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  1. Dinamic8000

    The Queen of Lost vs The Weakest Pokemon (She-Hulk vs Magikarp)

    Really surprised no one tried this before Anyways, 9-A Magikarp and speed equalized, although it is raining and Magikarp have Swift Swim, so it end's up getting a slight speed boost Magikarp is 0.0112333 tons and She-Hulk is 0.0163655 Tons She-Hulk: Magikarp: 7 (JustANormalLemon, Witchakorn...
  2. Jackythejack

    (3-1-0) Gyarados vs. Willian Vengence (Pokemon vs Black Clover)

    Another random page battle. This took incredibly long. The last fight is sort of lagging, so let's try this, huh? Speed equalized. If it's unfair with speed equal I can unequalize it (Then William would only be four times faster). Both are High 7-A. Fight takes place at the Lake of Rage...
  3. Gohanblanco217

    Magikarp and Gyarados downgrade! (Pokemon)

    Magikarp and Gyarados were caught by a Fishing Rod as seen here : So they should be downgraded to 10-C
  4. Gohanblanco217


  5. BrokenStains

    Zacian, Zamazenta and Eternatus have legitimate scaling and deserve profiles

    I noticed that for some asinine reason Dracovish, a Pokémon without any feats or scaling to speak of has a profile while Galar's boxart legendaries lack a profile. I'm going to show why the trio deserve profiles and have actual scaling. Base: As shown in The Scuffle of Legends, Lance's Shiny...
  6. ShockingPsychic

    Rage Vs. Beauty: Gyarados Vs. Milotic

    The evolutions of weak fish Pokémon battle it out! They fight in the middle of the ocean, water is 60 ft deep. SBA other than that. Mega Evolution is restricted. Milotic: Gyarados:
  7. The_Wright_Way

    Cole fights a Water Type

    inFAMOUS 2 Cole vs Mega Gyarados. Speed Equalized. I don't know if you've ever let someone down, got your ass kicked or straight up failed, but those are the moments that define us. They push you further than you've ever thought possible, and force you to make choices... No matter what the...
  8. MisterKtheKoala

    Depresed boy fights a fish

    Shinji Ikari Vs Gyarados Both at high 7-A Speed equalized Shinji Ikari - 3 (Migue79,Strawboi,Ionliosite) Gyarados - 1 (WeeklyBattles) Incon -
  9. Ryuga21

    Luffy tries to fish a great Sea King (Luffy vs Gyarados)

    Luffy was hungry on a desert island when he suddenly sees a huge fish in the sea and attacks him without thinking twice. Current Wano Luffy vs Mega Gyarados. Speed is Unequalized. Luffy starts at Base but he can go to his strongest forms. Battle will take place in Rusukaina. Monkey D...
  10. DbzDB2

    gyarados upgrade to 2-B

    arceus' base attack is 120 and gyarados' base attack is 125 which means that gyarados has more AP than arceus so i think that 2-B is appropriate for gyarados https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/arceus https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/gyarados
  11. GyroNutz

    Gyarados vs Orochi

    Giant water snake monster vs Giant snake-tentacle monstrosity... monster. This can be done now that OPM has 7-As again. Orochi is >>>>> 203 megatons, Gyarados is >>> 531 megatons. If you want me to go into more detail about either character just ask. Speed is equal Who wins and why? Orochi...
  12. Hawkseid

    Magikarp vs Glass Joe

    Both 9-B.
  13. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    Godzilla vs Gyarados

    So, I've recently come to the conclusion that Gyarados is nearly the perfect pokemon. It has a fantastic move set, 3 amazing ablilties, great stats. It has one of the best set-up moves in the series in Dragon Dance, fantastic type coverage, and the best offensive move in Earthquake. It got a...
  14. The_Smashor

    A broom and a fish fight to the death.

    Gotta Sweep vs Magikarp. Since Magikarp is 10-C to 9-B, Magikarp is 9-B in this battle because Gotta Sweep just got buffed. Speed Equalized. Magikarp has all attacks it can learn by level up. Battle takes place in Baldi's school. Both are bloodlusted. Broom: 8 Fish: 2 Inconclusive: 0 LOOKS...
  15. Son_Gandhi

    Magikarp vs Santa Claus

    Speed equalized
  16. The_real_cal_howard

    Pokemon Downgrades

    I've been talking with Ever, Dark, and Kep, and it turns out there's a flaw in the calc that scales them to High 6-C. Something to do with the clouds. So, it's probably best to scale them back to what they were at before (unless we decide to start using anime/manga calcs), which was 7-A+ so once...
  17. Huesito88

    Magikarp vs Squik

    Who wins? Battle takes place in the Amazon river Squik: 2
  18. Jimbob_The_Fiddle

    Kiryu Kazuma vs Magikarp

    Elder Magikarp, speed is not equalized. Kiryu has his shirt off.
  19. ArbitraryNumbers

    Reminder of an old Pokemon Revision thread

    https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/909955 Hey guys, remember when we were going to do this? Magikarp and all other unevolved Pokemon were going to get downgraded from High 8-C+ to 9-B in both durability AND AP. And yet, to this day, I still see people putting Magikarp up against High 8-Cs in VS...
  20. Huesito88

    Magikarp vs Muhammad Avdol

    This is a Elder Magikarp Battle take place in the center of the Amazon river Starting distance: 10 meters Speed is equalized
  21. Royalty1702

    Magikarp Vs. Composite Tree

    Battle of Gods Both 10-C. Speed Equalized. Magikarp can't evolve. Takes place in a forest that's near a pond.
  22. CrackerVolley

    Jason Voorhees Vs ... a Magikarp

    There is a clearly a point I shouldn't passed but it's been broken for awhile so why not keep on going and seeing where it takes me. Wild Elder Mapikarp and Canon Composite Jason Takes place in a lake that is four and a half feet deep. Speed Unequalized
  23. The_real_cal_howard

    Magikarp vs The Authority

    Normally, Magikarp stomps (saying that is hilarious). But how bout this. This is the weakest Magikarp to ever exist. There's no water at all. They're in a completely windless area. Speed equalized
  24. ZacharyGrossman273

    Robloxian VS Gyarados

    Both at High 7-A Speed equalized
  25. ArbitraryNumbers

    Magikarp's feat

    My issue with Magikarp's feat is that the calc for it made some strange assumptions, like how the water was only lifted twice the lake's depth in height despite there clearly being destruction happening after the bomb and the fact that the bomb was felt on the other side of Sinnoh. The...
  26. Overlord775

    Magikarp vs Renamon

    Renamon tried to fight lucario, but got slapped in a lake, where he hit a Magikarp. Magikarp now it's angry, so he decides to fight Renamon. Magikarp is the best magikarp possible and Renamon can't digi-evolve tthe tanky fish vs the ninja fox
  27. Overlord775

    Magikarp revision

    Magikarp has his own game on mobile, and he has some pretty good feats in this: He can break in half ice trees (don't question) He can break huge rocks in to pebbles He can move the 300 Kg Golem of several meters. So would these feats put him on a higher 9-B level ?
  28. The_real_cal_howard

    Gyarados vs Seadramon

    Some of the most powerful beings from the beginning of their franchises. The original sea serpents duke it out. No AZ attacks allowed. Speed equalized
  29. ArbitraryNumbers

    Gyarados downgrade

    I have an issue with the 7-B feats on Gyarados' profile. What are the rules we currently have listed on the verse page, again...? "When used as a justification for power levels, only highly specific Pokédex entries should be used (i.e. if the Pokédex states that a Pokémon is able to destroy a...
  30. Cropfist

    Sportacus vs Gyarados (speed equalized)

    Battle of the blue fighters with the same tier. Gyarados is in base.
  31. Foggysniper

    Mega Gyrados speed

    So Mega Evolutions have separate Pokedex entries than their regular counterparts. While a lot of them are honestly depressing, Mega Gyarados's states that he goes "supersonic speed". Here is the whole dex entry. "It jets water from the orifices on its sides, streaking above the water surface at...
  32. WeeklyBattles

    Gyarados vs Baron Nashor

    7-C Monstrous serpent dragons with nasty tempers. Copy Baron vs base Gyarados. Speed equalized. In character, no prior knowledge or prep time. Takes place on the river leading up to the Baron's Lair. Who wins? Gyarados - 2 Baron Nashor - 2
  33. The_real_cal_howard

    Magikarp (and by extension Gyarados) upgrade

    Magikarps (many of them) casually survived a bomb that blew up lake Valor. No water except for puddles. Said bomb shook all of Sinnoh. Might upgrade AP. Don't know. But this should be higher than the City level rating we give it now. Scales to Milotic, and all the trainers that are scaled to...
  34. FTW395

    Gyarados Attack Potency

    Gyarados his attack potency seems a bit shady, both feats under it's attack potency do not factor in the time that it took to do such feats. Both this http://www.narutoforums.com/xfa-blog-entry/calc-storage-lake-of-raaaaaaage-pokemon-games.18737/ and it's Pokedex entry could easily be something...