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soujirou mibu

  1. Overlord775

    Kumoko Vs Soujirou Mibu

    7-A Soujirou and speed equal. They start at 5 meters from each other. Spider Lady:0 Sword Guy:0 Inconclusive:0 "
  2. ALRF

    Soujirou and Yakou

    Soujirou Taiji Soujirou's Taikyoku, Gudou type, born from his desire I want to become a blade. Desire to become the strongest swordsman in the world. It's the ultimate destination Soujirou has long sought. But everything would eventually be cut, leaving nothing for the God of the Sword...
  3. ALRF

    Soujirou Abilities

    His ability to cut the concept of distance has only being ever done in his God form, not base. So that means he will no longer have infinite attack speed His ability to cut the concept of lifespan, soul should be removed too (he can "hit" soul but not the very concept of it) His concept manip...
  4. SchroKatze

    Let the blade party begin!

    Just a Battle Royale between swordsmans. I don't want to add a victory. Speed Equalized. All of them are 7-B. Battle takes place at Favela da Rocinha. (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Huehuehue.) Morals On/In-Character. They were told by an outside source that they should win this fight, as each of...
  5. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Soujirou Mibu vs Miyamoto Musashi

    Well,another Moesashi match,this time hopefuly not a stomp like the two,because she will face agaisnt,AN FREACKING GUDOU GODS!! -Speed equalized -Both in character -Both in 7-B version and this is Shimosa Musashi version (final fight agaisnt Kojirou) -Place located in top of Mount fuji in...
  6. Dark_warrior_100

    LDO vs eastern expedition

    This battle seemed like a genius idea, i don't know why it wasn't done before All of them are base Restrictions: reinhard, madara and mercurius. Ryuumei can't use shura mandala Location: Stalingrad Speed is equalized (does not affect wolfgang's briah) Who wins? LDO...
  7. Dark_warrior_100

    Soujirou mibu vs machina

    Just because Speed is equalized Both are base Battle takes place in New York (just because)
  8. ALRF

    The Sword (Soujirou) revision (minor?) and Yakou addition

    Welp, i wonder how much will this go :/ Õ«ùµ¼íÚâÄÒü«þ¼¼ÕࡵäƒÒüîÒÇü ÒüôÒüôÒüºµö╗ÒéüÒéïÒüôÒü¿Òü«Õì▒ÚÖ║ÒéÆÕ»ƒÒüùÒüƒÒÇé The sixth sense of Soujirou sensed the danger of that attack (Keishirou ambushing Soujirou). Soo Precognition ? Eh dunno what this is :/ Cutting fate That's something he...
  9. Primaris_Brian

    In the Future...

    I'm either will regret for making this or Yhwach will rewrite mibu future to oblivion or mibu will cut Yhwach future to pieces...speed equal and both have basic understanding on their opponent powers.. -Soul King Yhwach -Not Gudou God Soujirou Mibu Cut,Cut,Cut,Cut,Cut. Enjoy having a phobia...
  10. ALRF

    Soujirou Mibu profile revision

    Dun Dun Dun! Another revision and look, it's none other then Masadaverse samurai. Techniques þƒ│õ©èþÑ×ÚüôµÁü (Ishigami Shinto Ryu): Fighting style of Soujirou Mibu. Build upon the killing intent and spirit of the practitioner. Soujirou is master of this way, having learned many techniques...
  11. SchroKatze

    GUIRUGAMESHU finds someone who has better swordsmanship than SEIBA

    Yeah, another Soujirou match. Base Soujirou/3-D Soujirou. F/Zero Gilgamesh. Moral off, speed equalized, win via killing. vs
  12. AR_Hyperion

    The truly AMANTES AMENTES (Crazy Lovers) Soujirou Mibu Vs Shiori Kujou

    The Guy who wants to become the most powerful swordsma Vs The Girl who wants to become the best of himself. I Know that this battle already have happened In Soujirou X Shiori Route but I want to give It a different scenario and possibilities - even if these are infinity.- Okay, Mibu and...
  13. ZacharyGrossman273

    Robloxian VS Soujirou Mibu

    Because I started a debate over the strongest 7-B lol That 7-B with ridiculous level hax and range VS That 7-B with ridiculous level hax and range Speed equal. Both have no prior knowledge.
  14. -BANLK-

    King Hassan vs Soujirou Mibu

    Two insta killing warriors face each other. Grand Assassi vs God of the Sword Hassan is in his grand assassin avatar, Soujirou is in his base form (Obviously). Speed is equalized. Fight takes place in a very dense forest at night time. Win by death or ko.
  15. HimikoWerckmeister

    The weakest character that can take on Base Soujirou Mibu

    Not to be added to the voting. As title sums it, who is the weakest character that can take on base Mibu from KKK? Or put differently, the strongest character Base Mibu can beat? Rules: Mibu and said character are bloodlusted and speed equalized [willing to lift the speed restriction if it...
  16. HimikoWerckmeister

    Saber vs Soujirou

    Alright first Nasuverse vs Masadaverse matchup I think https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Soujirou_Mibu vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Saber_(Fate/stay_night) Speed equalized and bloodlusted