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Hachimaru's regeneration

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Currently, samurai have Mid-High regeneration by regenerating themselves through a "key" they have in their head, which acts as the axis of the regeneration process.

However, in one of the last chapters, Hachimaru had his "key" removed from his body by Ata, and later the key would be absorbed by his brothers to open Mandala's Box.

But what does it mean? This means he doesn't need his key to regenerate. As it was stated by Ata, the reason his body wouldn't return to its previous form is because he had used Soro-Ken to nullify his regeneration.

According to Ata, Samurai who possess strong heroism and calling cannot disintegrate after defeat. By "disintegrate" he is referring to "discorporate", which is what happens to samurai when they lose their courage and are abandoned by the Warrior God.

According to the Warrior God, "to discorporate is not to die", when a samurai believes they have died, their consciousness vanishes, but if they manage to realize that they have only separated themselves from physical flesh, they become a mass of information.

Summary: This means that samurai who have strong heroism and calling (such as Hachimaru) should have Low-Godly regeneration, as the only thing that can kill them is to "discorporate", the vanishment of their consciousness, and of course, this also upgrades Soro-Ken's regeneration negation of both Daruma and Ata.
Can they explicitly regenerate their physical bodies from just consciousness alone, or just survive as consciousness alone?
Can they explicitly regenerate their physical bodies from just consciousness alone, or just survive as consciousness alone?
Hachimaru can, as Ata stated that the only reason he isn't regenerating is because he used Soroken (which nullifies regeneration).

Despite having removed his "Key" from him that serves as the axis of ordinary samurai's regeneration process, he is still able to survive and regenerate from his consciousness due to his strong heroism and calling preventing it from vanishing (discorporate)
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Okay. I suppose that this seems fine to apply then.
Okay. I will do so.

Thank you to everybody who helped out here. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
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