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elemental manipulation

  1. TartaChocholate

    Controlling the Ying and Yang, Feng Shui, Spiritual World and other questions

    Surprisingly, not related to the Xianxia novels. Well, I was looking into Final Fantasy Tactics and when checking the original Japanese description of some jobs I found some stuff relating to all this. Essentially: Mystics (Onmyoji in Japanese) control the Yin and Yang, described as the...
  2. Pikaman

    (My Little Pony) Cozy Glow hax?

    Could anyone help me in regards to how Cozy Glow uses her hax (Broadway Force and especially Elemental Manip) in her 9-B key?
  3. Bobsican

    Elemental Manipulation Revisions Part 2

    Continued from here Before anyone says that it was declined, Ant gave me another chance of sorts, given that only he and @Abstractions in terms of current staff members disagreed, that and there being some pending actions even if the page is to stay. That being said, I'll start with the new...
  4. Bobsican

    Elemental Manipulation Page Removal

    After some thought, this page suffers the exact same issue Hellfire Manipulation did, it tries to generalize a power that's too variable, and would be best just being managed by other power pages we already have, for example, it's better to list that someone has Fire Manipulation, Water...
  5. Inverted_Tempest

    Elemental Manipulation Questions

    I ask if Holy Manipulation falls under Elemental Manipulation because there are a few pages that are RPG-Based that have this with Holy Manipulation under Elemental Manipulation.
  6. Apatheticskell

    Player Ability addtions.

    Time Manipulation via /Time set command. Expert Marksman because they are a master at using the Bow, Crossbow, Eggs, Snowballs and the Trident efficiently Elemental Manipulation via Metal, Fire, Electricty, Water and Plant Manipulation. Metal Manipulation as they can easily create and mess...
  7. Elizio33

    Elemental Manipulation

    Is it necessary to add other types on this page? Such as: Dark Elemental Manipulation Light Elemental Manipulation Cosmic Elemental Manipulation
  8. Super_Ascended_Sean_Pazdera

    Nonconventional elements

    What if somebody were to use rudeness itself as an element in their attacks? Would that be Elemental Manipulation or Concept Manipulation or what?
  9. Dragonmasterxyz

    Pokemon Types Revisions REDUX

    Let's try this again. This is literally copy and pasting my post from last thread. Many people on the last thread agreed with me. But it's so cluttered, but if you want to read it, go ahead. Psychic Types The biggest one. Basically Psychic Types is universally defined as Telekinesis and Mind...
  10. Yobo_Blue

    Minor FSM revision

    The First Spinjitzu Master should have Elemental Manipulation for obvious reasons.
  11. TartaChocholate

    Adding elemental resistances to the profiles of the FFVII party?

    I apologize if this has been brought up before. I did look around but didn't find anything of the sort. Well, I was wondering if it would be valid to add resistances to Fire, Ice, Holy, Gravity, Water, Lightning and Earth to the profiles of the main cast. More precisely, different armors and...
  12. -BANLK-

    Light speed Magi.

    Magic in magiverse is natural and it even behaves like natural elements. Every magician who uses light magic in this verse can attack at light speed (This only applies to attacks which use light magic). 1) Titus blocks a light beam from Aladdin. 2) An entire chapter on light fight. Imo...
  13. Seventy96

    The strongest technique/attack.

    What is the strongest: fire, water, earth, electric, mind, attack/technique in all fiction?