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Rage Vs. Beauty: Gyarados Vs. Milotic

Which abilities are you giving them? Mystery Dungeon crap has been tossed last time I checked, meaning you can’t give them every ability simultaneously now.

hope this isn’t a necro, this match seemed so cool
Both abilities for Gyarados are pretty useless here, it can't make use of Moxie and Milotic is primarily a special attacker.

That said Milotic doesn't have a ton of stuff to really hurt Gyarados and Gyarados can just use Dragon Dance until it sweeps.
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Milotic does know Attract (and Cute Charm could do the same effect to Gyarados). They can also confuse it with Water Pulse, heal via Recover and Life Dew, and Coil can raise its defense. With Captivate, it can lower Gyarados’ Special Attack, and Aqua Ring gives it passive Healing. While it lacks in super-effective options, it has things such as Dragon Tail, Twister, or Disarming Voice to make solid damage.
Of course, I haven’t covered Gyarados’ options. It has no super-effective moves, but does have powerful attacks like Dragon Rage, Hyper Beam or Crunch. Crunch has a chance to lower defense, and Dragon Rage pseudo-ignores Durability. Hyper Beam is practically always it’s starting move though, with almost every appearance of Gyarados using it immediately, if it doesn’t use Hydro Pump that is- Gyarados typically don’t Set Up in the wild.
Gyarados does have surprisingly good special defense so it can definitely tank a few hits, especially from weak moves like Twister and Disarming Voice.