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absolute zero feats in fiction

  1. YueNoMoral

    Meng Chuan Ice

    Meng Chuan's Baneful Aura is Ice Manipulation by its nature, but I'll try to explain more. — Likely Absolute Zero & Resistance to it. Baneful Aura will freeze things on contact. It is Absolute Coldness where everything turned still, as if the world stopped. Space seemed to freeze therefore...
  2. Bruh

    Regeneration from Black Hole and Absolute Zero

    How high of a High Regeneration do you need to regenerate from: A. The singularity of a black hole B. Absolute Zero Would the ability to regenerate from 1D strings and foams circumvent these 2 abilities?
  3. Aernasilver

    Freezing fire

    Would being able to freeze fire with Ice Manipulation give you Absolute Zero?
  4. Migue79

    Mega Man (Classic): Return to Absolute Zero

    Heya! Migue79 here with another Mega Man CRT here. This one will be very brief. Rock previously had AZ from Cold Man’s Ice Wall. However, it was removed due to it not negating durability with the standards for this ability having been changed. But now… I have found something that can give him...
  5. RoyGundam

    Absolute Zero feats should be High 3-A

    The work done in cooling a body in thermodynamic terms is expressed by something called a Coefficient of performance (COP) which is the ratio of heat removed from the system per unit work done. Under ideality assumptions, it is written as Tc/Th-Tc where Tc is the cold temperature and Th is the...
  6. Kepekley23

    Absolute Zero Standards Revision

    I will make this revision relatively short and straightforward since it isn't too complicated to understand and thus doesn't need an in-depth explanation. Currently, we grant Absolute Zero to anyone who is stated or shown in some way to have attacks or abilities involving hitting foes with...
  7. Halophage

    Below absolute zero?

    I'd like to take a moment to flag that, contrary to what the official page says about absolute zero, it is possible to achieve temperatures below that , and it has been done in labs. I don't understand the phenomenon well enough to actually explain it, because it's extremely strange (despite...
  8. LuciusAterna

    Regarding criteria of absolute zero.

    Absolute zero is something we can't achieve in our real life yet but we do know some property of it. However when looking into character who have that ability, very few of them show something that resembles the real example of absolute zero from the real world. To be more specific one of the...
  9. LordGriffin1000

    Absolute Zero or not?

    1. If I froze someone in a block of ice and steam/smoke was comming from the ice, is that a sign of absolute zero?. 2. If i froze pure energy, is that a sign of absolute zero?.
  10. HST_Master

    Absolute Zero on a dead body

    Would absolute zero be effective on someone who's already dead?
  11. Therefir

    Vegeta's resistant to absolute zero

    The kaioshin from universe 9 stated that hyssop's attack is absolute zero, but vegeta resist this easily in base form, and destroy the ice in super saiyan, so I think he is resistant to absolute zero, goku should have this ability too: Vegeta break the ice
  12. FateAlbane

    Confirmation for an Ice/possible Absolute Zero feat

    So I have this feat here where the skill Cocytus is shot against a point of the planet and instantly freezes and shatters the planet down to its core, apparently reducing it to diamond dust. Case in point: I'm making a profile for a character right now that has this skill. Does this qualify as...
  13. Monarch_Laciel

    Why is it impossible to counter absolute zero with heat

    On the Samus V Ryuko thread and a revision thread for Dante, it was stated that it was impossible to counter absolute zero with heat. This doesn't make any sense to me. Absolute zero is simply the absence of energy and thus motion/vibration in the atoms, while heat is the energy and...
  14. Cropfist

    Absolute Zero Feats in Fiction

    The other day I had to debate whether or not an attack stated to be Absolute Zero was actually Absolute Zero as it displayed no characteristics of the temperature. Should there be an "Absolute Zero Feats in Fiction" page explaining the guidelines of how to tell if a technique is actually...