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light turner

  1. Vizer04

    CEO of Sex vs God of the New World (0-0-0)

    They fight on a parking lot and they are bloodlusted Ned Leeds: Light Turner: Inconclusive:
  2. Ted_Ed

    The Joker vs Light Turner

    The more haxed Light variant is now on the case of defeating the evil clown of gotham! SBA, Speed equal. Joker has a Gun, Light has the death note aand both have a week of prep.
  3. Lonkitt

    Good Movie 10-B vs Bad Movie 10-B (GRACE)

    Billy Batson vs Light Turner Both are 10-B and have athletic speed, so eh, why not? Obviously, Light isn't allowed to use the Death Note. Who wins and why? Billy Batson (DCEU): 0 Light Turner: 7 (Bob8999, Ionliosite, Ted Ed, Crzer07, Agletonwiki, Ciruno Fortes, AbcMac23) Inconclusive: 0
  4. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    Light vs Magane

    Time to spam Magane again. This almost feels like a bad idea, but let's do it anyway. Both are standing 5 meters apart, have no prior knowledge, are bloodlusted, speed is equalized and Base Magane. Magane Chikujoi Light Turner
  5. TheOne134

    Light Turner vs Giorno Giovanna

    Light Turner knows Giorno's name (Napoli's biggest gang star), Giorno knows that someone with power is looking for him and has GER. Light is in america, Giorno is in Italy Who wins?
  6. TacticalNuke002

    Light Turner vs Rohan Kishibe

    Rohan is tracing down another serial killer and is now face to face with him. BoS Rohan is used (he needs people to look at his drawings for Heaven's Door to work) Rohan is in-character but doesn't exactly know what Light's ability is. Light is in-character and knows Rohan's name (dude's a...
  7. HailTheGodTwains

    Light Turner slight ability add

    Shouldn't he have probability manipulation? It's stated in the profile that he does have probability manipulation but it isn't on the "Powers and Abilities" section.
  8. HailTheGodTwains

    Light Turner Vs Misa Amane

    Light Turner vs Misa Amane Misa and Light only know that the other two exist (Meaning they don't have acess to any names, faces, etc...), otherwise they don't know anything. Both start in seattle.. Who wins?
  9. Kepekley23

    Netflix's Kira meets the original L

    Redo of the original version of this. Light Turner starts using the Death Note. The difference is, this will be the original L hunting him, not the movie version. Light starts fully unknown in Seattle and all L knows is that he exists. Standard Battle Assumptions otherwise.
  10. Asuka_the_Demonic_Empress

    Light Turner vs SCP-001-J

    Light is bloodlusted and has knowledge of the button. ... Speed equalized. Who wins?
  11. Asuka_the_Demonic_Empress

    Light Turner vs Ginosaji (Because why the hell not.)

    Both are bloodlusted Speed equalized. Who wins?
  12. Asuka_the_Demonic_Empress

    Batman (With Prep) vs Light Turner

    Probably the most outlierish, broken, PISsy match in the wikia yet. Bruce Wayne is given 6 month worth of prep to face the most haxed Death Note user, Light Turner. Both are bloodlusted Batma Light is in the US, Batman is in gotham city. This is post-crisis batman. Both cannot physically...
  13. Asuka_the_Demonic_Empress

    Light Turner vs Ichigo Kurosaki

    Since other Death Note characters are being stomped by Turner´s OP note, it seems that he would have to face someone far stronger, this time, a Shinigami. This guy's a fodder, there's no doubt Neither of them know the location of the other. 5-C form for Ichigo. Speed equalized.
  14. Eficiente

    Denzel Crocker vs Light Turner

    Not sure why Crocker is 10-B and not 10-A or 9-B but whatever. Starting distance: 10m Denzel Crocker: 1 (MaxFunnies2550) Light Turner: 2 (Asuka the Demonic Empress, CoreOfimBalance(COB)) Inconclusive: 0
  15. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    L vs Light

    Execpt were useing the shitty Light Turner. L is determined to see Turner dead and has about as much info on him as he had on Yagami in the begining of the manga. To clarify, that would be that someone in america is killing people without actually being around them. L has acess to whatever...
  16. Asuka_the_Demonic_Empress

    Light Yagami vs Light Turner

    Smarts vs Hax. Both have their respective Death Notes. Both Lights are told that another death note user is hunting them down. Will Turner´s broken death note beat Yagami´s far superior smarts? Lets see. Speed equalized. Kira.