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shiro (no game no life)

  1. Satanichia_Chlammy_Mafahl

    No Game No Life small revision

    Ex-Machina should have Infinite speed. Okay, I reckon this should be einfach, so: While Artosh is capable of altering logic, law, and events in every second, whereas the invaders (Ex-Machinas) are able to devise countermeasures and perform abstract and illogical calculations at a speed of...
  2. DontTalkDT

    Creepy Crawler vs Delicate Genius

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the ultimate showdown of wits and brawn! Tonight, we have a battle like no other, as two opponents from vastly different worlds step into the ring for an epic clash! In the blue corner, hailing from the realm of intellect and cunning, a prodigy in gaming and...
  3. DontTalkDT

    A little girl plays with a doll

    Shiro vs the Wiggly Doll 10-C versions of both SBA otherwise Who takes this? Shiro: 1 Doll: 5 Incon: 0 Tournament Hub
  4. Satanichia_Chlammy_Mafahl

    NGNL: Intelligence Upgrade

    Greetings. What i'm to do today is propose an upgrade to the Intelligence section for the characters in No Game No Life. Specifically, I believe that the Ex-Machinas in this series should having Supergenius intelligence. In the No Game No Life series, the Ex-Machinas are transcendental...
  5. Phoenks

    Light Yagami & L VS Shiro & Sora (0-2-0)

    Light Yagami & L Lawliet (Death Note) VS Shiro & Sora (No Game No Life) I wish this could've been something other than a fight, because that'd probably be a very cool discussion, but I can't think of anything right now so yeah this is just a fight. Still, should be interesting. Light and L...
  6. Satanichia_Chlammy_Mafahl

    No Game No Life Discussion Thread

    Discuss anything related to No Game No Life.
  7. Peppersalt43

    Battle of the crippled geniuses (Harold Finch vs Shiro)

    Crippled Man : 0 Crippled Child : 0 Incon : 0 Everything above 10-C is restricted Starting distance is 10 meters
  8. Peppersalt43

    Battle of the Genius Children (Bonesaw vs Shiro and Sora)

    Medical Genius : 0 Analytical Geniuses : 0 Incon : 0 Bonesaw's Spiders are restricted Both characters have prior knowledge of each other Fight takes place in Willamete Mall, 100 meters apart with no LoS Yay, another Parahumans match... I wonder how long I'll end up bumping this. Also I'm...
  9. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Lelouch vi britannia vs shiro Chess Match

    After i saw this match in the threads i decided to make my own version of a non death battle match Okay so Shiro is well known for her mastery of chess and hears of the great lelouch and decides to challenge him to a chess duel. (i think this is allowed because both shirou and lelouch are very...
  10. Delta333

    No game no life stuff (part 1)

    Needless to say this verse is hella outdated here, this thread will not cover A L O T of things (and some would be wrong cus I don't have time to revise) but I still want to quickly make it to nuke acausal type 5 as soon as possible (thanks to ppl who keep reviving this match) Sora and Shiro...
  11. AquaWaifu

    Sora and Shiro vs Komugi from HunterxHunter in Gungi

    Who woud win? This is Komugi after she unconsciously started using her Nen.
  12. NothingToDebateWith

    N-nani?! King Crimson?!

    So, uH. Do we include 'Time Skip' for both of their profiles, or is that just a reference moment- lol- (Sorry if that was mentioned in the past for fun purposes xD) No Game No Life King Crimso
  13. AphoristicMouse

    Shiro VS Ninja (Tyler Blevins)

    Shiro vs Ninja (Tyler Blevins) Shiro has 30 minutes fortnite experience. Current Ninja used. Both have access to Ninja's gaming setup, and have access to their own preferred settings. Who wins in a 1v1, best out of 3?
  14. Unoriginal_Memes

    The Most Epic Battle Ever

    Izumi Takanashi VS Shiro (No Game No Life) Speed is equalized. 28 Year Old Woman: 11 Year Old Girl: 1 (Kuroiha) Inconclusive:
  15. Mand21

    "Come for us, strongest human. We who are weak shall earnestly wait for you!" — Blank and Composite Human clash together!

    This "fight" follows SBA, except for one thing: the "duel' takes place in the world of Disboard as its arena, anywhere from the territories already taken by Elkia Federation as from the novels (all territories the Blank's), and therefore it comes in the form of a game. This does not technically...
  16. Kople700

    Shiro VS L Lawlite (In chess)

    Both are genius. Bonus round. If shiro And L Swapped places, Would Shiro have solved the kira case?
  17. The_Foolish_Omniscient_Guy

    Shiro VS Izuru Kamukura (In a game of chess)

    They are both genius, and quite similar How boring. 『ÒÇÇÒÇÇ』
  18. -BANLK-

    About Sora and Shiro (No game, no life)

    I am uncertain regarding their intelligence rating. Should they be extraordinary genius or supergenius?