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  1. Valrhavn

    Samurai 8 - Incarnate Ata & Gravity Resistance upgrade

    Incarnate Body Ata - feat addition: This feat should be added to Incarnate Body Ata: Incarnate Body was also depicted to be able to cut into pieces a cubic-region planet while flying in the outer space. This feat although being presented in the cover of chapter 9 does matches the events of the...
  2. Deceived3596

    Samurai 8 Profiles Revisions (Part 1 - Power and Abilities)

    Yes, I've been spending almost two weeks revising Samurai 8 profiles, it's Kishimoto's greatest work 🗿. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Deceived3596/Samurai_8_Revisions#Individual_Abilities Here's the revised profiles of Ata, Daruma, Hanaichi and Benkei, i'm waiting until I finish...
  3. MadaraZKX

    Hachimaru's regeneration

    Currently, samurai have Mid-High regeneration by regenerating themselves through a "key" they have in their head, which acts as the axis of the regeneration process. However, in one of the last chapters, Hachimaru had his "key" removed from his body by Ata, and later the key would be absorbed...
  4. Deceived3596

    Daruma Vs Psykos (One Punch Man) - Battle for 5th Strongest Non Smurf - 5-C

    Battle for Placement on this thread. Both 5-C SBA Speed Equalized Daruma Vs Psykos Daruma: Psykos:
  5. SogiitaVii

    Samurai 8 Discussion thread 7: The Next Shooting Star

  6. SogiitaVii

    S8 - 4th CRT

    ATA - new stuff and upgrades: Attack Potency: at least Planet Level with a single Angular Warhead (a single one is capable of destroying an entire planet with a 10,000-km. radius...however, as you can see, the whole blast is even bigger than that 10,000-km. radius planet...i'll connect with...
  7. Rocker1189

    Samurai 8 3rd CRT

    Held most of this off for a while: General Samurai stuff (Immortality type 7): Samurai literally kill themselves to be reborn as Samurai by Fudo Myoo if he deems them worthy and from then on cannot die until Fudo Myoo forsakes them and we have this rightly as type 8 however I thin kthey should...
  8. Lightning_XXI

    Sasuke Vs Daruma

    Trying to find a good fight for Sasuke, maybe this one works ? - Both 5-C, daruma's 200 exatons, Sasuke is a bit higher than that - In character - speed equal - Boruto Sasuke and Cat Body daruma are used here - They start with 100 meters between them Sasuke-kun: 7: Cat-kun: 0 Gwent: 0
  9. Spinoirr

    Daruma vs four

    Both are 5-A and speed is = Daruma: Four (Battle for Dream Island) Don't you all want to battle to win a prize?
  10. Rocker1189

    Samurai 8 Discussion thread 6: Daruma's rival from chapter 1

  11. TheFinalOrder

    Daruma (Samurai 8) vs God of Darkness (RWBY)

    Location: Generic Space Setting SoM: In Character w/ Intent to Kill 5-A Daruma (No Yoken Holder) Starting Distance: 3 Meters Speed Equal Who takes this? Daruma: Rocker, B023 GoD:
  12. Rocker1189

    Samurai 8 regen negation/regen slow upgrade.

    So in this thread. We upgraded the samurai regen, for some reason Hachi's was High. However we know how regen works in S8 they actually manipulate subatomic particles to regenerate: https://imgur.com/igYbIFp https://imgur.com/9TlXFYN https://i.imgur.com/ogKIEUr.png However Ata is able to...
  13. Rocker1189

    S8 2nd ever CRT

    This would be covering stuff from the latest arc. General Samurai stuff: All samurai should get durability Negation and gravity manipulation with their samurai souls, their transmutation also goes back to matter manip for manipulating h-particles which are sub atomic particles...
  14. AstralKing7

    Spectacular Samurai 8 General Discussion Thread 4: Fight Hachi!!

    Start the discussion for this interesting manga. Hopefully no one forgets the story like Ryu ƒñúƒÆǃÿ¡.
  15. Damage3245

    Samurai 8 Regenerationn Revision

    A bit of a smaller CRT than my usual ones. Currently for Ata and Daruma we have their Regenerationn at Mid. For Hachimaru we have his Regenerationn at High. I believe that after the latest chapter (Chapter 20), we should put all of their Regenerationn values at High-Mid. The basis of their...
  16. M3X_2.0

    Samurai 8 General Discussion Thread 3: Kishimoto hates moons

  17. AstralKing7

    Spectacular Samurai 8 Hachimaru Edition General Discussion

    Time to celebrate the latest chapter of Samurai 8!! It's crazy explosive in the first few pages. ƒöуöуöÑ. I wonder how Hachi will escape Ata!!? Link to chapter https://www.reddit.com/r/Samurai8/comments/cc6ysn/disc_samurai_8_the_tale_of_hachimaru_ch_10/