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  1. Eseseso

    GOD BLESS AMERICA: Skipper vs the Soldier

    Skipper vs Robot War Soldier, in a battle for who loves weapons and America more! Soldier has access to his 8-C weapons, all other additional weapons, and magic spells. Speed Equalized Location: 2Fort, on opposite sides of the bridge Soldier: Skipper Incon:
  2. CrackerVolley

    Going Commando (Skipper vs Rolento) [Complete]

    I'm back on my bullshit again. Sorry. Just for fun, there's various weapons from Final Fight Revenge for either of them to pick up. Fight takes place 10m apart at Rolento's SFA3 Stage Both gets their Standard Equipment Speed Equal Skipper (Upscales to 0.0205): 7 (Maidrips, Morgan, Atorimachi...
  3. DimeUhDozen

    A Captain and a Skipper

    Speed Equalized Cap: Skipper: Incon:
  4. DimeUhDozen

    Skipper Gets Uncanny (Grace)

    Speed Equalized Mr. Uncanny: Obama's Strongest Soldier: Flashlight237, Board3659, Popted2, BigSmoke4269, Mariogoods, Tonygameman, MaidRips (7) Incon:
  5. DimeUhDozen

    Doomguy vs Skipper

    Speed Equalized Post Night Sentinel Training Doomguy is used. Skipper has all his equipment. Doomguy: Skipper: Incon:
  6. DimeUhDozen

    Penguin Vs Chimera

    Speed Equalized Both are 8-C Skipper: Chelshia: Incon:
  7. DimeUhDozen

    Travis Touchdown Vs Skipper

    Late Game NMH2 Travis is used. Both are 8-C I Wanna Be Number One: You Didn't See Anything...: Incon:
  8. DimeUhDozen

    Skipper Vs Korra

    Speed Equalized Seasons 1-2 Korra is used. Skipper: Korra: Incon:
  9. DimeUhDozen

    Sombra Vs Skipper

    Boop!: Some Kind of Wacked Out Conspiracy: Incon:
  10. DimeUhDozen

    Vi Vs Obama's Strongest Soldier

    Speed Equalized Oh The Misery: MRS. OBAMA, GET DOWN!: Incon:
  11. DimeUhDozen

    Skipper Vs Cassandra Cain

    Speed Equalized Batgirl is in her second key. Both have all their optional equipment except for Cassandra's Dimensiometer and Skipper's inflatium. Kowalski! Analysis!: The One Who Is All: Incon:
  12. DimeUhDozen

    The Last Nicktoons

    Speed Equalized S1 Aang is used Skipper's optional equipment is restricted Skipper: Aang: Incon:
  13. DimeUhDozen

    The Dragon of Dojima vs The Penguin of Madagascar

    Only Standard Equipment will be used. Kiryu: Skipper: Incon:
  14. DimeUhDozen

    Skipper Vs Lupin III

    Speed Equalized None have their optional equipment or prep time Skipper is not on a perfect day Battle takes place in The Louvre. Battle OST Skipper: Lupin III: Incon:
  15. DimeUhDozen

    Po Vs Skipper

    Speed Equalized Po is in Kung Fu Panda 2 Key Po: Skipper: Incon:
  16. DimeUhDozen

    Penguins of Madagascar Powers and Abilities CRT

    One more cartoon verse that needs upgrading and I will answer the call. Cute n' cuddly, boys... All Penguins: Elasticity in addition to their Toon Force (Can survive a printing press and come out just fine) Underground Mobility (Seen here) Stealth Mastery explanation (Snuck into a human...
  17. koopa3144

    Local fish woman attempts to spear a penguin (Undyne vs Skipper) (7-1-0) (Concluded)

    Fight takes place in a zoo Base Undyne is being used Speed is equalized SBA for anything else NGAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!: 7 99.6 Megajoules MRS OBAMA GET DOWN: 1 111.04 Megajoules Incon: 0
  18. koopa3144

    Robot marshmallow fights a penguin (Baymax vs Skipper)

    Fight takes place in a zoo Armored Baymax is being used Speed is equalized SBA for anything else Baymax:0 Skipper:0 Incon: 0
  19. JJSliderman

    Four penguins and a volcano

    I know this probably won't get very good results in terms of scaling to the characters but I'm curious. Dr. Blowhole's laser overloading caused this volcano base to explode and Blowhole was right next to the laser. The base was seemingly destroyed afterwards, given the pieces of floating...
  20. Plormo

    Penguins speed

    I know it sounds ridiculous but it´s consistent through out the show that penguins have actually FTL reaction time. They were able to deflect laser after it was fired.: https://imgur.com/gmbYcSF Dodge it: https://imgur.com/ClIX3uP And again: https://imgur.com/SuoESQE If not FTL they...
  21. Joshcjackson27

    Skipper and the boys chasing another wanted criminal

    Scenario: The Penguins of Madagascar are chasing the wanted criminal Crazy Frog to bring in or eliminate. Skipper has broken away from his squad to persue the delinquent while sliding on his stomach, promising to meet them back at base. Crazy Frog knows that to lose Skipper, he will have to...
  22. GoCommitDi

    Hey Lois, remember when I fought Skipper

    Both 9-A speed is = Fight is in Central Park, giving skipper the home field advantage
  23. JJSliderman

    Penguins CRT

    So, Kowalski has like a bunch of abilities with his inventions that should probably be covered. Such as... -Time Manipulation (Can stop time with the Stopwatch) (Episode: Time Out) -Memory Manipulation (With amnesia spray and presumably his Sonic Brain eraser) (Episodes: Truth Ache and...
  24. Stalker_Maggot

    James Bond fights a penguin because my life is total chaos (Grace)

    James Bond (Composite) vs Skipper Both are 9-A Speed is equalized
  25. Insecurity97

    Skipper vs. Miles Morales

    "Kowalski, analysis!" "You're about to fight the main protagonist from the only Sony Pictures Animation film that matters. I cannot help you much further." Speed is equalized, and the fight takes place at Central Park Zoo, giving Skipper the home range advantage Kowalski, analysis!: 3 Hey: 3...
  26. KLOL506

    Madagascar cast upgrades

    So, I propose that the Madagascar gang be promoted to 9-A and Supersonic. 9-A because Skipper can stomp enemies like Chantel Dubois, who tanked this. A dynamite stick is a megajoule according to wikipedia. There's clearly more than 21 sticks in there so that should easily be 9-A. Consistent...
  27. Kiryu2012

    The Penguins of Madagascar vs The Thing

    Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private vs The Thing Fight takes place in U,S. Outpost 31, with the Penguins having access to underground tunnels through which to relay info to one another, as well as test each other to see if anyone's been assimilated Speed equalized The Thing has already...
  28. Bobsican

    Skipper Vs. Thanos

    Because I can. Speed equalized. The pengui: 2 (HeadlessKramerGeoff777, KLOL506) Rawwwwr! The purple boy: 0 Incon: 0 Ready?
  29. Paleomario66

    Perry the Platypus VS Skipper the Penguin

    Speed Equalized. Both 9-C. No prep time. Who wins and why? Perry the Platypus: 0 Skipper the Penguin: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  30. Notadeadguy

    The Penguins of Madagascar vs TMNT

    Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private were on a mission inside that sewer when they encounter the Ninja Turtles. Unsure of what they are Skipper and his allies get combat ready. ... Rico has access to his weapons. These are the 90s version of the Turtles. No prep Who will survive this encounter?