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nil (her tears were my light)

  1. Catpija

    Her Tears Were My Light: Revising Mostly Nothing

    Introduction This thread will proposing wide-ranged revision, starting from the cosmology to even hax and attack potency. It won't be long since there are only 3 characters in the entire series, so wihout further ado let's start into it. Cosmology I don't actually need to explain most of this...
  2. Genericstickman

    local tree fights nothing

    Exdeath vs Nil (Her Tears Were My Light) 2-C Exdeath used speed equalized Void Girl: Void Tree:2 Nothing happens:
  3. Dereck03

    Battle of Nothingness

    Nil vs Graham SBA Speed Equal Nil: Graham: Incon: @Great_king_frog Stomp?
  4. Keeweed

    Her tears were my light (small revision)

    We just had a revision over this but I noticed a massive oversight after the revision was done. Space got large size and a lifting strength upgrade, but that should apply to every other character for the same reason space has it. I know time should have Type 8 large size because she’s actually...
  5. Rabbit2002

    Her Tears were my Light - Small Revision (Conceptual manipulation type 2)

    Grant CM type 2 for Nill, Space and Time The reason is that in the beginning scenes of Game , Time wanders alone in Nill's The Darkness/Void after Nill wipes out all of Time's memories/universes and Everything, starting a new one with just her and Time , it is also said to be the Beginning/The...
  6. Bernkastelll

    Space, Time and Nil additions/fixing issues

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Space_(Her_Tears_Were_My_Light) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Time_(Her_Tears_Were_My_Light) So, both Space and Time are Abstract Existence type 1, and I found this in the incorporeality page https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Incorporeality Incorporeal (or...
  7. Planck69

    Her Tears Were My Light - Speed Revision

    So currently, Space, Nil and Time have possibly Infinite speed due to supposedly moving through Nil's infinite darkness. Only, moving through an infinite darkness isn't a speed feat unless a distance is specified, finite or infinite. Seeing as there's no elaboration to this, either it should be...
  8. Fixxed

    About Nil NEP2

    First, i am sorry to drailing this old Thread...... why did nil not get NEP2. She Is Primordial void itself which already qualifies for type 2 NEP
  9. ZacharyGrossman273

    Nil VS Eru

    The One Who is Alone Let's go Loli: 0 God: 0 Incon: 0
  10. JackJoyce

    Nil vs The Dawn Machine

    Nil: The Dawn Machine: Speed Equalized Hajime
  11. A Small Change for Nil

    Well, it's pretty simple, as everyone know, Nil is the Concept of Nothingness itself, more precisely, from the Primordial Void before and after creation, but there is problem to this, how to classify this kind of Concept? without more proof the concept is only type 3 but the problem isn't the...
  12. Keeweed

    The Time Dragon vs Nothing: Alduin vs Nil

    I hope a low 2-C can hax a 2-C. Speed Equalized for obvious reasons Aldui: Nil (Her Tears Were My Light): Inconclusive:
  13. Nil's Non existence

    Well, she is currently noted as Complete but i now, the Non existent page has been updated and now has type, and i'm want to know if Type 2 is fine for the little girl. Nil Emody Nothingness Itself but not a basic, she is literally the Primordial Void before existence, she embody the void which...
  14. Another Nil Ability

    Another One, My wank is unlimited Basically, i really don't know what is this ability but i will describ this: Basically, Everything that who turn into nothingness become Nil, Space (who embodies Concepts) turned into nothingness (after the end of the universe) and Nil said that when she...
  15. Nil's Acausality

    Well, it's time to another Upgrade for Nil: Acausality (type 4): Well, Nil's acausality is pretty weird but it seem to be type 4, she exist as one entity at the beginning of existence and at the end of it, when Time (the character lol) travel at the beginning of the universe when the universe...
  16. Existed Before Concepts

    Exist Before Concept give you a resistance to Conceptual Manipulation? Because Nil existed before Concept of Time and "Something" Touhou gods like Junko have a resistance to conceptual stuff due to precede concepts so i guess Other characters who precede concept should have a resistance
  17. The_real_cal_howard

    Nil vs Cloud of Darkness

    Two women that embody the void of nothingness.
  18. Sound_of_Infinity

    Nil vs. Chaos King

    Another experiment... 2-C Nil vs. 3-A Chaos King Speed equalized, SBA Who will win?
  19. ZacharyGrossman273

    Nil VS Doctor Strange

    Speed equalized 2-C versions
  20. The First Match, Nil Vs Bobobo

    Hmmm It's time to make the first Nil's match, against a pretty strong 2-C, Bobobo Speed Equalized Both 2-C Both start at 100 meters
  21. The_real_cal_howard

    Nil vs Darkrai

    Idk, since she's essentially anti-space, I wondered if it would be appropriate to put her against a dude who put space to sleep. Speed equalized.
  22. Just a Small Nil Upgrade

    Well, i've palyed at the game "Her Tears Were My Light" and i've founded some stuff fo an upgrade, so let's go! Nil Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2 & 3; Creation and Destruction; Reliant of the Concept of nothingness/Emptyness/Darkness in Nil's form and Reliant of the concept of "something"...
  23. Zenkaibattery1

    Grandfather Spider vs Nil Embodiment of Shadow and Chaos VS Embodiment of Nothingness

    Grandfather Spider Nil: Inconclusive: Spider has the eye of history and his heart Speed equal Both are 2-C
  24. Void Manipulation's page

    from Nil I think this new image seems to describe the capacity but you can propose others if you wish