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Some missing speedster weaknesses (CW)

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VS Battles
Calculation Group
For all speedsters.

  • Viber energies: The extra-dimensional energy used by vibers can temporarily disrupt a speedster's connection to the Speed Force, slowing them down or even stopping them.
  • Nanites: Nanites entering the bloodstream of a speedster will disable their powers, as seen when Green Arrow shot Reverse-Flash with it.
  • Power-dampening tech: A speedster's power can be weakened or even neutralized by special technology, for example special kind of rifle can fire an energy pulse that temporarily cuts off a speedster's connection to the Speed Force, as seen when a dude shot Reverse-Flash with it. However, 6 months trapped in the Speed Force can make a speedster highly resistant to such weapons. However, powerful technology like an upgraded B.O.O.T. can still slow him down.
Also, I dunno if Barry should have time dilation as a power due to "Flashtime" (is it limited Time Manipulation or simply dilated time perception I don't know)
1. vibe energy also froze peak a boo, so it likely is just a power of vibers.

2. I agree

3. I agree
Pretty sure it is super speed perception, because it would be really strange to just give him time manipulation and not acknowledge it to at least some extent.
He can bring other people into this slowed-down time though, dunno if it's proof that it's time manipulation, or just part of statistics amplification.
I do not remember that weakness, so i might talk about it later.

Agreed. Here is the scene for the specifics

Agreed on them. There's also the Speed Force Bazooka, which will BFR a speedster to the speed force.

It's just Slowed down perception, as explained in Season 2 or 3 of Season 3 i believe. He amps their statistics, it's why Cisco and Catlin couldn't use their powers.

Edit: Thanks for showing Weakness 1 Andy.
@Spino I think Iris mentioned it being the same situation as the coutroom scene where he used stat amplification on her.
We see he amped all their speeds because of the lightning effect when he gives them it, so it's just a result of their new abilities. Which could now be noted in the Powers Section.

Barry: You're moving as fast as i am, like in the Court Room.

He doesn't explicitly say so, but i guess it's implied.

I'd also like to make a three edits that aren't too bad, like him being superior to Geomancer by at least Season 4, who could create earthquakes inbetween the 2-8 scale, the afformentioned update to the Statistics Amplification, and two links.
@ByAsura Ask Antvasima to unlock the page so you can add the weaknesses and those three edits. Oh, and add pseudo-flight as well as discussed here. Remember to tell him that we had already made a CRT and discussed these changes, to avoid misunderstanding.

I will edit the other speedsters' profiles.
So should we close this thread?
Not open for further replies.