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Upgrades for Willy Wonka from "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator"

Wonka's article doesn't seem to include any of Wonka's feats from the Roald Dahl sequel "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator", in which Roald Dahl writes Wonka as if he were The Doctor from Doctor Who.

Off the top of my head, we have:

The Glass Elevator travelling into Earth orbit in minutes (which should give a speed for the elevator). In the process, the Elevator resists the heat of re-entry.

The Glass Elevator can move in space via rocket boosters. It is also used to tow a shuttle back to Earth.

Wonka has some pills called "Wonka-Vite" which can rejuvenate people. Also a spray-gun of "Vita-Wonk" which ages them. A clear case of Age Manipulation, but it's more than that, because these substances work by altering the consumer's timeline. Taking an overdose of "Wonka-Vite" can rejuvenate people to before the date of their conception, causing them to be erased from normal existence; this happens to Grandma Georgina, when she is aged to minus 2. Then Vita-Wonk ages her to hundreds of years old, at which point she has memories of travelling to America on the Mayflower.

Lastly, in the process of retrieving Grandma Georgina from being erased from existence, they have to travel to "Minus-Land." This is some sort of misty limbo, populated mainly by invisible mathematical vampires, where people aged to negative numbers go. The description in the book describes the Elevator travelling there by descending miles beneath the chocolate factory. It may be some sort of alternate universe that Wonka has opened a portal to, but the book isn't clear on this point. It might just be intended to be a fantastical realm deep within the Earth.
I also think that this seems fine.
OK, I've added Time Manipulation, Age Manipulation and Limited Dimensional travel, all with references to the text, Hypersonic travel speed with the Glass Elevator, and Large Building level durability for the Elevator re-entering the atmosphere from orbit and crash-landing.