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  1. DimeUhDozen

    Ice Benders (Katara vs Elsa)

    Speed Equalized Katara is Town level During a Full Moon Katara: Elsa: Incon:
  2. BrackishBrineBroth

    A few more additions for the Avatarverse

    Layer stuff In this thread, it was accepted that all avatars have soul resistance, and that eos Aang and pre-season 3 Korra have one layer above baseline resistance. However, I had completely forgotten about this bit of trivia that one of the writers had put on the Nickelodeon website back in...
  3. BrackishBrineBroth

    More abilities for Avatar characters

    Ringing in the new year with new abilities! Forcefields for Zuko, Aang, Katara, and Korra. Limited Sound Manipulation for airbenders Durability negation for airbenders via asphyxiation Light manipulation for the avatars Amon currently does not have Body Puppetry via Bloodbending on his page...
  4. Uzukeas

    The Unknown Alien V Benders

    Team Avatar (Aang, Toph, Katara , Zuko ) Versus Ben Tennyson For the rules of this battle. There can be a winner via BFR Death Or incapacitation. Ben has the Ultimatrix, and is bloodlusted. and has prior knowledge of the Team The Team is also bloodlusted. Ben has access to his...
  5. Uzukeas

    Swampfire Vs Katara

    Book 3, Speed Equalised Katara is somewhere where theres lots of water.She is bloodlusted. Ben isn’t. Swampfire:Uzukeas Katara:Arnoldstone18
  6. Heatblast vs Katara (4-7-0)

    Original Series Heatblast vs Book 3 Katara Starting distance is 150 meters and speed is equalized Battle takes place at the Water Tribe during a full moon Who wins? Heatblast: One-Mastor, Spilxson2, XSOULOFCINDERX, DemonicDude Katara: Arnoldstone18, Tatsumi804, DiscipleOfTheAbyss, Zabazab...
  7. Shmeatywerbenmanjenson

    Avatar the Last Airbender Changes: Tier Changes and Aang's updated profile

    Don't worry it's not downgrades Basically I've been cooking up a new Aang profile because his current one could use some work And in doing so the Avatar Upgrades happened so I had to make some changes This lead me to develop a new scaling chain for the entire verse based on these upgrades...
  8. foxhunter

    About avatar spirits (mostly vaatu and raava ap and ed)

    Yue, tui and la should get pages as they’re one of most important spirits in the avatar series and have done feats Raava and vaatu, environmental destructive make no sense, nor does it have a calc or any scans at all, I don’t see how covering the world in darkness and reshaping it will be...
  9. KingEzran

    8-B Avatar (Last Airbender)

    I've been procrastinating this thread for a long time, but I'm FINALLY doing it! Yaaaay! Alright, so, this thread is grounded on @TheRustyOne 's avatar calc for Aang being 8-B. This calc has been approved, however, there are more characters that should benefit from this. 1: Toph. This is an...
  10. CrackNet

    Country level Toph and others

    https://youtu.be/2lRDTPVvhZs At 02:10 We either should make composite for those characters or separate profiles
  11. Demon_Takumo_31

    Katara fights a Slime Kaiju

    Both High 8-C The battle will be near a river so both have a water source Speed Equalized SBA Katara: Suuzilla: Incon:
  12. Leader_Vladimir

    Gali vs Katara

    Battle of the motherly, wise, water-wielding heroines. Gali from Bionicle vs Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Both characters are in their most powerful states: Gali at the end of the main story and Katara at the end of the first Avatar series. Gali has the Mistika Armor and Katara's...
  13. AidenBrooks999

    Some ATLA changes

    Looking at the Avatar profiles I noticed a few things that looked a bit off. At least in my opinion these aren't big changes, but I wanted to brought them up: 1) Aang's AP with airbending being lower than the rest of his bending in books 1 and 2, even though he can block attacks from the likes...
  14. Whiteoak019

    Katara vs Demyx

    both use the water element battle takes place in a random forest round 1: normal round 2: full moon who wins?
  15. Yobo_Blue

    Everyone is from Avatar

    Basically everyone is a Avatar character Continued from chat
  16. MinatoSparkle

    Katara and Aang revision

    Katara from ATLA has 2 keys: Base and during the Full Moon. She's rated 8-C and High 8-C respectively. While the second key is mostly fine, I feel like her Base is a bit lowballed, as all other members of the main cast are High 8-C during Season 3, and she's been shown to be pretty comparable to...
  17. WalterEliasDisney

    ATLA Speed Downgrade

    I created this account just for this debate, so i apologize if i'm not understanding something. Currently, the Avatar characters are rasted as MHS due to dodging lightning strikes. It was also apparently proven to be real lightning in this thread. However, that's false. While the properties...
  18. The_real_cal_howard

    Videl vs Katara

    These two fight. No full moon, and Videl is in the Buu Saga.
  19. BraginskiBackup

    Katara (Avatar) vs Haku (Naruto)

    Fight where Naruto and Sauske fought Naruto (with a nearby water source) In character Win by Incapacitation or KO 9B versions Basic intel/1 hour prep No blood bending Start 50 ft apart Speed equalized
  20. The_real_cal_howard

    AtLA Revisions (Korra too)

    In the midst of all these FT/Naruto revisions, I decided to go and try to gather information on the series, and Aiden in particular has inspired me to prove a few things. AP Upgrades: There are two feats that I found to be interesting. First is pissed Katara stopping rain (the Southern...
  21. LoudCloud

    Possible Avatar upgrades (Calcs needed)

    Most feats and calcs for the Avatar series on this wiki comes from the show, but there's also a series of cano comic books and a cano Korra video game. I was wondering if they could result in possible upgrades. Most would require someone to calc them first though. Here's the ones I thought were...
  22. Kira.kun.733

    Katara (Blood manipulating) vs Krillin

    Who's the winner and why ? Can Katara win if she control Krillin's blood ?
  23. ZephyrosOmega

    Katara VS. Azura (Fire Emblem)

    Seems about even. Azura has access to her Amulet, and the match takes place during the full moon.
  24. LoudCloud

    Avatar feats

    There are so many Avatar pages with little to no feats on their stats. For example, where does Aang's Building level AP and Small Building level Durability come from? And where does Katara's Walll level AP come from? It would be great if we could insert them in, either by calcs, examples in the...
  25. The_real_cal_howard

    Katara vs Juvia Lockser

    I know Juvia is of a higher tier and is faster, but does Katara counter Juvia regardless? round 1: prre timeskip round 2: first timeskip round 3: second timeskip