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count bleck

  1. Mephistus

    Cooking like Saffron! A Super Yummy Paper Mario CRT!

    Rebooting this thread upon request with input for the given proposals. Immeasurable Strength / Infinite Speed ratings for the Chaos Heart users: When Dimentio creates his ultimate form using Luigi and the Chaos Heart, his dialogue before gameplay starts gives me the impression that he would...
  2. Mephistus

    Avoid the Void: Aggrandizement of a Supery Papery Mario

    Paper Mario w/ Pure Hearts changes: Immeasurable Lifting Strength: Can resist the pull within the Voids used by a serious Count Bleck during the boss battle. These Voids are superior to the potency of the main Void that was pulling in all the multiverse’s entire dimensions, which include...
  3. Mephistus

    Super Dimentio and Count Bleck scoffs at hax [Mini buff for their resistances]

    An uncontroversial and quick one for god tiers of the Mario-Verse. These guys have hax effects they fully resist without fail when attempted to be used on them prior to being hit by the Pure Hearts' power (in Standard Battle Assumptions they would have these resistances applied since the Pure...
  4. Mephistus

    Beyond the Mario-Verse [2-A God Tier Upgrades & Cosmology]

    The cosmology should hold infinite universes and those that scale would be Count Bleck, Super Dimentio as they scale to the Void's power and being durable enough to survive it and Paper Mario, Paper Luigi, Paper Peach, & Paper Bowser for overcoming their durability and their power source being...
  5. AStrangeverse

    Mario Bros: Profile Overhaul(s) #3

    I'm here with another Overhaul CRT for Mario Bros. This one is only focused on profiles, since the verse page has been reworked finally. This did take me some time to complete, as it is a hefty revision consisting of 3 profiles. And for my sake, 3 will be my numerical limit for these kinds of...
  6. Drhorrible100

    Dimentio/Chaos Heart/Count Bleck Upgrade CRT

    Ok now I know this has been discussed before many times, but most of the people arguing this point weren't really doing it properly and got things wrong. So while my arguments may be similar to some of the arguments (String Theory Soup), I do understand that some arguments are wrong and I won't...
  7. Luckyfun

    Count Bleck

    Count Bleck should have powers of Dark prognosticus as he is a member of Tribe of darkness.
  8. QuasiYuri

    Super Paper Mario slight 2-B downgrade.

    Basically Count Bleck shouldn't be a straight 2-B. Why? Because his feat is creating the Void, which only became 2-B after a lot of times (the entire game). One of the most obvious case is that our hero could tank it in the Samurai Kingdom, despite later being a threat to them even with Pure...
  9. Doorinmyhouse

    Does resisting Existance Erasure and other durability negation abilities scale to a character's durability?

    If a character resists an ability that ignores durability like Existance Erasure, and said EE has shown to work on a significant scale, such as Zen'ō's Low 2-C EE or Dimentio's and Count Bleck 2-B EE void, would that character's durability be Low-2-C/ 2-B ? If yes why, since durability...
  10. Supawa

    Count Bleck vs Dharkon

    Low 2-C versions Speed equalized Count Bleck: 2 Dharko:
  11. Tots_Real

    Count Bleck Vs Mr. Satan (Dragon Ball Heroes)

    Both 2-B Speed equalized
  12. BajaBlastoise1329

    Sonic (Game) VS Count Bleck

    Darkspine Sonic VS Base Count Bleck (Low 2-C versions used) Speed equalized Fight takes place at a universe, that Count Bleck was going to destroy. Sonic stops Bleck, then turns Darkspine. Votes: Sonic: 2 (ShakeResounding, VioletVoid100) Bleck: 0 Inconclusive: 0 HAH! How's THIS for an...
  13. Genericstickman

    Ok let's try something new with Xeno Goku

    Xeno Goku vs Count Bleck (again) but bloodlusted Speed Equalised Both Bloodlusted Xeno Goku: Count Bleck:2 Incon McQueen:
  14. Silverboy300

    Question about the Chaos Heart

    I have a question about the Chaos Heart. It's said to destroy all universes via the Void. But in game it only destroyed Sammer's Kingdom. Wouldn't that put its power at Universal or low 2-C since it likely destroys universes one at a time?
  15. Maverick_Zero_X

    Massive Mario upgrade?

    http://character-stats-and-profiles.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:TheHadouCyberspaceWitch/Why_the_Dream_Depot_is_BIGGER_Than_You_Thought Basically... The Depot is at least 5-D and possibly an infinite-dimensional structure This would upgrade the Pure Hearts, Chaos Heart, Paper Mario, and Super...
  16. Jinsye

    The Overlord vs. Count Bleck

    With the Overlord's new upgrade, let's throw him against other Low 2-Cs. I mean, both are kinda darkish, and they're villains. True Form Overlord, because Golden Master stomps. And Low 2-C Bleck. Speed Equalized. Who wins? Lego Anti-Jesus: 0 BLEHEHEHEHEHEH: 0
  17. LuckyEmile

    Count Bleck vs Monika: Ultimate Yandere Battle

    "If I can't have you, no one can!" vs "If I can't have you, NOTHING can!" Indeed, I'm surprised this match-up just occurred to me. The ultimate yanderes who will deleted or destroy things to the extreme! And luckily, they both have the same AP. Low 2-C forms for both, therefore. Since Low 2-C...
  18. HST_Master

    Xeno Goku vs Count Bleck

    2-B version of Bleck Speed Equal Who Wins? Time Traveling Saiya : 1(Glass) Lord Blumiere: 3(Hadou,Edward,Dziga)
  19. DarkDragonMedeus

    Goku Bleck

    Bad Pun, Awesome fight. Low 2-C versions are used Speed is equalized Time limit is disabled for UIO Fight takes place in an indestructible realm Who wins and why? Son Goku - 0 Count Bleck - 0
  20. Quick Question

    If the Mario series has no continuity to speak of then why is Super Dimentio and other SPM god tiers scaled to the destruction of universes unmentioned within the story of Super Paper Mario that have appeared in other Mario games. I'm not necessarily trying to downgrade him or anything but I...
  21. Chaos Heart concerns

    From my understanding, Super Paper Mario top tiers scale to 2-B via the Chaos Heart opening The Void which would've destroyed the multiverse if not stopped. However, the destruction seemed more gradual than immediate. The light of each world will be snuffed out one by one ~ The Count...
  22. Iapitus_The_Impaler

    Does Mario have a more than 1000 universes/worlds?

    I am aware that there are mario characters who can wipe out all worlds, but do we know how many there are in Mario? have we viewed atleast 1001 worlds within the whole of the series? If we have, then it should be added to the character who are capable of wiping out the entire mario multiverse...
  23. EMagoIorSouI

    Count Bleck VS. Antasma.

    A certain bat, being Antasma, seems to come amongst The Count himself, Lord Blumierie, or in otherwards, Count Bleck. Both 2-B versions are used, the charm of the Dark Stone and Chaos Heart. Speed in equalized. Antasma - 0 Count Bleck - 4 Inconclusive - 0
  24. StarMario89

    One of Count Bleck's powers

    In chapter 6-1,Count Bleck stated that he would wipe that place out of existance,the dialog is like this: Far Better for Count Bleck to wipe this place out of existance!" As you can watch,Count Bleck can wipe dimensions out of existance with the void
  25. Super Sonic vs Count Bleck

    Super Sonic vs Count Bleck 2-B forms. Speed Equalized if necessary. Sonic is bloodlusted and Bleck starts off cocky. Battle takes place in Green Hill Zone.
  26. Kevyn_S._de_Andrade

    Add a power to Count Bleck

    Super Dimentio already has Acausality for being able to erase all timelines, including the one in which he was born. Bleck should receive the same for being able to do the same thing. Btw, Bleck had already erased his own universe after gaining Dark Prognosticus power, even before he had Chaos...
  27. Babyhannnn

    Count Bleck vs Omega Flowey

    Both at 2-B Count Bleck VERSES Omega Flowey Speed equalized, both at full power. Who wins? Bleck.
  28. Dbzgurl

    Solaris (Sonic) vs Count bleck (Mario)

    Bleck. Solaris VS Speed equalized FULL POWER. Bleck: | Solaris: 1
  29. Kevyn_S._de_Andrade

    A page for Queen Jaydes

    Queen Jaydes is basically the "death" from Marioverse. Learn a little about it. The Void destroyed a Pure Heart and it was thought that his power had lost forever. Queen Jaydes gave back the power to the Pure Heart. She also claims has power over life and death. I believe that this would be...
  30. Kevyn_S._de_Andrade

    Count Bleck have Infinite speed

    The same reaso for Super Dimentio.