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sailor moon (anime)

  1. MeiouHades

    Strongest 90s Toeiverse character? Let’s find out!

    As title says, we’re putting two Toeiverse characters against each other from the 90s. Now while yes one of them isn’t exactly from the 90s, the original SM anime is from that era so it works. Anyway, we have: GT Adult Goku vs Usagi Tsukino (Neo-Queen Serenity) Rules: Speed is NOT...
  2. Grand_Saver_Ritsuka

    Can sailor moon be scaled to 1-A?

    https://thecodex.fandom.com/wiki/Sailor_Moon#Powers_and_Abilities Apparently a type 4 multiverse in sailor moon and spatio temporal dimension warping
  3. SeiyaRyuSeiKen

    Dragon Ball GT vs Sailor Moon: Kakarot vs Usagi Tsukino

    We all knew this was coming: Today's battle is: GT Goku (Toei) vs Sailor Moon (anime) Rules: •Both are at their peak (Post-Negative Karma Ball key for Goku and Neo-Queen Serenity key for Usagi) •Speed is UNEQUALIZED (blitzing is allowed) •Win by ANY means •Fight takes place in World of Void...
  4. InterFIGHTER123

    [2-C VERSUS] Angron VS Sailor moon

    Angron https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Angron#Daemon_Prince_Angron VS Sailor moon https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sailor_Moon_(Manga)#Eternal_Sailor_Moon_▾ both are 2-C -no preparation time -the characters are unaware of another -equipped with their best weapons, armor, etc. -they...
  5. GilverTheProtoAngelo

    Sailor Moon vs God of War

  6. Maverick_Zero_X

    Sailor Moon General Discussion Thread

    For any discussion about the original manga, 90s anime, or 2014 anime reboot
  7. Kflare63

    Sailor moon (anime) vs Cure Happy

    •Speed is equalized •context of the battle is a sparing match •base cure happy is used •post serenity base Sailor moon is used •both are in character •they start 15ft away from each other •battle takes place in the hyperbolic time chamber •both have 1 week of prep time •Winner wins via...
  8. DatOneWeeb

    Chaos vs Ren Amamiya

    Low 2-C Speed Equalized Chaos: Joker:
  9. EightAte8

    Neo-Queen Serenity versus Ultra Instinct Son Goku

  10. Foxioney

    Just some things I need to clear up

    I was just chilling on youtube watching videos about Sailor Moon...then I saw some comments saying Sailor Moon is on the same level as TOAA, Featherine Augustus Aurora, Yog-Sothoth,...etc And they are claiming that Sailor Moon beats all of them... no difficulty... Now...dear people of vs...
  11. JohnCenaNation

    Why do we have two Sailor Moon profiles?

    Can we please delete one and stick to the other? Cause I get puzzled easily when I see both of these profiles even though they are literally the same thing except one is 2-C and the other one is Low 2-C. Other than that, I can't the tell difference and why do we need two of them for.
  12. MaxForward

    Usagi vs Goku

    Since Usagi got downplayed to Low 2-C, I decided to make a rematch. Goku is at his Mastered Ultra Instinct form. Usagi is at her Neo Queen Serenity form. Speed Equalized Who wins? Note: Usagi isn't omnipotent.
  13. Jinsye

    World Guardian vs. Sailor Moon

    I mean, an alternate version lost to Madoka and WG lost to Madoka so thematic. Animu Sailor Moon Speed Equalized 5-B versions used. Who wins? World Guardia: 0 Sailor Moon (Anime Character)
  14. The_Smashor

    *Insert funny planet name theme joke here*

    Composite Terra vs Post-Serenity Base Anime Sailor Moon. Speed Equalized to Terra's level. Both are in character but willing to kill. Also, just so you know, this is the Terra from Mega Man. Easy to get confused with so many of them in fiction.
  15. RapidMotorcycle19

    School Idol vs School Magical Girl

    Ktk Miyuki Revival fights #2 Low 2-C Miyuki vs Low 2-C Angel Usagi As a school class president, Miyuki has to give her help to a certain blonde in order to improve her mediocre grades. Speed Equalized Im talking to YOU
  16. The_real_cal_howard

    Sailor Moon vs Mewtwo

    Animu Sailor Moon. 5-B Mewtwo Bloodlusted for both Speed equalized
  17. DodoNova2

    Teridax Vs the Champion of Justice

    Well, we have robots against gods, monkeys against children and gods abstract face to a white head, why not a schoolboy against a lego? A lego invaded the world of Usagi, he absolutely wants to destroy everything, Usagi has no choice but to eliminate him to protect his friends she is therefore...
  18. DodoNova2

    Altair Vs Sailor Moon (Anime)

    A girl fight? Awesome! Speed Equalized Both Low 2-C Eternal Sailor Moon Used Go!
  19. DodoNova2

    Sailor Moon (Anime) Vs Forerunners

    The Mantle glyph is vastly known to represent the Forerunners as the defenders of the Milky Way Galaxy. yes, this girl can fight .... Speed Equal Usagi will do everything to win Both 5-B Go! Sailor Moo Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Transformation...