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  1. Dust_Collector

    Palutena vs Demise

    Was gonna do Palutena vs Hylia but honestly this seemed cooler, like an alternate history where Palutena was the goddess chosen to watch over the Triforce and went to war with the demon king. Demise in his... Demise key, and speed is equalized for obvious reasons. Making this now before Kid...
  2. Peppersalt43

    Forces of Heaven and Hell in an endless skirmish. Round 1 Match 2. Palutena vs Hyness

    What’s goin’ on everybody, this is Fry. So today, simple as this, we are bringing back the best deck in the entire game, other than maybe Cyclecap, and I actually sorta built this deck in order to counter Cyclecap. This is of course Valk Trickster Hybrid. It’s been one of the best since the...
  3. Dust_Collector

    Palutena changes and Pit Immortality removal

    Just as the title says, I changed Palutenas P&A section and also changed the justifications for her stats to be more in line with how she's actually portrayed. You may notice that unlike her current profile my sandbox doesn't have resurrection despite having a statement for it. This leads into...
  4. Dragonmasterxyz

    Kid Icarus 6-C feat Downgrade

    An issue brought to my attention is the 6-C+ feat the cast scales to. They seemingly scale to blowing up the Aurum Hive, the issue however is that Pit did this via destroying the core. So I question whether he should scale to destroying the entire thing. Do we have any lower other feats to fall...
  5. Soupywolf5

    Bowser tries to kidnap a different damsel

    Bowser vs. Palutena Base Bowser and 4-A Palutena are used, Bowser is fully equipped (Besides any equipment that's a higher tier, if any), Speed is Equalized Palutena scales to creating a Starry dimension (140 PetaFoe), Bowser scales to creating 6 (840 PetaFoe) The Damsel: The Villai...
  6. Jinsye

    Palutena vs. Ishtar

    Both 6-C, anything higher tier is restricted Speed is = Who wins? Palutena: 0 Archer (Ishtar): 0
  7. SuperKamiNappa

    Rosalina vs. Palutena

    Rosalina Palutena Speed equalized
  8. Bware1

    Palutena fights a different kind of Angel

    Oh I'm not here to save you, Pit. I'm here for a little... ah, Divine Intervention. Rules: Both Combatants at 4-A Speed is Equalied Who Wins and Why? Palutena: Rinoa: Inconclusive:
  9. Pitachu

    Pit = Palutena

    Is this true? Pit (a thirteen year old angel) Palutena (a goddess) Both on the same tier at their highest REALLY?
  10. Stillwinston

    Palutena vs Leon Belmont

    Wondering if this might be good, let's try it. Speed is equalised, both are 4-A. SBA otherwise, goddess vs crusader Palutena: 0 Leon: 0 Inconclusive: 0 https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Palutena https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Leon_Belmont
  11. Phoenix821

    Amaterasu (Ōkami) vs Palutena

    Both 4-A Speed equalized Amaterasu (Ōkami) : 1 (ChocomilkAlex) Palutena: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  12. JohnCenaNation

    Update Pit to Tier 3-A: Universe level

    This is a legit quote from the game itself: "He's the man of mystery. He disappears without a trace. He's the amazing Captain Flare! He shoots comets from the space rift within his cape--the very same cape that contains the alternate universe Captain Flare likes to disappear into." Captain...
  13. Sptflcrw

    Minor Kid Icarus ability addition

    It's stated in Chapter 18 that whenever Pit dies, Palutena revives him. Because of this, I think Palutena should have resurrection on her page. Viridi also likely gets this, as she takes over for Palutena for a section of the game, meaning she can likely do the same thing. It could also possibly...
  14. Dragonmasterxyz

    Palutena vs Angewomon

    This is too perfect to pass up. Kid Icarus vs Digimon Goddess of Light vs Goddess of Light -Speed Equal -4-A versions -Takes place 20 meters from each other. FIGHT!!! Palutena: 0 Angewomo: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  15. Bruhtelho

    King Dedede VS Palutena

    Both at 4-A Speed is = Battle is on Dreamland both have full arsenal Battle to the death King of Dreamaland:1(Eficiente) Goddess of Light:1(Milly Rocking Bandit) Inconclusive:0 You can't be mean to my Waddle Dees! Only I can be mean to my Waddle Dees! Oh I'm not here to save you...
  16. Milly_Rocking_Bandit

    Kid Icarus Revisions (but mostly Pit)

    Pit Revisions https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Pit Pit's profile is inaccurate. It's missing a bit of his unknown hax, and his attack potency is inaccurate. So, after rewatching the game several times, looking into idol descriptions and AR cards, I think I can properly gauge his hax and...
  17. Numbersguy

    Overgrown plant vs Female Zeus: Godzilla Earth vs Palutena

    Because someone needs a win and someone needs a lose Godzilla Earth Palutena Speed is equalized Both are in character They are 4 miles away from each other
  18. Pepper14832

    The King of Darkness Vs The Goddess of Light

    Ganondorf vs Palutena (6-C versions) Speed equal. Neutral Setting, they start 1 mile apart. Win by KO/Death or Incapcitation. Palutena: Ganondorf:
  19. ShockingPsychic

    Raiden(Mortal Kombat) VS. Palutena(Kid Icarus: Uprising)

    Raiden, god of thunder vs. Palutena, goddess of light. Both are at full power. The battlefield is a large, stone platform hovering over an abyss.
  20. Pepper14832

    Palutena's Black Hole Feat.

    Okay, I am assuming you're refering to her creating it in Smash Bros. That's fine. But, how is she only 6-C then? You're giving her the ability but I'm pretty sure such an ability has a higher AP than Island Level.
  21. NoOneCanJustDeflectTheEmeraldSplash

    Palutena VS Natsu

    Both 6-C. Speed equalised. This is only my first VS Thread. So apologies if I made a mistake. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Natsu_Dragneel https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Palutena
  22. Asuka_the_Demonic_Empress

    Aqua vs Palutena

    Aqua is very, very close to baseline 6-C, while Palutena is baseline 6-C. Fair enough imo Goddess of Light vs Godess of thighs. Speed equalized.
  23. PowerPikachu2

    Pit's thread has some errors.

    As a fan of Kid Icarus Uprising, I've been meaning to say this for a while. 1) Pit's quote is not after anything. He says it before fighting Pandora (and attempts again with Phosphora before she interrupts). 2) Clubs are magical, and a conversation with Palutena reveals they're lighter when...
  24. Crazylatin77

    Kid Icarus Upgrade

    When I was looking at their profiles, it felt like some powers were missing, especially Palutena's. ______________________________________________________________________________ Hades Additional Powers: Resurrected all...
  25. Nico-v11

    Ganondorf vs Palutena

    Ganondorf is in his weakened state and speed equalized. Fight takes place in a Asgard (cause why not?) Ganondorf: 0 Palutena: 7 Inconclusive: 0
  26. Graf_Thorsdottir

    Palutena vs Samus Aran

    Samus vs Lady Palutena 6-C for both. Speed equalized. Standard Battle Assumptions Palutena - 0 Samus - 7 (TheJ-ManRequiem, Theglassman12, Laughing Manson, Gargoyle One, DarkDragonMedeus, KillitwithC4, SomebodyData) Inconclusive - 0 Bonus round: Who is the better Smash waifu to smash? ( ͡°...
  27. Burning_Full_Fingers

    Palutena vs. Dark Link

    Yes, obviously everyone would prefer Zelda but they don't have matching versions, so deal with it :). The fight takes place in a dense forest. They start 200 meters away from each other. Palutena: 2 Dark Link: Standard Battle Assumptions Speed is equalized. Who wins?
  28. Pepper14832

    Erza Scarlet vs Palutena

    This will be in the enter of Magonlia Erza states she will take on this "Goddess" herself. So they both fight in the entire city. Who wins? https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Erza_Scarlet https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Palutena
  29. The_real_cal_howard

    Kid Icarus upgrade

    Apparently, most of the members of the cast are stated to move faster than a lightning bolt, Phosphora could turn into a true lightning bolt, and this is WoG supported and Word of Goddess supported (via Viridi). So basically, the cast should be MHS+ instead of MHS
  30. Numbersguy

    Palutena's upgrade

    Palutena is stronger by Pit confirmed by canon, also her power was enough to harm Hades in some degree (see the final battle when she charges the cannon). She should be upgraded to 6-C due her scaling to Pit and Dark Pit
  31. The_real_cal_howard

    Palutena vs Cirno

    Seems like a good match. Who wins?
  32. The_real_cal_howard

    Mavis Vermilion vs Palutena

    Something about them seems similar. And turns out they are in the same tier. Who wins? Speed is =. I wanted to do unequal speed, but...well...stomp match.
  33. Great_&_Lovable_Peridot

    Princess Celestia vs Lady Palutena

    Who wins out of these goddesses of the light Celestia can't use the elements of harmony
  34. Krenniko

    Shuldn't Palutena be Continental?

    In her range is written that she created Skyworld. there isn't the rule "if you can create it, you can destroy it?" Remember that the one we faced was a very weak version of her.
  35. SilverTotodile

    Palutena vs. Mothra Leo

    Goddess of peace vs. Goddess of light! Rules: In character Must kill to win Stage: Palutena's temple
  36. Benbenben101010

    Another battle of gods: Palutena Vs Zeus

    The two in his strongest moments all the powers all the weapons Bloodbust Personalities off Speed equalized Who would win?
  37. Notadeadguy

    Palutena vs Zeref

    A simple Duel in an abandoned Temple. Who would win and why?
  38. Notadeadguy

    Palutena vs Kars

    Who would win in a match? Kars or Palutena