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reverse-flash (cw)

  1. ByArrow

    Arrowverse CRT: Information Manipulation

    The multiverse made of its own unique source code. By crack this code, Thawne was able to preserve his own knowledge and make it immune to changes in time and reality. And using this code, he was able to record events without being affected by changes in the timeline (changes in the timeline...
  2. ByArrow

    Arrowverse CRT: 2-C Environmental Destruction for Speedsters

    This thread is for upgrading speedsters to 2-C with environmental destruction. If a person/object travels/is sent to the past and causes any changes, a phenomenon called "timequakes" occurs. Time quakes are temporal shock waves created by changes to the timeline. They are felt in the temporal...
  3. ByArrow

    Arrowverse CRT: Intelligence Revision (Part 1)

    This thread is to upgrade the intelligence of almost everyone in the verse and add more explanation. Since there are many characters in the verse and this thread is really long, this CRT will be published in two parts. The Spectre Nigh-Omniscient: As the Spectre, Oliver displayed deep...
  4. The_Smashor

    Gunvolt vs Reverse-Flash

    Rules: Speed Unequalized. This is Reborn Thawne vs Gunvolt 2 GV. Anthem, Septimal Surge and Septimal Shield are disabled. AP: Upscales from 1.8821 Megatons Speed: 2.05c AP: Upscales from 3.11 Megatons Speed: SoL Combat Speed Reverse-Flash: Gunvolt: Inconclusive: 7 (Smashtwig...
  5. ZoroNotZolo

    Yet Another Arrowverse CRT....

    Yooooooo.... I'm back with another Arrowverse CRT. But this time, it's far from inconsequential. It was brought to my attention by @ElixirBlue that the Powers and Abilities section of the Flash's page are kind of... unorganized. We need to organize the stats and abilties, and I thought a CRT...
  6. Oliver_de_jesus

    reverse flash + Acausality type 3

    reverse flash Acausality type 3 why doesn't he have it? they make it clear that he can come back after his ancestor committed suicide (final season 1 the flash), in space time even if the same black flash kills him (final second season of legends of tomorrow), he returns as he looks in crisis...
  7. ByAsura

    Flash/Arrowverse Revisions

    A follow up from this thread https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/2973254 Due to the Wiki's newly revised Kinetic Energy Standards, there has been discussion about rescaling the speedsters of Arrowverse, and all those who scale in power. The speedsters would scale to Firestorm, who withstood a...
  8. Revan_Laha

    Reverse Flash lifting strength

    He casually snapped man's neck. Speedsters since Season 2 should have at least Class 1 lifting strength
  9. Soundofmastery706

    Jason Voorhees (Undead) vs Reverse-Flash (Pre-Erasure)

    Rules Eobard is serious and dead set on killing Jason. Jason has his machete. Battle takes place at Crystal Lake. Results JV: RF: 1 Inconclusive:
  10. Maverick_Zero_X

    Reverse-Flash vs. All Might

    Reverse-Flash (CW) takes on The Symbol of Peace 7-C forms, Speed is =
  11. Akreious

    Why are these Weaknesses? (CW Flash)

    "Nanites: Nanites entering the bloodstream of a speedster will disable their powers, as seen when Green Arrow shot Reverse-Flash with it." No, the Nanites used against Reverse Flash was explicitly stated to be anti-Speedster and is designed to create a high frequency pulse that disables the...
  12. Golden_Void

    Eobard vs Barry

    Bloodlusted and willing to kill Current Versions
  13. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    Some missing speedster weaknesses (CW)

    For all speedsters. Viber energies: The extra-dimensional energy used by vibers can temporarily disrupt a speedster's connection to the Speed Force, slowing them down or even stopping them. Nanites: Nanites entering the bloodstream of a speedster will disable their powers, as seen when Green...
  14. Momo_is_a_Deviluke

    Reverse Flash's tier and power

    Does RF have some kind of Immortality? If so, what type? Should his tier be upgraded because he can keep up with the current Flash? (Flash never beat RF and was only "dead" because of Eddie suiciding.The one time Flash beats him is when he take him out of surprise)
  15. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    Flash AP Upgrade

    http://www.narutoforums.com/xfa-blog-entry/shattering-the-bar-barry-laps-central-city-tv-flash.36277/ According to this link in the profile, Flash could move at a low end speed of Mach 151.93, or 51 700.2597. Grant Gustin weighs around 84 kg, if I remember correctly. K.E. = 26 tons or City...
  16. DBZMLP12345

    The Flash (Barry Allen/CW), The Flash (Jay Garrick/CW) and Reverse-Flash (CW) vs Zoom (CW)

    So basically this is all the Speedsters that have appeared so far in the Arrowverse/CW version of The Flash fighting Zoom, Zoom has demolised Barry in combat so far, but what if he had Jay Garricks Flash and previous Season 1 baddy Eobard Thawne backing him up? This is the scenario, Jay Garrick...