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gravitational binding energy

  1. CNBA3

    Planets with GBE capacity limit?

    I was wondering, I know that Gravitational Binding Energy is what keeps a planet together, but I was wondering, can there be areas where energy can be held that radiates with GBE capacity of greater and not harm the planet or will it harm it still?
  2. CNBA3

    Question for the Inverse Square Law calcs.

    I was trying to remember a crucial part of the Inverse Square Law calcs where you find the distance which a shockwave travels from the source of a Gravitational Binding Energy object like planets, do you calc the distances from the very center of the planet? or at the edge of it's surface? Here...
  3. CNBA3

    Death Star Energy Output Calc

    Would like to get calc validation thoughts on this calc regarding the Death Star laser output. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:CNBA3/Death_Star%27s_Power_Output
  4. TRAE_is_arceus

    How to add gravity onto existing calcs

    So I’ve just joined, but there is something I’m already really curious about. What is the formula for adding gravity onto feats? For example, how would a 2 kiloton feat be improved if the gravity is 70 times greater? If anyone understands this better than I do, please let me know.
  5. ElajRuengies

    Impossibly Massive Celestial Body Destruction Calcs are just Faster Than Light Kinetic Energy Calcs

    Alright so this exists for the purpose of pointing out a double-standard in the rules for Kinetic Energy feats. So, Faster Than Light Kinetic Energy is not allowed given how the Relativistic KE Formula goes to infinity energy at light speed, and using the Regular Kinetic Energy Formula which...
  6. Jamesthetaker

    Moving a constellation

    There is this character that can move the Scorpius constellation and i wanna ask on how to calculate his feat via GBE. At first, i've assume those stars are like our sun so i just need to plug the value into the formula. However, i've eventually discovered that the red star in middle are...
  7. FanSyst

    Where was the equation for the GBE of a star obtained?

    I've tried looking for it on the internet, but can't find it.
  8. StrymULTRA

    Madoka upgrade

    Basically her getting a 5-C rating from this calc doesen't make sense since: It basically assumes that the Earth is just a sphere made of Rock that doesen't make any movement if it uses such pulverization multipler. A character was accpted being 5-B for a way less impressive planet destruction...
  9. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    Problem with Celestial Body Feats

    Problem Currently, we are allowed to calculate the KE for celestial body feats, but when it surpasses light speed we use the gravitational binding energy of the celestial body instead. The problem is, when you move a planet close to light speed, it actually gets a higher AP than moving a planet...
  10. Saikou_The_Lewd_King

    GBE for Cosmic-sized Beings

    I remember that some time ago, a calc for a Solar System-sized thing yielded a ridiculous result of 3-B. I think that was SMT or something, but that's not really important. The reason why it was so high is that our own tiers are based on a lot of nothing. An explosion from the sun has to travel...
  11. M3X_2.0

    About GBE

    Is it only possible to calculate the GBE of a sphere? For example, can I calculate the GBE of an ellipsoid?
  12. Dargoo_Faust

    Creation, Attack Potency, and Pocket Realities Continued

    Previous thread: https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/2303206#455
  13. DontTalkDT

    Pictures for Calculations / Science Pages

    Pictures are always nice and good for thumbnails and popularity and stuff... So I thought we should add pictures to the calculation pages. Following pages have no thumbnail pictures: Absolute Zero Feats in Fictio Calc Stacking Calculation Guide Calculations Introduction and References...
  14. CNBA3

    Earth Destruction wrong Level

    I just did the claculation for destroying Earth with the GBE, and it is 53.57 Zettatons, which would make it Small Planet level, I think this mistake should be changed.
  15. News about the Solar System

    Well i've noticed some interesting news about the solar system, it seem that Pluto, the old planet of the solar system can maybe become a planet again and be included in the solar system, If this is accepted the Solar System Baseline change a bit IT JUST NEW IT'S JUST FOR INFORM PEOPLES
  16. TheArsenal1212

    The AXOLOTL takes on another fast animal

    The Gravity Falls God takes on a speedy hedgehog Both at 2A Goofy Salamander God: 0 Blue Blur: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  17. Assaltwaffle

    Revision Recruitment: Stellar Revisions Try 2

    Last time around I got very distracted with several dramatic situations and another significant revision thread. Now that those are gone, we can work this out. Well, we discussed and agreed on this a while ago, and now it's Summer. We have the highest attention we will get out of our staff...
  18. Assaltwaffle

    Revision Recruitment! Stellar Tier Revisions

    Well, we discussed and agreed on this a while ago, and now it's Summer. We have the highest attention we will get out of our staff, including many we didn't have prior! So, what are we doing here? We're revising the tier given to members of Tier 5-A to 3-A based on new values found in our last...
  19. CNBA3

    GBE Destruction Value

    When calculating for the Destruction Value of Gravitational Binding Energy, what is the standard Destruction Value of it? Fragmentation? Pulverization? Vaporization?
  20. CNBA3

    Implosion Celestial Body Calc?

    Hello, simply question really, When I want to find the Feat for a planet or moon imploding, does the means for calculation still revolve around Gravitational Binding Energy? Also, what is the standard Destruction Value of Gravitational Binding Energy?
  21. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    Regarding the Tier 4 revisions

    Welp, the Tier 4 revisions still haven't started, and it's a month. Anyway I want to ask something. Would the baseline AP for Universe level be recalculated as well, for our current baseline assumes a neutron star at the edge of the universe? But now we have a new GBE formula, that needs to be...
  22. CNBA3

    Most accurate equation there is for GBE

    What is the Most Accurate and Controlled equation for GBE, because when I use the website, I can only influence the gravity, diameter and higher or observer. I need help, it there is an accurate equation, what are the units or measurement for each variable?
  23. ArbitraryNumbers

    A quick question about GBE

    Do we use meters for the radius in the GBE formula, or kilometers? Either way I think this should be specified to prevent any further confusion.
  24. Assaltwaffle

    Revision Recruitment: Help Needed

    As many of you already know, there has been a lot of discussio regarding the legitimacy and consistency of Tier 4 and 3 (and High 5-A)'s energy values. We have gotten it all sorted out, but a big revisions will be required. In short, all pages from Large Planet level+ to Universe level will...
  25. Assaltwaffle

    Tier 4 Revisions Round 2

    Continued from here. Now that we have made some significant headway, I believe it is time to order up what we need to do. As of now, we have a new formula that is cited, confirmed and elaborated o by a Staff Member of the astrophysics branch of the Physics Forums, and applicable to find any GBE...
  26. Lightbuster30

    How much energy would this require?

    So I was thinking of making a fanfic once I saved up to buy a new computer. One of the feats in said fanfic involves splitting the Sun in half, making a gap roughly as big as Earth is wide, before gravity pulls the halves back together. Since I suck at all things GBE related, would anyone know...
  27. ArbitraryNumbers

    About GBE

    So for the planetary calculator, do we use the LL Death Star Yield or the UL Death Star Yield for the result?
  28. Verivici

    The GBE of Earth

    From what I understand, GBE is just the energy to make the planet no longer in a gravitationally bound state, but not to make it quickly blow apart like in most fiction (the planet will gradually expand outwards, but it takes a while). So, why is GBE used as the energy for Planet level, even...