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azathoth (demonbane)

  1. Mugen_no_Setsuna

    Demonbane Mythos Ultimate Revision - Return of the Strongest Mecha of All Time

    Okay, at first, I’m not really into the idea of making a revision of Demonbane Mythos, considering the shitshow in every VS forum when it comes to this franchise, but with the support from my friends, I say, “**** it, why not?”. So here we are, what you are reading now is the proper revision of...
  2. Christian_Higdon

    Azathoth vs Composite Godzilla (This is a joke kinda)

    You know how Demonbane got downgraded? Well, apparently Azathoth is decently powerful. Speed equal. Both are 2-A. Divine Godzilla vs Azathoth. Battle is across the multiverse. Who wins? Azathoth: 0 Godzilla: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  3. Jockey-1337

    Nyarlathotep (Cthulhu Mythos) vs Demonbaneverse

    Nyarlathotep (Cthulhu Mythos) VS Demonbane (Verse) Random encounter High calcs and interpretations of feats Everyone is in character Wincondition: Death, KO
  4. Apatheticskell

    Azathoth battle royale

    Speed equalized to immobile. 1-A Versions for Azathoth(Cthulhu Saves The World). They have prior knowledge and infinite eternities of prep time. SBA. Azathoth (Cthulhu Mythos) Azathoth (Demonbane) Azathoth (Cthulhu Saves The World) Azathoth (GURPS)
  5. Apatheticskell

    Azathoth vs Azathtoth

    1-A versions used. Speed equalized. Azathoth (Cthulhu Saves The World): Azathoth (Demonbane):
  6. ZacharyGrossman273

    A god of death beats up a tentacle monster

    ... Credit to http://aquamarine--a-m-ink.deviantart.com I'm not sorry
  7. Doctor_129

    Azathoth (Demonbane) vs Hajun

    Both at their peak who will win´╝ƒ
  8. Bobsican

    Azathoth Vs. Azathoth

    I´m glad this hasn´t been done before. The spagetti monster What I once did in the bathroom ... ...
  9. ALRF

    Demonbane Revision

    It begins~ This thread is made to revise Demonbane page (which are god awful i truly do want how such person could come up with). Misconception/Lies Demonbane is notoriously infamous for the huge amount of misconceptions. This stems mostly from the reader being confused, not reading carefully...
  10. LordWhis

    Azathoth Downgrade ?

    Azathoth is both dumb & was sealed away (into a 1-A object that too). He simply cannot be a Tier 0 in either his cthulhu or demonbane incarnation. A Tier 0 not being able to understand something is laughable.
  11. Niarobi_(Formerly_Hadou)

    Major Demonbane Downgrading

    I know, I know. It's discussed like every month. And basically every month, it's postponed because ALRF and Theo are supposed to like redo the justifications for all of the characters. Well, there probably comes a time when the justification is overdo, and then changes need to start being made...
  12. Stryk3r1337

    All hail Ultra Instinct Shaggy

    TOAA, Azathoth, The Writer, TFS Popo, Gokupotence, etc are not even fit to lace Shaggy's boots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7h9V0nDT9XU How Shaggy vs anyone in fiction would go
  13. Aeyu

    Why is he tier 0? (Azathoth in Demonbane)

    Even though he cannot be defeated, he still possesses a limitation; that being his ability to be sealed or restrained in some way. Though I understand its qualitative superiority to EGD and Yog-Sothoth, the fact still remains that being able to be affected by a power supposedly beneath your ken...
  14. Become_the_strongest

    Demonbane is not powerful anymore

  15. Cumberjung

    Question about Azathoth.

    (this involves both versions) So both versions of Azathoth dreamed all of reality but what i was wondering is can he wake up? I wonder this because from what i can tell he can't seem to awaken from his slumber any more wilingly or automaticly than any other creature which personaly would lead me...
  16. Verivici

    About the picture for Demonbane Azathoth

    It's a picture of his original versio Are there any pictures of Demonbane Azathoth, other than its schoolgirl avatar?
  17. Ocean7447

    Azathoth revision

    I'm new to this wiki but I saw something I think is wrong. Azathoth is tier 0 which is omnipotent. But that's clearley not the case. As proven by this quote. "But even the god who dreams at the center of the world, the god who created all things, can never, ever destroy it" (EGD) So if he...
  18. FTW395

    Is Azatoth from Demonbane really Tier 0?

    If I remember correctly Azatoth could not kill Elder God Demonbane, making him not omnipotent. So why is he considered a tier 0 being?