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gods (magi)

  1. HyperShadic6500

    Question regarding Magi Gods

    What Dimensional Tiering are The Gods of Magi, as well as Sinbad, David, and Ugo?
  2. Trying to slay another Gods (3rd strongest 1-B)

    Vs Both 1-B Speed Equalized Ruphas Mafahl : Gods (Magi) : Inconclusive :
  3. Tincan123

    Magi Minor additions

    Magi Gods including David, Sinbad, Ugo and Solomo Regenerationn instead of Low-Godly it may be Mid-Godly for the Magi Gods based on this: After David died he became a part of Il Illah and return to life. If you are a part of Il Illah you are Phantom without Ruhk and Magoi so you cant use Magic...
  4. Tincan123

    Magi Cosmology Revision

    Highly recommend this https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:EmperorRorepme/Magi_-_The_Labyrinth_of_Magic. by EmperorRorepme because most info comes for there. Magi (Gods) including Sinbad, David, Ugo and Solomo (Done) Conceptual Manipulation Type 2 For the Magi (Gods) based on this: Rukh...
  5. Overlord775

    Gods (Magi) vs Enlil (I/O) (0-7) [Grace Period]

    All gods vs 1-B Enlil Trasinfinite eyes: High Hyperversal Weather Report: 7 (Yeboia, Iapitus, Ionliosite, GoP, Dusty, Eganergo, Tincan ) Inconclusive:0
  6. ABoogieYesSir

    Gods (Magi) v.s Superman fused to become a robot

    The Thought Robot Gods (Magi) Both are at 1-B Who wins and why?
  7. M3X_2.0

    About Sinbad's plain and his tier

    During Magi's chapter 348, Alibaba explains that Sinbad's plan is to enter into higher dimensions and defeat the gods who live in them. But for a few things involving the script, that did not happen. But the problem is that Sinbad would transcend all the higher dimensions, this is the main plot...
  8. Final136

    most powerful 1-B started fight off high 1-B:god(magi) vs the glory

    both in character speed unequal
  9. Bobsican

    SCP-001 (S AS´) Vs. Gods (Magi)

    I want to see if someone writing is still the strongest 1-B. Both at peak, speed equalized. The nameless gods Someone writing ... ...
  10. LordWhis

    High 1-B Magi gods ?

    It is obvious from the description that dimension no. Infinity already exists therefore the strongest God is high 1-b.
  11. -BANLK-

    Some Magi stuff.

    I finally finished reading both the adventure of Sinbad aswell as the main magi series, so revision time. Some random things. 1) Yunan has transmutation magic. (Chp 205 pg 9 and 10) 2) Hakuryuu can bfr people with belial. (Chp 257 pg 6) Country busting/affecting attacks. (This stuff will...