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  1. Guacamolefletcher

    Sportacus vs Maki Zen'in

    Sportacus vs Maki Zen'in Sportacus with Sports Candy is used and the likely rating is allowed. Maki Zen'in with Incomplete Heavenly Restriction is used. Maki scales to around 118.907821 m/s or Mach .35 while Sportacus scales to around 131.69 m/s or Mach .38. Sportacus scales to around 60...
  2. jojo123

    Soprtacus vs goku (dragon ball)

    Both At least 9-A versions is used. Pilaf saga goku is used. Speed Equalized. votes goku: 1 (https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Son_Goku_(Dragon_Ball) votes sportacus: (https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sportacus
  3. XitSign

    Sportacus Can't Believe a Shrimp Fried This Rice! (Sportacus VS Velvet Shrimp) 0 - 0 - 0

    "And is your meal to your liking, sir?" The waiter would ask with a polite smile. Sportacus nodded in return, giving his own bright smile, "I am, yes! It's very delicious, and the mixture of grains, vegetables, and seafood provide a blend of much needed vitamins and nutrients! It does have a...
  4. Comiphorous

    Jotaro vs Robbie Rotten but they're playing pong.

    "it'll basically be a pong match with robbie and jotaro, using Roboticus as the ball." -Me, in a Jotaro vs Robbie Rotten Vs thread Robby doesn't have any equipment, and Jotaro cannot use his stand. Who wins the Pong match of brains and brawn?
  5. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Wii Fit Trainer wants to make Robbie Rotten Exercise

    Wii Fit Trainer discovers how lazy Robbie Rotten is and wants him to put those muscles into work. Robbie won't have it and tries to kill wii fit trainer with his bare hands. Angered by this she tries to do the same Wii fit trainers profile: 0 votes Robbie Rotten's Profile: 1 votes Rules...
  6. EnnardTrap1987

    Bibleman VS Sportacus

    Both 9-A Speed equalised Sports Candy restricted Fight takes place at LazyTown Deus Vult: 0 Sportaflop: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  7. EnnardTrap1987

    Robbie Rotten VS 60's Spider-Man

    Both 9-A Speed equalised Fight takes place in LazyTown Robbie has his standard equipment Instant Heat restricted Number 1. Villai: 0 How do i shot web?: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  8. The_Wright_Way

    A little lesson in trickery ~ Robbie Rotten vs John Egbert

    Both at 9-A. Anything higher is restricted. Speed Equalized. vs.
  9. EnnardTrap1987

    Charlie Kenton VS Stephanie Meanswell

    Both 9-C Speed equalised Fight takes place in a boxing ring Charlie Kento: 0 Stephanie Meanswell: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  10. Jasonsith

    (6 The Beast - 0 Sportacus) Battle of the 4th weakest 9-As

    Speed equalised (else the toad man blitzes) else SBA - if it is unnecessary tell me (If Robbie Rotten is a better opponent please tell me) Battle takes place in Central Park New York for reasons. Fire Cloud Evil God - 6 - Jamesthetaker, EnnardTrap1987, Ionliosite, The Wright Way...
  11. EnnardTrap1987

    Ninja (Guy who died of Ligma) VS Sportacus

    Both 9-A Speed equalised Fight takes place in LazyTown "STOP NEGGING!": 0 Sportaflop: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  12. EnnardTrap1987

    Sportacus VS Kung Fury

    Both 8-B Speed equalised Sportacus has his sports candy Kung Fury is in character Sportacus: 0 Kung Fury: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  13. GoCommitDi

    Two 10-As with impressive durability but poop stamina

    Hans Molema vs Robbie Rotte Both are 10-A, so Robbie is completely unarmed Speed is = Fight is in a McDonald's Playplace The memester
  14. EnnardTrap1987

    Bruce U forgot to do the cooking by the book

    Bruce U vs Stephanie Meanswell Both 9-C Speed equalised Bruce U: 1 Stephanie: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  15. Soupywolf5

    The worlds greatest athlete tries to get some sleep

    Sportacus vs. Rem Speed Equalized, 8-B Sportacus and Oni mode Rem are used Lazyboi: Z Daydreams:
  16. Ahmed_berserker


    8-B Roboticus robbie's creation vs high 8-C Doraemon Speed Equalized
  17. GoCommitDi

    Sportacus vs Endeavor (GRACE)

    I guess I can do this now Sportacus vs Enji Todoroki 8-B for both Speed is = Sport is bloodlusted (because you know.....) Fight is in Wyoming, which means they can't get outside help because nobody will know where they are (since Wyoming doesn't exist) SPORTACUS IS GONNA DAB
  18. Jackythejack

    (1 votes left) Frank West vs Sportaflop

    Because they got downgraded recently and both of them are very cheesy. Why not? 9-A forms obviously, speed is equalized, Frank has his ice Exo suit but can switch between upgrades by running away. Fight takes place in the TV set of Tim Allen's Tool Time Sports Candy will be restricted becuase we...
  19. Jackythejack

    Robbie Rotten vs Eiko Aizawa

    They're both pretty durable stone walls that are in each other's power ranges. Basically they're gonna fight. Speed doesn't matter in this equation so no equalization. So...let's see what happens here! Robbie only has his fists Eiko Aizawa Robbie Rotte
  20. DontTalkDT

    Stephanie Meanswell vs Stephanie Edgley

    Stephanie Meanswell vs Stephanie Edgley Am I doing this match-up only because they are both named Stephanie? Yep. But surprisingly it works out halfway decent. Pre-Surge Valkyrie without equipment, 9-B Meanswell Bloodlusted SBA otherwise Who leaves the other as a bloody mess?
  21. EnnardTrap1987

    The weakest 7-C VS The weakest 7-B

    Dreadbear VS Roboticus Speed equalised Both have prior knowledge Dreadbear: 0 Roboticus: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  22. GoCommitDi

    LazyTown downgrades and stuff

    So, the other day someone I have added on discord brought up Lazytown being 7-B and how they disagree with it, and as a guy who's watched the entire series, it really got me thinking, because i really only remember two tier 7 feats (Robbie getting launched to the moon and sportacus yeeting an...
  23. I'm_Blue_daba_dee_daba_die

    Battle for the 3rd weakest 7-B

    One of the only good things about the massive downgrade Yeah, this matchup is hilarious as all hell. It also proves who is the 3rd weakest 7-B Rules: Thanos is in Base and has his sword Speed = Sportacus has all his equipment Fight takes place in Lazytown The titan who no longer has the...
  24. GoCommitDi

    Robbie Rotten vs Gumball Watterson

    Oh No! Gumball has to fight Rob, but not this Rob! Will this fight add yet another loss to the main character from one of the best Cartoon Network shows, or the #1 villain's? lets find out Speed is = Both bloodlusted Both fully equipped Robbie has 3 days of prep
  25. GoCommitDi

    Patchy the Pirate vs Robbie Rotten

    Fight is in Encino speed is = Both fully equipped Both bloodlusted
  26. Psychomaster35

    Battle for the 2nd weakest 7-B spot: Sportacus VS X!

    Story (Alternate cut) (You may want to read up to the point X was grabbed by Sportacus from the previous fight) X teleports out of Sportacus' hand, and looks at him. Sportacus: I dont want anyone to be harmed. Just come with me. X, seemingly scared, began to run. Sportacus suddenly began to...
  27. Jasonsith

    (2 Sagat - 0 Sportacus) Battle for the weakest 7-B

    7-B Sagat vs 7-B Sportacus Wonder if I should speed equalised this or just unrestricted it as (Well just equalise speed for the speed being reviewed for revision) By the way both blood-lusted to not putting emotional restraints Sagat scales to Ryu (Street Fighter) who can dodge bullets from...
  28. NecroVoi

    Chowder Vs robbie rotten

    Chowder is 8-C Robbie is 7-B Chowder: Robbie: Inconclusive
  29. The_Wright_Way

    Infamous Villains ~ Evil Cole vs Robbie Rotten

    Robbie Rotten laid back casually in his chair, sighing happily. "Finally, now that everyone is on vacation, I can get some shuteye!" He declared happily. With nothing much to do, he turned on the TV. "Update on the Empire City Lockdown! Cole MacGrath, the terrorist believed to be responsible for...
  30. Psychomaster35

    Sportaflop fights the 24th letter of the alphabet.

    As X hurled further to the Earth while looking for his Emeralds, he eventually ended up passing the core of the Earth and to the other side of it, ending up back on the surface, albeit, it was a town he was now in. X: Where am I? However, Robbie Rotten just so happened to be watching X through...
  31. The_Impress

    An old man gets real weird with an 8 year old girl (COMPLETE)

    Frank Reynolds vs. Stephanie Meanswell 9-C versions. Stepphie has all her equipment, while Papa Franku has his Optional Equipment restricted. Speed Equalized Old pervert: 7 Young girl: 0 Much needed interventio: 0
  32. The_Wright_Way

    Robbie Rotten tries to solo your verse

    Round 1: Gauntlet scenario. Robbie is fully equipped and has a month of prep before each fight. Round 2: Robbie is randomly dropped into the verse and allowed to plot and scheme at his own pace. Speed Equalized in all fights. Song: We Are Number One but it's a stupid metal cover
  33. Stalker_Maggot

    A Starman tries to take on villian Number 1

    After seeing this, I couldn't resist lol A╠Âl╠Âs╠Âo╠Â,╠ ╠ÂI╠ ╠Âk╠Ân╠Âo╠Âw╠ ╠Ât╠Âh╠Âi╠Âs╠ ╠Âi╠Âs╠ ╠ÂP╠Âa╠Âp╠Ây╠Âr╠Âu╠Âs╠ ╠Âv╠Âs╠ ╠ÂR╠Âo╠Âb╠Âb╠Âi╠Âe╠ ╠ÂR╠Âo╠Ât╠Ât╠Âe╠Ân╠ ╠Â2╠ ╠Âb╠Âu╠Ât╠ ╠Âw╠Âh╠Âa╠Ât╠Âe╠Âv╠Âe╠Âr╠ Anyway, here are the rules 8-A Starman is used Robbie has a week of...
  34. GoCommitDi

    Barney vs Sportacus

    oh boy Fight is in an alley both are absolutely bloodlusted speed = SPORTACUS IS GONNA DAB ON THEM HATERS
  35. Christian_Higdon

    Bluto vs Robbie

    Speed Equal. Both are in-character. 10-A vs 9-B. Robbie has a few bombs. Win via KO, incap or death. Who wins? Brutus: 3 Rotten: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  36. Stalker_Maggot

    Two Fast Boi's fight

    Sportacus vs Flash (CW) Flash is at Low 7-B Speed equalized Flash scales to Magnitude 2 to Magnitude 8 earthquakes Sportacus scales to this SBA
  37. Bruhtelho

    Robbie Rotten Vs Papyrus (a Skeleton try's to catch the #1 Supervillain )

    Both at 9-A Speed is unequalized Battle to the Death Battle in Snowdi Robbie has a week of Prep Time Robbie Rotten has weaponry up to 9-A Both are Bloodlusted #1 Supervillai:2 (Yellowpig10, GojiBoyForever) Famous Member of the Royal Guard:8 (TheArsenal1212, Stalker Maggot, Volt12121...
  38. Stalker_Maggot

    Robbie Rotten revisons

    Haxs: Magent Manipulation https://streamable.com/4d5e9 Explosion Manipulation https://streamable.com/jvsgd Sound Manipulation https://streamable.com/825kb Time travel: https://streamable.com/pv2df BFR via the 3D Hyper Scanner 6000? https://streamable.com/5fti9 Idk what this is...
  39. Stalker_Maggot

    Thunder McQueen vs Robbie Rotten (GRACE)

    What the hell am I doing? Rules: Robbie gets all equipment Both get a day of prep Speed is equalized Thunder McQueen: Robbie Rotten: 7 Inconculsive:
  40. Insecurity97

    Robot Randy vs. Sportacus

    Robot Randy is 7-B and speed is you-know-what Robot Randy: 1 Some steroid junkie: 0 Thunder McQueen: 0