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kanzaki kaori

  1. FantaRin_The_First

    (Super To Aru Revision) A Certain Magical Revision Genesis Testament

    Purpose Hey, hey, fanta here! ... Y'know the purpose of this CRT, so... Let's just get to the point. This CRT's Purpose is to upgrade the Top Tiers/HighTiers/Anybody who isn't High 1-C Being via the number of calculations I've created and the number of calculations I've found in Reference of...
  2. NightcoreRayRay

    Kakine Teitoku vs Kanzaki Kaori & Stiyl Magnus

    So i don't know if multi battles like this are allowed, but ever since I saw the Toaru IF 2nd Anni OP, it really got me thinking; I haven't read GT, so there may be things I don't yet know about Stiyl or kanzaki apologies if this is a stomp but here goes: (Pre-Revival)...
  3. Maruishimaryishi

    Akame (Akame Ga Kill!) Vs Kanzaki Kaori (To Aru Majutsu No Index)

    VS - Win by KO or Death or Anything - SBA (to be sure and fair) - Place : Clear Field (witn no people) -Both In Character Akame : 1 (Schnee One) Kanzaki : 1 (Malox1696) NAOTSUNA : 0 (Also gonna change anything in this thread. I know that their tier is not equal, but if this is a stomp...
  4. MaximaMischeviousNeo100

    Kaori Kanzaki vs Johnny Joestar?

    Cripple master V.S lady with op sword Cripple master Sword perso Speed is equalized
  5. Dragopentling

    Kanzaki Kaori vs Arturia Pendragon (Saber)

    I have yet to see many match threads with a Toaru Saint versus a Fate Servant, so here's one...cause why not? SBA applied. Speed equalized. Win via incap, KO, or death. Battle takes place in Academy City. Both sides start 10 meters apart. Kanzaki is allowed to use Yuisen, and likewise Saber...
  6. Schnee_One

    Kanzaki Kaori vs Kagura Mikazuchi

    Ever since the revisions were done this match came into mind, and it was simply the perfect idea, two sexy, skinny Black Haired Katana Wielders have a match. Speed is Equalized, Yuisen Is Not restricted. Kagura Mikazuchi: 1 Kanzaki Kaori: 1
  7. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Kanzaki Kaori vs Miyamoto Musashi (TWO MORE VOTE NEEDED)

    Here we go,folks.I'm finally goes back to normal self after get mindscrew by Kriem.Anyway,here my first match including To Aru character,agaisnt an swordwoman,both is bae too XD.Enjoy. -Speed equalized -Place located in Shimosa -Yuisen is restricted -Both in character -Range is 4 km...
  8. ZackMoon1234

    Kanzaki Kaori vs Erza Scarlet

    Two girls that beat the crap out of Roronoa Zoro dukes it out Kanzaki Kaori - Base Erza Scarlet - Post Second Timeskip High 6-C is used for both sides Erza can wear her strongest armors Kanzaki can use Yuisen Speed Equal Location - Marineford Kanzaki Kaori - 7 (LazyHunter...
  9. LordGinSama

    Roronoa Zoro vs Kanzaki Kaori Rematch ( Gone wrong ) ( Gone sexual ) ( At 3am )

    In the last round Kaori had access to Yuisen making the match pretty one sided so I've made a rematch with Yuisen restricted. Winner by any means Speed is NOT.equalized Standard Battle Assumptions Roronoa Zoro : 0 Kanzaki Kaori : 1
  10. SuperKamiNappa

    Kanzaki Kaori vs. Ichigo Kurosaki

    Speed Equalized 7-A versions Who wins and why?
  11. Fizzlefrost

    Kanzaki Kaori vs Escanor

    Kanzaki Kaori vs Escanor Battle to death and/or inabillity to continue Strongest Forms available No restrictions. Weather: Sunny. Approximate Time: 11:30 am. Distance: 25 meters Speed Equalized
  12. Jobit2323

    Kanzaki Kaori vs Roronoa Zoro

    Location: Rusukaina (One Piece) -Starting distance is 25 meters -Winner is by death
  13. Graf_Thorsdottir

    Ryuko Matoi vs Kanzaki Kaori

    This is True Life Fiber Synchronize Ryuko R1: No Yuisen for Kanzaki. Speed equalized R2: Kanzaki can use Yuisen. Speed unequalized Who wins each round?
  14. Yomi_Schwarz

    Kaori Kanzaki vs. Natsu Dragneel

    Who Wins And Why? -speed equalisation -No yuisen for kanzaki -Starting distance is 15 meters -Winner is by death Kanzaki | Natsu
  15. Yamatohime

    Kanzaki Kaori vs Tenshi Hinanawi

    The simple straight forward battle without limitations (aside speed which is equalized). Battlefield is the downtown of Tokyo (to provide some cover).
  16. Andykhang

    Youmu Konpaku Vs Kanzaki Kaori

    The gardener of the Netherworld fight against the living saint on Earth. Bloodlust, personality considered, no prep. Win when defeated, kill or can't move. Round 1: Speed equalize Round 2: Full strength, Kaori have resolve to kill.