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Penguins speed

I know it sounds ridiculous but it´s consistent through out the show that penguins have actually FTL reaction time. They were able to deflect laser after it was fired.: https://imgur.com/gmbYcSF

Dodge it: https://imgur.com/ClIX3uP

And again: https://imgur.com/SuoESQE

If not FTL they should be at least supersonic Skipper dodged sound beams from mutated MP4: https://imgur.com/cPcdjGu

Dodged missile: https://imgur.com/mmxB2iG

I know that these feats are little bit inconsistent since penguins are tagged by dogs, cats, poison dart frogs and other slow things but it´s kids show from Nickelodeon their attack potency and everything about them is inconsistent. One time they can stomp gorillas or survive laser that can vaporize lamp post and next time they are one shoted by doctor. Also Skippers weaknes should also be needles since he´s scared of them. All penguins have one big weakness. None of them can read. Not even Kowalski.