Who would win Green Boy - Third best spiderman after Octavius and Peter - Incon -
  27. ShakeResounding

    Spider-Men CRT: Into The Additions-Verse

    Introductio Hey, everyone! I made a few Spider-Man CRTs way back then, and I've noticed the other Spider-Peeps are severely lacking in content. So, just as I did for the OG, I'm making a CRT to remedy that! Let's get this started! Superior Spider-Man: Complete! Acrobatics (Has the body of...
  28. Maverick_Zero_X

    Miles Morales vs Robin

    Robin (Teen Titans) vs Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Speed is = Fight takes place at night along NYC rooftops
  29. XXJellyXx

    Spider-Man (Into The Spider Verse) Character

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:XXJellyXx/Spider-Man_(Into_the_Spider-Verse) Let me know what I should change.
  30. Endlesspossibilities_2006

    A Other Worldy Spider-Man Duel

    Miguel vs Miles Rules No prep time Standard equipment No outside help
  31. LordGriffin1000

    New Spider-Man Game!!!

    Anyone else hyped for the new Spider-Man game coming out in September 7th?. I can't wait for it!.
  32. Abscoolguy

    Spider-Man (Miles Morales) vs Spider-Man 2099

  33. ZoroNotZolo

    Anna Williams VS Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

    Speed equalized. Victory by K.O. 24 hours of prep time. The fight will take place in a desert like are where neither character will have an advantage. Who wins? Miles: 0 Anna: 2
  34. Akiretsu

    Kuga Yuma vs Spiderman (Miles) & Izuku Midoriya

    Location: Standard City Setting State of Mind: In Character Yuma has his B-Rank Trigger Speed is equal.