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gecko moria

  1. KingTempest

    One Piece: Shadow Erasure

    This is primarily a continuation of this thread, where a thread that intended to gain a regeneration factor from Existence Erasure, but ended up being contested based on other words and showings. It ended up leading to different talks of "is this truly EE", and "I'll make a thread based on it"...
  2. Ryuga21

    Oars ability removal

    Its "limited elasticity", damage boost, BFR and Body control should be removed completely. Oars cannot stretch, he was only able to do so because Gecko Moriaa was manipulating his physical form through the universal rule of shadows-body interaction. Therefore, there is really no elasticity, he...
  3. Ryuga21

    Gecko Moria Low-Godly regen upgrade

    When the battle at Thriller Bark ends, the characters without they shadow are exposed to the sunrise. In the scan you can see that they begin to be erased from existence. It has been shown before that those who have no shadow and are exposed to sunlight are erased from existence. However, the...
  4. Fireld

    OP Emperors Volume 1

    NOTES: This won't be talking about only the Emperors but also people who have fought with or against them. Thanks to @MonkeyOfLife & @Eminiteable for the VC translations. BUGGY V Heat Resistance: Endured the heat aura from one of Akainu's attacks. ZEUS & HERA V Immaterial->Elemental...
  5. DaReaperMan

    Shichibukai fight!(Gecko Moria vs Buggy the Clown)

    Battle takes place on Garp's ship Moria is in first key Buggy is in last key Start 10 meters away Gecko Moria: 0 Buggy: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  6. KingKenjo

    Moria and Oars vs Byakuya and Kenpachi

    Alright, I know One Piece vs Bleach is pretty controversial, so I'll just give my battle assumptions and then give some clarifications. If we need to spend a little time discussing or tweaking the assumptions then that's fair. 7-A versions for all participants. Speed is equalized, battle takes...
  7. KingKenjo

    Question about Resisting the Kage-Kage No Mi

    So, I get that characters with strong willpower can resist the negative effects of absorbing shadows stolen by the Kage-Kage Fruit, but what I want to know is how exactly characters get picked to have those resistances. Because from what I've seen on the pages I've lookef at it seems to just be...
  8. Ryuga21

    One Piece: Will Applications CRT

    In the One Piece verse, the mind/heart (kokoro) is linked to what is called "spirit" (Kihaku); spirits are the essence of someone's soul, manifesting in one's emotions, consciousness, mental strength, convictions and fighting power; the soul or "life" is what houses all these substances. Each...
  9. Crabwhale

    Prime Moria key

    Alright so, Moria needs a prime key. Why you may ask? Well, simple really. 23 years ago, when he was 27 years old, he matched Kaido. And if you don't believe the words of some random person, we also get direct story confirmation many hundreds of chapters later in the Wano flashback. As far...
  10. KobsterHope07

    Another Another Another OP Abilities Addition

    Another day, another thread, another bunch of Abilities to be added, nothing new: Reactive Power Level for Portgas D. Ace: Is stated capable of growing stronger continuously through battle Underground Mobility for Akainu: Via this Resistance to Mind Manipulation via Willpower for Luffy and...
  11. KobsterHope07

    Thriller Bark Revision

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:KobsterHope07/Gecko_Moria_deserves_some_respect So anybody who fought him would be 1.273 Megatons. And that person is Gear Second Luffy, who in his Gear Two state was able to harm him with his attacks. So those who can harm him or tank his attacks...
  12. EcchiOtakuTM

    Gecko Moriah Prime and Boa Handcock mentions why shichibukai were chosen.

    This is an extremely insignificant topic, however Gecko Moria should have a 3rd tag for his "Prime" he was established that he faced off vs kaido on equal grounds while in the new world. This is assuming that he used up all of his previous resources and power in that fight since he retreated...
  13. Kidkinsey

    Meruem wants to get komugi shadow back

    Post rose meruem Vs Gecko moriah battle takes place on supreme kais planet
  14. Litentric_Teon

    Strongest High 7-C's, Part 6

    High 7-C forms. Speed is equalized. Starting distance is 30 meters. Fight takes place at Thriller Bark. Who wins!? Diablo (Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu) (Suggested by YungMazi): 1 (Calaca Vs) Gekko Moriah (Suggested by Rel Rubro): 0 LINK TO ORIGINAL THREAD
  15. Ryuga21

    Regina Mills vs Gekko Moriah

    >Speed is Equal > Both at 7-C I hope this not be a stomp... Regina: 3 Moriah: 0 Incon: 4