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versus battle but their not real characters

i was bored out of my mind so i made myself a game thats like a simplified dnd (sort of but not really.). but then i was still bored so i started world building and making npcs etc. after a few days of doing this i came up with this npc that would be make a really good opponent for this other npc but i cant decide which one would actually win more times than not, so i wanted someone elses opinion. here are their stats. if you dont have any dice this should work.


Lucky Skeleton level 14 skeleton

Attack: 6.5 +2 sword

Defence: 6.5 +2 armour

Speed: 13

intelligence: 6

Health: 49

MP: 0

no spells

Ability: Absurd Luck, passive ability, adds 3 to all die rolls. so minimum is 4 max is 9. (instead of 1 and 6.)


goblin level 14 goblin

Attack: 14

Defence: 14

Speed: 14

Intelligence: 1

Health: 54

MP: 42

Theif: allows caster to steal one item from their target at the cost of 5 MP

no ability.


(damage is determined by the attackers Attack stat times die roll minus the defenders Defence stat times die roll plus the attackers intelligence stat times die roll divided by 3. if its postive, thats the damage the attacker does to the target. if its negative, thats the damage the attacker takes. (aAxDR)-(dDxDR)+((aixDR)/3). and whether the attack hits or misses is the attackers speed stat times die roll minus the defenders speed stat times die roll if its positive it hit if its negative it missed. (aSxDR)-(dSxDR).) a D6 (a die with six sides.) is normally used for this. DR=die roll=rolling a die to get a number.
if it helps any


AP: city block to mountain level (26 to 76.5)

dura: city block to mountain level (26 to 76.5)

speed: subsonic to transonic (52 to 117)

intelligence: genius (24 to 54)


AP: building to mountain level (14 to 84)

dura: building to mountain level (14 to 84)

speed: peak human to subsonic (14 to 84)

intelligence: below average human to average human (1 to 6)