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What hax? Tanjiro is haxless. And he surpasses Tanjiro by light years when it comes to AP. Small Building vs Town.
Maybe not one shot him but can pick away at him with multiple slashes. Highly unlikely for Rin to win. His stamina is tenacious when friends are in danger and Tanjiro in 8-C , also Tanjiro Negate Regen so tanjiro can pick away at him until he is dead even not having 8-A (would be worse) And I am pretty sure that having higher defense, does not give out right immunity towards attack that is lower - Multiple hits of tanjiro with the speed and the Negate Regen can at least = rin defense
So I cant currently find calcs on either of them so it's a baseline 8a vs a baseline 7c, that gaps large enough the 8a won't be able to even scratch the 7c iirc.
Thanks because we actually do not know their level of power making this incon via baseline power, Tanjiro cannot hurt Rin and Rin cannot touch tanjiro
Well technically only one of them is immortal afaik, so he wins by outliving I suppose, but honestly this match just seems really dumb, speed eqaul one dies to a light sneeze speed uneqaul and rin gets real annoyed by his inability to swat an annoying fly...
Tanjiro would first off dodge the sneeze, He is way much faster than rin Also I mean if tanjiro (Unknown) was at least 7-C or even above, it would be a speed blits no cap and Rin has no hax (I think he is hax less) to even truly effect Tanjiro he would surely beat rin like this. And like I said, Rin is so damn slow compared to tanjiro, tanjiro can draw on his face, take a selfie Take a whole dump on him and wipe and smear it accross Rins face before he cannot even attempt to get a slash in with his sword (exaggerated but tanjiro is WAY more faster than rin and if = in power than it is tanjiro) But this match is incon
But we do not know tanjiro's strength within his tier nor Rin(like his calculation) therefore it is ASSUMED to be baseline hence it being incon
Tanjirou wastes all his stamina trying to kill him, tires out, then Rin taps

Stamina, the one thing people seem to always forget when concerning speed vs AP