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Arrowverse CRT: 2-C Environmental Destruction for Speedsters

This thread is for upgrading speedsters to 2-C with environmental destruction.

If a person/object travels/is sent to the past and causes any changes, a phenomenon called "timequakes" occurs.

Time quakes are temporal shock waves created by changes to the timeline. They are felt in the temporal zone and can be detected by timeship A.I.s such as Gideon or by a temporal seismograph, invented by Nate Heywood. These quakes have epicenters to find what point in time has been changed. The Legends track the epicenters to try and prevent the "aberrations" before they occur and damage history beyond repair.

These shock waves reshape the timeline according to the changing past.

Does not create a new timeline or cause the old one to disappear. It just reshapes

We saw this happen when Constantine changed the past.

We also saw this wave when bolt changed history

Ok now let's move on to the Speedsters.

If a speedster goes back in time and makes a change, it won't create a time quake or shock wave. It creates a new timeline and destroys the old one.

While trying to stop the tsunami, Barry unintentionally went back in time and changed the past.

Normally this would create a time quake and a wave, but it didn't. And could not be detected by those who block time changes, such as legends or time masters.

Because this didn't cause any change, it just created a new timeline.

Thawne, an expert in time travel and manipulating time, describes the time before Barry changed the past as a different timeline.

At Cisco, he describes this as a different timeline.

Eobard explains to Barry how he can stop him and says that one of the ways to stop him is to put him in Iron Heights, but says that this will destroy the timeline.

When Thawne created a reverse flashpoint, a new timeline was created, and after a while, this new timeline would replace the old one[1]

As we saw in The Flash movie, speedsters' time travel causes the destruction of universes. (As we saw in Crisis On Infinite Earth and Titans, they share the same multiverse and the same The Speed Force.)

Additionally, when Barry tried to undo Flashpoint, it caused the creation of a new multiverse.

Those in agreement: @Theglassman12
@henryzx900ruly @BEYONDER19999 @Excellence616

Those in disagreement:

Those yet to form an opinion:
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I see evidence for Low 2-C, but I don't see where the 2-C is coming from.