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egg wizard

  1. JJSliderman

    Attempting to upgrade the game Sonic cosmology

    Now that the recent Otherworld Comedy and Sonic Dream Team have come out, I can finally make an attempt at upgrading the size of Game Sonic's cosmology (to coincide with the Archie boost). All the relevant information and arguments are here. Credit to ShakeResounding for looking over it and...
  2. Eseseso

    Minor God Tier Sonic Villain revisions

    1. Simple enough, Egg Wizard took attacks from Super Sonic and Burning Blaze without being temporally nuked, so he should get Acausality Type 4. Also, the statement on his profile of him being above Solaris just because Sonic said he'd need his full power doesn't make sense, since nothing says...
  3. GlaceonGamez471

    2-A Game Sonic CRT: "It's that easy"

    Cause Maverick wanted it This TailsTube is a thing with some nifty stuff: Tails states the Time Eater affected all of space-time And that there are potentially infinite realities in the multiverse Implications are pretty obvious, possibly 2-A for those that possess 2-B ratings, Time Eater...
  4. Gabs22_Gamer

    Game Sonic CRT: Fighting Games, Rivals and Storybooks.

    Introductions Heyo buddies, I'm here with a specific revision targetted towards some very important additions in relation to the Sonic verse in specific. This will be a very important CRT, as this is going to get some meaningful upgrades and ability additions to Game Sonic's arsenal. Excalibur...
  5. sanicspood

    Megaman EXE vs The Egg Wizard

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/MegaMan.EXE https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Egg_Wizard first 2-C key megaman is used, speed is equal megaman: eggwizard: incon:
  6. Gabs22_Gamer

    Question about Sonic´s AP.

    So, as far as we have known knowledge about Sonic´s AP, he scales to Solaris and other beings who are actually classified as Low Multiverse level in his podium and as shown in his own profile, but there are actually counter-arguments against that claim through supposed statements in the course...
  7. BlastX

    Deep Core:The Rematch

    This is Hyper Sonic VS Egg Wizard. Battle takes place where the original fight was. Sonic has prior knowledge about this mech, but there's no one else to help. God in hedgehog form: No Marines to hold you down: Reality shatters destroying them both and everything:
  8. KarmodF

    Solaris being stronger than the Egg Wizard.

    Why is this Solaris' justification when its heavily contradicted by official sources. There are two main reasons for this: 1. In Sonic Rush 2 Sonic admited to not be able to defeat Egg Wizard by himself, this being Post-Solaris Sonic 2. The Jewel Scepter is stronger than both the Sol and...
  9. Zamasu_Chan

    Zamasu Strikes again

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  10. JJSliderman

    Potential Change to Egg Wizard Justification

    So, I kinda have an issue with the justification for the Egg Wizard's tier. Not the tier itself, but the fact that the justification comes from fandom wikis. So I think maybe we could change the justification for the PotS maintaining parallel dimensions to this quote in the game...
  11. Jinsye

    Egg Wizard vs. Lord Vortech

    Speed is Equal 2-C Fight takes place in Foundation Prime Who wins? Egg Wizard: 0 Lord Vortech: 0
  12. The_real_cal_howard

    Egg Wizard/Salamander's speed

    So uh...when do they do these things that give them infinite speed? The whole "planned to move after erasing worlds" isn't good enough, as Super Dimentio got downgraded for similar reasons. I guess moving in a rift might be good, but it doesn't sound like it qualifies as a true void. Given that...
  13. ShadowWarrior1999

    Egg Salamander vs Egg Wizard

    About time the Egg Salamander got a profile on here. So for its first match, lets put it against the other final boss from the Sonic Rush series, the Egg Wizard. Both are 2-C and have infinite speed. Who wins? Egg Salamander: 1 (Maverick Zero X) Egg Wizard: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  14. Maverick_Zero_X

    Sonic top tier additions

    Yet another CRT for Sanic characters from yours truly. This time I'll be mainly focusing on slightly improving the top dogs of the Sonic franchise when it comes to hax. Solaris With the Eye of Solaris Solaris is capable of creating a rift in the space-time continuum, which emits a gravitional...