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rin okumura

  1. Shinra Kusakabe vs Rin Okumura

    Adolla Burst is restricted Speed is equalized Both start 5 meters away from each other Location: Tokyo (Fire Force) Shinra Kusakabe: Rin Okumura: Inconclusive:
  2. Mr_Arsene

    Demon vs Its Slayer

    Rin Okumura Vs Tanjirou Komado 7-C Rin, 8-A Tanjiro Do not have a picture of rin
  3. Nier_Hitoshura

    Rin Okumura vs. Neptune

    This is 7-C Neptune Speed is not equalized. In-Character but determined to win. Ri: Neptune:
  4. Necromercer

    Rin Okumura vs The Magician

    Both are blood lusted. Speed equalized
  5. Nier_Hitoshura

    Rin Okumura possible upgrade on healing factor with very small revision on weaknesses

    So, I have noticed that Rin's bio seems a little outdated. To get started. https://imgur.com/a/xTUKl (Warning: Possibly NSFW?) In the panels shown here in the link, we see that Rin was able to heal from being burnt to straight ash. Also, parts of his body in the panels were coming off of him...
  6. Starter_Pack

    Rin Okumura vs. Asgore Dreemurr (Fires Of The Soul) (Voting Completed)

    Rin Okumura is taking a relaxing field day on the outskirts of Mt. Ebbot, when he notices a large glowing barrier around one of the entrances to the mountain. Upon entering, he stumbles upon a large figure in golden armor tending to the flowers. Suddenly, the monster realizes he's not alone, and...
  7. TheDudeMcDude

    Tsuna Sawada VS. Rin Okumura

    Both are 7-C Speed is equalised. Who wins?
  8. Jeremihe

    Rin Okumura(Blue Exorcist) VS Ghostfreak(Ben10 Omniverse)

    While on a school trip to Paris, France Rin and his friends get lost deep within the Catacombs. In an effort to free themselves they accidently cause a cave-in walling Rin off from the rest of the group. Then ghostfreak attacks him. Fight only ends in death. Rin Okumura:2 Ghostfreak:1 Draw:1
  9. Dip_Slip

    Rin Okumura's abilities, possible upgrade, and new form (spoilers)

    So in the newest chapter of Blue Exorcist chapter 98 after Rins sword is broken in half after slashing at Yukio in an attempt to bring him back his flames start to burn him alive but after Rin is done burning his heart seems to manifest and Rin is brought back possibly being in his full demon...
  10. TheFinalOrder

    Rin Okumura vs Ichigo Kurosaki

    This battle takes place in an open field, Ichigo and Rin are in character. Speed is Equal (No Blitzing) Tier 7-C versions. Who takes it?
  11. Burning_Full_Fingers

    Hiei vs. Rin Okumura

    The fight takes place in an open grass plain. Both are serious about winning and start thirty meters apart from each other. Hiei: Ri: Standard Battle Assumptions This is Dark Tournament Hiei. Speed is equalized. Who wins?
  12. BarryAllen2.0

    Blue Exorcist Upgrades

    I noticed that on Rin's profile, it only goes up to True Cross Amuesment Park arc. He's gotten significantly stronger. Current chapters he's easily stopping Punches from a Casual/Slightly agitated Base Amaimon while in base and in the Kyoto Arc Uchusma Threatend to Burn everything on a Mountain...
  13. Mr.Malewhipper

    Jin Kazama vs Rin Okumura

    Rin gets his kurikara Jin gets his motorcycle and studded gloves Arena: in the city at night Round 1: Speed equalized and fight to K.O Round 2: Speed Unequalized and fight to the death Who wins and why?
  14. Rowknan

    Rin Okumura vs Dante

    This is Devil May Cry 3 Dante so 8-A Round 1: Speed is unequalized Round 2: Speed is equalized
  15. Mr.Malewhipper

    Gray Fullbuster vs Rin Okumura

    Rin Okumura vs Gray Fullbuster Rin gets his Kurikara and Gray gets well his ice Arena: in the city who wins? Blue Flames vs Ice
  16. Mr.Malewhipper

    Rin Okumura vs Allen Walker

    Rin Gets his Kurikara Allen Walker gets his standard equipment speed is equalized and no outside help obiviously
  17. SuperKamiNappa

    Edward Elric vs. Rin Okumura

    Speed Equalized No BFR Who wins and why?
  18. SuperKamiNappa

    Rin Okumura vs. Adult Gon Freecss

    Speed Equalized No BFR who wins and why?
  19. Cropfist

    Rin Okumura vs Makarov Dreyar

    See title.
  20. Mr.tailwhipper

    Rin Okumura vs Oga Tatsumi

    Who wins Oga tatsumi will get baby beel of course and rin will obviously gets his kurikara Win by K.O.
  21. Jjcb155

    Rin Okumura (Ao No Exorcist) Upgrade.

    It seems like Rin is only set as Town Level, even though though he has a feat in the City level range. The Impure King is stated to be as big as a city when fully developed: http://********.me/manga/ao_no_exorcist/v07/c027/17.html Rin was able to completely fill the mountain with flames...
  22. Reppuzan

    Rin Okumura Downgrade

    Just a little brief one. I think he should be taken down to Town level at the most since the feat for his current AP says "matched Amaimon". This is an anime original scene and did not happen in the main canon (the ongoing manga). In addition, the manga shows that Amaimon was simply toying with...
  23. ShinyMagicalGirl

    Rin Okumura (Blue Exorcist) VS BlackÔÿàRock Shooter (Anime ver.)

    Alright here's another fight. Battle of the kids with blue flames. (Well for BRS, its only the eye, but whatever) Battle to the death, no holding back and bloodlusted. Who wins? BRS can use her Insane form.
  24. SuperKamiNappa

    Natsu Dragneel vs. Rin Okumura

    Current versions of each Takes place in the Cell Games Arena Bloodlusted Battle to the death Who wins?