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nolegs the cat

  1. Psychomaster35

    Epic Battle Fantasy: Disrupted Dimensional Order To Be Downgraded

    Yeah, looks like someone here disrupted order here... Currently, everyone in EBF5 scales to Low 1-C through the party being able to fight the Devourer who views the entire world as a simulation. As much as this would scale to the Devourer (And to an extent, the Player) due to both of them...
  2. Topaz404

    Epic Persona-fied Fantasy (Morgana vs NoLegs the Cat) (Persona 5 vs Epic Battle Fantasy 5)

    A new thread with my dumb MUs, but anyways- two ferocious felines duke it out in the midst of the Metaverse, and only one of these can walk out alive. SBA, Speed is equalized, 10m seperating them. The battle location is the middle of New York City, and there is no outside help allowed. Morgana...
  3. Oliver_de_jesus

    Fusion combat Heroes and villains: Battle number 2: NoLimbed FurballVs Neo Infinite

    Every Single combatants Attack Power, Durability, and Speed are equalized to the same level. Rules: SBA, 30 meters of initial distance, NoLimbed Furball: Passive Law Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Plot and Fate Manipulation are restricted Neo Infinite: Base Neo only, not spin dash...
  4. Psychomaster35

    Epic Battle Fantasy: From The Start, A Divine re;DUX

    Today we'll talking prequels... and an overall long-awaited rework that took forever due to other circumstances. Proving Canonicity Of Pre-EBF Animations & Brawl Royale It has been pointed out to me that the pre-EBF content might actually be canon to the EBF series, with that main evidence...
  5. Ikelaggan

    Somehow even I didn't see the CRT coming

    https://epicbattlefantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Invisible_(status)?so=search https://epicbattlefantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Enchanted_(status) Invulnerability to physical/magical attacks should be granted from summons/equipment. https://epicbattlefantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Weather...
  6. Ikelaggan

    The devourer really changes the game EBF5 CRT

    Devourer Plot Manipulation: The devourer views the world as simulation that he has ran for the 5th time, he's changed prior roles of major villains like Godcat and Akron to lesser ones in the story. Law and Fate Manipulation: Is implied to be able to control the laws of nature to make the...
  7. Psychomaster35

    (GRACE) Puffball VS NoLegs: Limbless Furries

    These two strange limbless furries may have a hard life due to having no limbs, but so long as they got their teams by their side, they can have their best adventures. Speed is equalized, both are 4-A (TPOT Puffball and BH2 NoLegs are used), and the battle takes place in a random forest. Both...
  8. Psychomaster35

    Epic Battle Fantasy: More Order To Be Restored

    Yep, consider this a follow-up to my previous CRT. EBF3-BH2 Stat Revisions It has come to me that the current calculation used for Akron’s Black Hole was not only janky due to improper pixel scaling, but severely lowballed to say it was only 24 meters in radius. However, within the background...
  9. Padaruyos

    A Blue "Monkey" fights a Legless Cat.

    This is probably a bad idea. Just noticed Epic Battle Fantasy lacks matches so i'll make one :D Broly Saga SSB Goku vs end-game EBF5 NoLegs The Cat Both are Low 2-C, Speed equalized. Broly Saga SSB Goku EBF5 NoLegs The Cat Goku can use Kaio-ken if necessary, NoLegs has acess to all...
  10. Ailamiona

    Nolegs possible low 2-C?

    He is able to harm The Devourer, and he canonically defeated it with the rest the EBF cast
  11. KirbsMaster

    Nolegs VS The Flash

    A friend that is not on this wiki asked for this, so here i go. First post here, hope it's goo The fastest human alive. d. 4-B Nolegs is used, Barry Allen Post-Crisis Flash is used. Nolegs has access to all Lvl 5 equipment and the Warp Star from EBF5 (So Nine Lives and Star Blast are able to...
  12. Kaltias

    A light dragon fights a kitty

    I have no idea why, but i'm doing this. Necrozma: NoLegs The Cat: 1 (Kople) Inconclusive: 1 (Neo) I'll wait: 1 (Kukui) 4-B NoLegs at the time of EBF4 and speed equalized.
  13. Kaltias

    Very quick EBF revision

    Because I forgot it the last time ;-; As NoLegs is canonically present during the final battle of EBF3, which takes place in a area where "space and time are twisted beyond recognition" shouldn't he have resistance to space-time manipulation?