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  1. Verethragna

    Immeasurable speed for SCP-1440?

    SCP-1440 threatens to capture The Brothers Death, the All-Death (most powerful of the brothers) never even shows up in 1440's presence fearing he will capture him. Shouldn't 1440 get Immeasurable combat/reaction speed for being a threat to the Brothers?
  2. DaReaperMan

    Battle for fifth strongest unknown! Bag Man vs Molecule Man!

    Speed Equal SBA otherwise Bag Man: 0 Molecule Man: 0 The Thought Robot: 0
  3. LadFromNowhere

    I want to die but cant

    SCP-1440 VS Yogiri Speed equalized
  4. Iapitus_The_Impaler

    1440 vs 682

    Lucius failed, so now I'll try someone from in-universe An Oldman who is really good at gambling vs A Lizard that is really bad at dying Speed is equalized. Fight takes place at a Florida Gas station at 2:00 AM. This is EC 682
  5. Overlord775

    John Taylor vs SCP-1440

    Speed Equal and 9-B John is used The New Walker: 0 The Exile: 0 Inconclusive:0
  6. Assaltwaffle

    Spears and Swords: SCP-1440 vs Altair

    Well, a previously Low 7-C haxxed boi vs the new queen of Low 7-C. I know this guy is pretty strong, but so Altair, so let's get into this. Rules: Speed Equalized Altair at Low 7-C So, does the plot queen stand up to the spear of destiny? Let me know how takes it! Altair: 0 SCP-1440: 0...
  7. Assaltwaffle

    Chain Reaction Feat Issue

    As many people know, we generally don't accept chain reaction feats unless the user has the ability to force the conditions in a battle. This is not the case of Milo Murphy and SCP-1440. For Milo, his ancestor caused a volcano to erupt. Even on his page it is noted that it is not combat...
  8. PaChi2

    Culexus assassin vs Old man with a bag

    Officio Assassinorum and SCP-1440 SBA. Starting distance of 100 metres. Speed equal. Thoughts?
  9. PaChi2

    Vsbattles ultimate admin showdown!!! The Lewd King vs The rebellious Weekly!!!

    Idk if 3-A or 2-C makes any difference White Face vs SCP-1440 SBA Speed equal
  10. ZephyrosOmega

    An old man fights P L O T except it's not Medaka this time: SCP-1440 VS. Altair

    This is gonna be either super fun or a complete shitshow. Speed is equalized, both are low 7-C. I don't really see any reason to restrict anything? So... here we go! SCP-1440: Altair (Re:Creators):
  11. Sir_Ovens

    Overpowered Old Men - The Emperor vs SCP-1440

    It had to be done. <Insert will of Chaos joke here> "Get off my lawn!" vs "Back in my day..." 4-A Emperor. Speed equalized. Win via SBA. Oh hey, we still up for bingo Friday night? Oh yeah, sure. And tell your wife to bring the cookies. Discuss.
  12. Monarch_Laciel

    List of Smurfs

    This is for a bit of fun, where we look at characters on the wiki and determine which of them are smurfs. In case you don't know, a smurf is, from Urban Dictionary, "A (usually) experienced gamer posing as a newbie under an alternate name." For our purposes here, a smurf is any character who...
  13. Sir_Ovens

    Jill Presto vs SCP-1440

    With the immortality restriction released, finding 1440 matches is a pain. Hopefully this is fair. An old ma vs A young woma Speed equalized. Win via SBA. Who wins and why?
  14. Arrogant_Schmuck

    How has this not been done yet? It had to be done, I regret nothing! Let's see how this goes... I'm just gonna leave this here

    Alternatively titled "SCP-1440 vs Gilgamesh (Fate Series)" Whichever keys make it not a stomp. Assuming that's possible Win via KO, incapacitation, or death. SPEED EQUALIZED
  15. Arrogant_Schmuck

    1440 vs Homulily

    SCP-1440 (Low 7-C version) vs Homulily Win via KO, incapacitation, or death. SPEED EQUALIZED Yes I know this isn't Homulily
  16. Abscoolguy

    oliver (ni no kuni) vs scp-1440

    low 7-C forms
  17. Sound_of_Infinity

    Playable Saber (Nero) VS. SCP-1440

    Saber Venus was used SCP-1440's type 8 is restricted Speed equalized At least 5-A vs. Low 7-C with 1-B attack I kicked the shit out of your husband, what makes you different?
  18. CrackerVolley

    1440's Greatest Challenge Yet: a Sentient Blob of Stardust (Fun & Games)

    The Old Man only has his Sack of All-Death
  19. PaChi2

    682 vs 1440

    SCP-682 and SCP-1440 SBA speed yada-yada I kicked the shit out of your husband, what makes you different?
  20. Sir_Ovens

    The Return! - SCP-1440 vs BB

    This was done before, but that thread never ended. Now that both characters have had their time in the spamlight, they return for a nostaligic bout to the death. In this corner, we have SCP-1440! He beat not one, not two, but three Deaths in a game of cards. Now he walks aimlessly, cursed by...
  21. DMB_1

    Weekly's surprise: SCP 1440 vs. Randall Flagg with the Black Thirteenth

    All right, this is most likely going to end badly, but it's worth trying. Speed Equalized, both BloodLusted, and Randall has the Black Thirteenth The person who gets sealed is hella gay: 0 No u: 0 Inconlusive: 0
  22. Sir_Ovens

    Mami Tomoe vs SCP-1440

    Don't know if this has been done before, but if it has, it's outdated. Ribbons.exe vs Bag.jpg Holy Mami. Speed equalized and victory via SBA. Let the games begin.
  23. Yobo_Blue

    Jill Presto vs SCP-1440

    SCP-1440 vs Jill Presto Speed Equal SBA Who wins?
  24. AjimuPlaysMaplestory

    Medaka vs SCP-1440

    stats unequalized both bloodlusted all equipment and outside help is forbidden for both sides
  25. DMUA

    A perfectly ordinary matchup for perfectly ordinary people

    Speed Equalized Otherwise Standard Battle Assumptions SCP-1440: Lavos: Inconclusive: 7 (WeeklyBattles, GyroNutz, Cain Fastus, ABoogieYesSir, Dargoo Faust, Jimboydejuan12 and Agnaa)
  26. Jman8009

    SCP-1440 vs Pennywise

    I've been getting back into SCPs and horror stories in general and this matchup randomly popped into my head. If this is a stomp in either direction I will close it. The destructive old man has decided to enter into the town of Derry, and figuring it can't get much worse, an evil clown comes...
  27. Jinsye

    An old man with a big sign saying screw autocorrect vs. a literal sentient thought

    Well the thought hasn't been upgraded yet. So let's try this. Speed Equalized. Who wins?
  28. Starter_Pack

    SCP-1440 vs. Milo Murphy (Battle of Disastrous Probabilities)

    The term "Murphy's Law" dictates that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. And for these two characters, this is not only a truth, but it is a fact of life. While one tends to be a source of bad luck for others, the other's bad luck mainly revolves around himself. But who's improbable...
  29. Overlord775

    I try to push the limits of the SCP-1440 spam

    5: Deathless Immortality: Characters who exist unbound by conventional life or death, or do not exist at all, and thus cannot be traditionally killed. Typically, abilities such as ''Existence Erasure'' are needed to destroy them. Existence Erasure ... EXISTENCE ERASURE' .... THE EMPEROR OF...
  30. PaChi2

    1440 vs Keishirou

    Fite me. SCP-1440 and 7-B Tenma Keishirou Kyougetsu SBA Speed equalized.
  31. DMUA

    Yobo's surprise: I regret everything but also nothing edition

    I had to. It was too tempting. Speed Equalized Note that type 8 is restricted as per Versus Thread Rules because the Spinnin' boi can't bypass it. Otherwise Standard Battle Assumptions SCP-1440: The First Spinjitzu Master: Inconclusive: 8 (Yobobojojo, DMB 1, The Writer's Database...
  32. Yobo_Blue

    Novel Kars vs 1440

    Kars (JORGE JOESTAR) vs SCP-1440 SBA Speed equal Who wins?
  33. DMUA

    I jump on the Spamwagon with an old man with a bag and an evil wishgranter.

    I had to do this. I HAD TO DANGIT Speed Equalized Remember that as per Versus Thread Rules, 1440's type 8 is banned because Calypso can't bypass it.... Wait BFR is pretty efficient for that. Nevermind. Otherwise Standard Battle Assumptions A man with a bag: An evil wishgranter...
  34. Jinsye

    SCP-1440 vs. Cthulhu (CSTW)

    Preeeetty sure Cthulhu might be beating GEOM right now, so I'm gonna try and see if 1440 can throw his bag. Speed Equalized High 5-A Cthulhu used. Who wins? Cthulhu (Cthulhu Saves the World): 0 SCP-1440: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  35. Arrogant_Schmuck

    1440 vs Nihilus

    Or somewhere around there Low 7-C SCP-1440 vs Darth Nihilus Win via KO, incapacitation, or death. SPEED EQUALIZED
  36. Yobo_Blue

    Altair vs that other spear dude

    Altair (Re:Creators) vs SCP-1440 SBA Speed Equal Who wins?
  37. Arrogant_Schmuck

    I hop aboard the Medaka spam train but also probably do it wrong

    I see both of these two getting placed in matches with massive tier differences so I thought maybe this would work out. I'm probably wrong. I also don't know what sort of restrictions I should put on these two but for now let's say 5-C Medaka vs Low 7-C SCP-1440
  38. Yobo_Blue

    *Insert meme about end of existence here*

    SCP-1440 vs Lavos Lavos is 5-A SBA Speed Equal Who wins? Lavos: 4 1440: 4 Inconclusive: (sorry if this is a stomp in either's favor)
  39. Sir_Ovens

    Ryougi Shiki vs SCP-1440

    The old man goes on a journey to find someone who can finally kill him. He hears of a girl that can kill the concept of death itself and challenges her. Ryougi Shiki vs SCP-1440 Speed equalised. Win via death or incapacitation. Base Ryougi. BFR is restricted, and type 4 immortality is...