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diego brando

  1. Triple Threat between some Jojo composite

    Dio Brando composite vs Kars composite vs Giorno Giovanna composite All In Character Speed Unequalized 100 meters each other Original manga, oneshots, light novels, games, interviews, databooks and any other official media where this characters appears is valid. Who stomps?
  2. Novaslayer232

    Diego vs Phinks

    diego is being hunted down by the phantom tropue but he manages to give them the slip so he hides in a art museum but phinks catches him a hour later in the museum both in charater random art museum diego had a hour of prep time to fight diego Phinks
  3. Bedroombedrock

    A Bitch Fights A Dinosaur

    So running with the Jojo vs worm Theme of my last thread i thought this was a pretty fun battle to do even though my last vs battle got shit on hopefully this ones better. Rachel vs Diego Brando (Original SBR version) Story: Rachel is out with her dogs for a stroll one day in the Woods when...
  4. Chariot190

    Gyro+Johnny Power Additions

    A few powers that Zeppeli should have that he doesnt. Some type of sonar Actual sonar Statistic amplification with the Guard technique (Wekapipo can do it too, even used it on Stephen to protect him from an explosio) and via amplifying habits. Pain Maniulation, but only in the sense that...
  5. Listentomyrhytm

    But it was I... DIO!?

    DIO with The World against Diego Brando with Scary Monsters and Alternate Diego Brando with The World. DIO is post-Joestar blood suction(basically after sucking Joseph out, I think that's awakened DIO), all of them act in character and fight is on mount rushmore at night. DIO: 1 DIegO and...
  6. Kiryu2012

    Jotaro Kujo vs Diego Brando

    Jotaro Kujo vs Diego Brando Fight takes place in Cairo. Part 4 Jotaro. In-character.
  7. Genericstickman

    Resistance to transmutation with a Corpse Part

    A corpse part allows the wielder to resist the effects of Scary Monster's virus, said virus turns anyone who's infected into dinosaurs, so a Corpse Part allows the wielder to resist transmutation
  8. Eficiente

    Polnareff vs Diego Brando

    Diego Brando: 0 Jean Pierre Polnareff: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  9. Hl3_or_bust

    New life vs Old Life (Giorno Giovanna vs Diego Brando)

    *insert meme about life here* *really old velociraptor noises* Giorno Giovanna vs Diego Brando >No GER >Speed= Dinosaurs: 1 (TacticalNuke002) Literally Everything Lives: Araki Forgets Who Wins:
  10. Serwus

    Lupusregina Beta vs Diego Brando (Werewolf vs Dinosaur)

    Diego Brando= Lupusregina Beta=
  11. The_best_mans

    Trio Dio Battle Royal

    DIO vs Diego Brando vs Alternate Diego Brando [DIO] DIO, Part 3, Pre Awakening [Monsters (Partial) Scary Monsters Diego] [Alternate Diego] Alternate Diego Brando, with The World. c The Merger Sponge effect is removed for obvious reasons. Rules They all Start at 10 Meters Away from each...
  12. The_Smashor

    Stop hitting yourself, Diego!

    Diego Brando vs Diego Brando from Another World. Rules: The Merger Sponge effect is removed for obvious reasons. They both have prior knowledge. Otherwise SBA. The alignment of the images works if you don't think about it too much Scary Monsters Diego: THE WORLD Diego: 6 (VitaminC23...
  13. Kyschan21

    SBR Circular Scaling

    So while I was looking at Funny Valentine's page, it says he scales to Diego Brando, while Diego scales to Gyro's Steel Balls. But that just ends up with it going full circle with the steel balls scaling from hurting D4C, who got his rating from surviving an attack from Diego and the steel...
  14. Eficiente

    Reptile vs Diego Brando

    Speed = Reptile: 0 Diego Brando: 6 (Xtasyamphetamine, Stillwinston, Dargoo Faust, TacticalNuke002, Calaca Vs, DragonEmperor23, Starter Pack) Inconclusive: 0
  15. CrackerVolley

    Frog Waifu vs Angery Dinosaur

    Just because MHA got upgrades, it doesn't mean we can't have fair matches. Speed Equal
  16. ArgentinianDeadpool

    Dio VS Diego

    Round 1: Part 1 Dio Brando VS Diego Brando Round 2: Part 3 DIO without Joseph blood VS Diego Brando from Another Universe Round 1 Dio: 1 (Iapitus The Impaler) Diego: 4 (Jayslice, Razerboy36, Desiromaster, YungManzi) Inconclusive: 0 Round 2 Dio: 5 (Jayslice, Iapitus The Impaler...
  17. JustSomeWeirdo

    Composite Dio

    Funny Valentine decided to get every Dio possible (Dio Brando, DIO, Novel DIO, Anime Dio, Diego Brando, AU Diego, and HA DIO) together in the same place (he would've gotten more, but he was too busy being killed in every universe), but when they touched, instead of being paradoxed out of...
  18. Cropfist

    Diego Brando vs Katsuki Bakugou

    Speed equalized.
  19. JustSomeWeirdo

    Diego Brando vs Giorno Giovanna

    In an alternate universe, Giorno realizes time is speeding up at a drastic rate, he then pierces Gold Experience with the arrow for a second time, but by the time GER is activated, the universe is already resetting, protecting Giorno from the universal reset at the same moment where there is no...
  20. Notadeadguy

    Diego Brando vs Jake Long

    A simple Duel. Who would win and why? Note: This is Dieog with Scary Monster
  21. Epichambonewin

    Diego Brando vs Dio Brando

    PLEASE READ I'm surprised no one has done this before. Anyways in these 4 rounds, who wins each round? Round 1) Diego Brando w/ Scary Monsters vs Dio Brando from Part 1: both are in character. Round 2) Same as Round 1, except Diego has his horse and 10 of his raptors, and Dio has 10 of his...